What happens when the brand goes off? The other end of the spectrum and brings their first global, offering at an almost surprising price point well that’s exactly what we’re going to examine, because this is joshua vergara what’s going on everybody here are my thoughts on this, the poco m3. Before we get started. Let me just explain that this will not be my usual complaints and takeaways format, because this is a special video and let’s be real for a second complaining about a phone that is this affordable, yet still tries really hard to bring significant features seems a little bit Too, petty also parts of this video are sponsored by poco. I was actually able to interview someone from poco a gentleman named angus who was gracious enough to. Let me sit down with him virtually and talk through the philosophies and choices behind the pogo m3. My name is angus and i am the head of product marketing at poco and i’ve done a couple of product launches in the past year or so um. The f2 pros coco x3 nfc and recently launched the poco m3, which we’ll be getting into more details today. Um i joined google in 2019 um before that. I was in a renowned branding agency where i actually worked in the uk and china, and a lot of campaigns. I’Ve done was based on technology and consumer tech and on a personal level, i’m, a huge technology geek. I love gadgets and i love phones, computers, laptops and, most importantly, gaming i’ve been playing well just started.

Last night i’ve been playing cyberpunk 2070. Yes, me too, so i think i think everyone could be that’s one of the most popular games, all right. So introductions aside. Many of you probably already know the headlines about this phone, so it’s probably no surprise that a lot of my thought process here will come with one constant caveat, it’s important to manage one’s expectations on this phone because of its low price. The first thing you might notice about this device is its style, though the m3 manages to be a good looker with this big camera area up top and the faux leather plastic making up the rest of the backing. The material helps to address typical issues with glass laden devices like let’s, say, fingerprints and smudges. The thing is: poco themselves have made no qualms regarding the materials we’re, not afraid to admit this is plastic, but our thought process was that since we’re going to use plastic let’s do something with it. Let’S do something good and beneficial for our users um. I noticed a lot of users prefer glass, a lot of users prefer plastic based on how they break um, you know or how durable they are, but our plastic. We want to make sure that at least we can take some small pinpoints away from our users. So i know when i was using flagship devices which tends to be glass and when i don’t use them without a case, um fingerprints gets on there, but for you know being having plastic at the back, you know that’s not worry at all like it looks clean.

Almost personally i’m really appreciative of the executive look that this phone manages to have in the black colorway, but i admit that after getting this review unit, i saw what else they had up their sleeves. There was the blue and then the more importantly, poco, yellow edition credit to poco for having phones that boast a real splash of color. I would have loved that yellow edition and i’m sure. Oh my god. Look at that thing. That looks so awesome. So it was a decision that we made um later than the black and blue. Just because we wanted to do something really special about plants and also want to you know, do something different. I don’t think i think it’s pretty rare to see a yellow phone on the market these days yeah now i mentioned the size of the phone earlier and there are a couple of good reasons for it: the first one being this screen, which spans 6.53 inches and That size is nothing to sneeze at this, obviously won’t be the best screen that’s out there. As a matter of fact, this is an ips panel that actually gets a bit dimmer than i would expect it to, and the viewing angles leave quite a bit to be desired, but it is a good large, 1080p display and hitting this standard resolution that remains ubiquitous Was a big deal for poco? We took a look at the market and we saw that a lot of entry level phones still give out hd plus displays um, and our team personally thought that simply wasn’t good enough – and you know in the year of 2020.

I think a lot of technology has really gone beyond the barriers and hd plus wasn’t we weren’t going to settle hd plus we wanted to do something higher, so we at this price range. We made sure that we can at least offer full hd plus, which offers 1080p resolution right. I think that was one thing that really made me realize was that these days i’m watching youtube videos and when you click on change resolution um, like 720p, is no longer considered hd anymore, so we’re, just like we can’t, we can’t do that. We have to up our game a little yeah that makes perfect sense and, as we move from the back to the front of the device, i should mention some of the amenities that are tucked in between. You have a fingerprint reader in the power button, which is always nice to see, and then you actually get a headphone jack. Speaking of audio, this phone does sport dual speakers, which is pretty awesome to see it’s nice. That poco was able to add it in. Even if the speakers themselves are simply decent, there is one other place where the phone boasts a big spec the battery. This is where the idea that a phone like this can keep up with you takes on a different meaning. There are parts of this phone that pale in comparison to much of the competition, but those competitors can easily cost twice the price or triple or more, but many of those competitors will often fall short compared to the poco m3’s battery, which is at 6 000 milliamp Hours i mean at the entry level i think battery has always been a strong point for any company um, and we just want to make sure we maintain that.

Okay, you can almost say the entry level tradition, but we want to make it. You know push the limits as far as possible, so we went this 6000 being the biggest battery in the poker line ever and you know for the target audience i think it’s. Anyone who appreciates good battery anyone who really wants to you know don’t spend too much time charging or carrying their cables around or carrying a power bank around um, if you’re doing long journeys with traveling. I think this is a great phone um. My friend actually thought of using this phone to go hiking, specifically oh yeah, and so be able to go for an overnight camp trip and not be able to have to carry a power bank or a power supply personally i’ve been able to get through almost two Whole days of usage, while on wi fi, which is still a noteworthy feat ultimately for the kinds of users that this phone might be most geared toward, this phone will undoubtedly get through full days of the necessary work and then some so that’s, where the phone goes. Big, whereas the rest of the phone goes quite small, this is where a lot of you who are power, users or spec hungry, will find reasons to pass. But then again another part of this phone that is small, is the price. Poco went with a lower model. Snapdragon processor, in the 662, with only four gigabytes of ram, while it is easy to point the finger at just the processor for the software experience having at best stutters and at worst long pauses, i think the low amount of ram is equally at fault.

This phone is just not made for crazy amounts of multitasking, especially for somebody like me, who might have youtube playing via picture in picture. Basically, all the time it’s, certainly no gaming phone as i’ve, still had frame rate dips and gentian impact, even at the lowest graphics settings, but these are the scenarios that beg for bigger, specs and that’s, not the mo of this phone. I do have to mention, however, that miui has gotten a couple of updates since i first got this phone and it has seemed to have helped smoothen out the experience a little bit i’m getting in and out of apps a little bit easier and further software. Optimization might help this phone feel better overall, but of course, the term future proofing just should not be applied to this phone as a whole. So, despite much of what the phone might have had to scale back in order to achieve this price point, there’s still a feather in the company’s cap that this is one of the only phones to provide a 1080p screen for media and social media consumption. At such a low price, with that in mind, it should not be any surprise that this phone is not made for content creators to angus point. Poco has never really been into the camera game anyway, at the end of the day, we think 40 megapixel at this price range is still an advantage, even though we chose not to really focus on camera on on poco as a whole and that’s never been we’ve.

Never pushed out like the best camera in the market, or you know as much as that and i don’t think we have any plans to do that anytime soon, um, but 48 pixel at this price range is still almost unheard of. It is definitely one of the most affordable, 48 megapixel sensors out there. Still a 48 megapixel camera in the m3 is an impressive inclusion, one that would have been just fine on its own without those macro in depth. Sensors, honestly, but to its credit, the macro lens. Does let you get closer to subjects and that’s, sometimes what you want to do, but at 2 megapixels it’s not providing enough of a reason to do it. Pictures from the main camera can be good lookers in welded situations, which is to say that we’ve actually come a long way in smartphone cameras in general that phones, this cheap, can benefit from the trickle down tech but it’s best to think of the m3 as an Occasional shooter i mean the run of the mill 8 megapixel front facing shooter is further evidence of this, alongside the fact that there’s no 4k video throughout, but i think we all knew this would be the case going in. This is not a content. Creator’S phone, no matter how you slice it, but if, while you’re getting through your day, watching clips and browsing the internet and chatting with friends, you suddenly have the urge to take a picture of something in front of you.

This might be the only camera you have in your pocket or at hand and it’s better that it at least tries rather than whiffs the entire camera experience all together. Ultimately, as i keep hitting on in this video, there are users that this phone is just not made for which is funny because i’m a little bit of each. I am a heavy multitasker i’m a gamer, and i am a content creator and there’s. So many phones out there that try to be literally all of those things it’s nice – that we’ve hit a real stride in the high end market. So much so in fact that we’re starting to get really crazy with the foldables and the flippables and the rollables. I guess, but if the envelope continues to get pushed in that direction, why not try to push the other spectrum as well? I think that’s, the proof of concept that the poco m3 strikes. Who would you say your target? Consumers are, and i know the easy answer is everybody but like if you want to flesh that out a little bit like what? What kind of car? What kind of consumers do you really see buying into the poco brand because the branding is so stylish and your phones are especially this? One are very stylish, so what kind of consumers are you targeting in my mind, in my personal mind, um uh? I think this is a great chance where you rock a phone and when your friends ask what phone is this and they don’t know about it and i think that’s cool.

I think it comes off as as niche almost um, but you know it’s it’s also like we have to live up to it. I think there’s a lot of things that we push out like our brand philosophy of everything. We need nothing. You don’t and we stick by it. We honestly focus on things that are things that i think that’s really beneficial for our users on the daily lives, yeah you and i you and i are on the same page like from from what you said earlier, that when you’re using something that you use the Word niche, but i use the word exclusive because especially like here, if i were to bust out either an f2 pro or an x3 or even this, and they see it and they’re like what phone is that, like i’m right there with you that’s a reaction, i, Like getting from people and from the perspective of poco, this is a further rounding out of the company’s portfolio, which started with f, followed up with x and now was rounding out a year that begged for more affordability with the entry level m. I can kind of make a statement here saying how upstairs is always be focused on performance that will not change um and our x series will always be an all rounder with flagship elements a little bit more than you know, but exactly the power you need. I think anyone who’s tried. The x3 will understand that for like 200 and 250 dollars between that range is a phone that literally does everything and for the poco m3 we heavily focus on battery and design, because you know there are some people who, just like social media like they just all All they want to do is consume content, consumers and for entertainment, wise.

I think this is the perfect phone with a full hd plus display and a big battery. This will basically handle all your entertainment needs at the end of the day, i agree with angus. There’S always room for another player and poco has already proven that they can hang but now they’re looking out for the ones who just want to save as much money as possible and aren’t as discerning as let’s say me when it comes to smartphones, i know and Have been told constantly by many of you that there is a market of people who just want a phone well now poco have provided you a stylish and very affordable option that should serve as an example to every other company that this end of the market spectrum Matters just as much, and so there you have it my thoughts on the poco m3, a phone that starts at 149 and is actually poco’s coming out party to the global market. It would make sense that poco would open up to more places with their most affordable offering yet, and even if it is far from any of the flagship or even mid range phones we might have enjoyed up until now. You have to remember that the same goes for its price. I want to thank angus once again for sitting down with me and for the chat and to poco for sponsoring the interview portions of this video don’t forget to check out my poco m3 unboxing and more camera samples in the video linked above and below.

Let me know how you feel about the poco m3. Did you get one? Are you going to? How do you feel about this price segment, getting a new contender in this particular device? At the very least, you can drop some likes on this video and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already, with all of that said i’m going to call it on this one. Thank you so much for watching, take care of yourselves and each other and enjoy your tea.