My name is porosh and real. Me is a brand that is quickly transitioning from being a smartphone brand to a tech lifestyle brand i mean in 2018, the company launched their first smartphone and in 2019 realme entered into the smart wearables category and we got to see the first fitness band and an Affordable smartwatch from realme and now the company has launched a premium smartwatch with the name of the realme watch s pro and in this video we are going to review the real me watches pro and let you know whether you should spend your hard earned money on This smart watch or not so do watch this video till the end and if you’re new to this channel, then consider subscribing by hitting the red subscribe button, don’t forget to press the bell icon so that you don’t miss any updates from mr phone Music realme’s new Smartwatch is a show stopper for one. This wearable is extremely sleek and has a sporty dial, with a minimalistic touch, allowing buyers to dress it up or down. Secondly, you can pick up the s pro with a colorful strap, including black, blue, green and orange. They add to the wearables flaunt factor. That being said, it’s interesting to note that you will not be chained to a strap choice. Should you pick the smart watch as the unit features rapid release pins? They allow buyers to sift through different straps effortlessly, all said and done. Real me has done a pretty good job with the design of the s pro.

The real me watches pro ships with dual physical buttons, cleverly placed for convenient access on either hands. The buttons are used to go back to the home from any screen, while the top crown also functions as a power on and off button. The bottom crown gives direct access to the workout modes. Apart from that, the buyers will get a heart rate monitor on the wearables underside, barring that the real me watch is void of any toggles, which furthers the s, pro’s minimalistic aesthetics, thanks in part to its swell chassis. The real me watches pro is absolutely comfortable to wear. Moreover, the durable silicone straps gives your skin room to breathe speaking about weight. It could have been lighter when compared to the competition from xiaomi and amaze fit nonetheless it’s still comfortable to wear the smart watch to bed at night. We would also like to point out that the s pro’s crest did not bite our wrist. While we were doing push ups or our regular wrist exercises, also the s pro is water resistant up to 50 meters. So you can sweat it out in this lockdown without worrying about damaging the smart watch. The real me watches pro ships with a 1.’ inch amoled display, which is plenty sharp and bright for day to day usage. Moreover, the screen is bordered by lean bezels, ensuring that you get a lot of screen real estate without making the display big and bulky. You will also get the always on display functionality which, at the time of reviewing the smartwatch hasn’t, been rolled out by the brand.

Thankfully, the race to wake feature is available to make up for the unavailability of always on display and it works every time without a miss realme also teases. The availability of hundred plus watch faces during the launch event and guess what it was already rolled out via ota. Further, the real me link app allows you to customize the watch faces according to your needs. You can apply wallpapers from your phone onto the wearable. Much like its siblings, the watches pro also runs on a proprietary unnamed operating system, which simply put is as bare bones as it gets. Unlike competing smart watches, the s pro does not come with support of third party apps, which somewhat limits the functionality of the smartwatch. Such as you cannot reply to the notifications, you cannot accept the calls, since there is also no built in microphone. Furthermore, the proprietary operating system means that you cannot load your favorite fitness apps like strava, myfitnesspal, googlefit or more such popular fitness apps. Well, only if it was a wear os enabled smartwatch, it would have been a force to reckon with. One upside of the lightweight overlay is that you will scarcely notice any lag or stutter while navigating through the user interface, speaking of which the s pro offers touch, base controls to go about the user interface and a swipe to the left or the right will. Let you access the step counter. The heart rate monitor and more a swipe up from the bottom on home screen brings up the watches menu from where you can access all the 15 applications, whereas a swipe in the downwards direction pulls up the notification shade.

The quick action toggles are accessible with a swipe left from the home screen. A single tap on the crown or the physical button will take you back to the home screen and a long press is used to end a workout or an activity. Speaking about the interface of the realme link app, we felt that it had a clean design, as it has presented us with a lot of stats front and center. The downside, however, is that the smart watch takes a hot minute to sync data with apps. The scenery remains unchanged. Should you want to update the watch face which ideally should not be the case? Moving on the app lets you hand pick which services can push notifications over to your wrist it’s easy to configure. We noticed the watch could buzz our wrist as soon as we were getting a message and there was not a noticeable lag in serving the notification. But unfortunately, there is no way to revert back to the notifications through the smartwatch, which is a bummer compared to the fitbit versa 2, which retails for a couple of thousand bucks more and offers voice dictation, as well as custom, quick replies. The watchers pro did leave us desiring for more Music. The real me watches pro can track 15 different activities, the likes of which include outdoor run, indoor run outdoor walk, indoor, walk outdoor, cycling, spinning, hiking, swimming basketball, yoga, rowing, elliptical cricket strength, training and free workout.

Further to support your outdoor activities, it comes with built in gps, which latched on to our location within 15 seconds. Correspondingly, it lets you map routes, using the watches pro without having to carry your phone when you are out for a run or cycling. The step tracking was accurate for the most part too, and the smart watch did not factor in ghost steps either, which is good. The watch s pro also lets you track your swimming routines, although we could not quite put up that feature to test since it’s shivering cold in delhi. Right now, realme has introduced something called swolf score, which apparently is used by professional swimmers to monitor their efficiency. Swim. Golf or sw olf is obtained by adding together the number of strokes taken in the pool length and the time it took to swim that length. Interestingly enough, the watch starts acting up, should water droplets hit the display, which is why the company restricts touch screen usage when swimming speaking about sleep tracking, the watches pro can provide insights into the user’s rem sleep and helps you to map sleeping patterns. You can get to work with metrics like deep sleep, light sleep, rem, value and awake minutes, further it’s all presented in the percentage so that you get a better idea of your sleep, behaviors what’s more. It also maps your heart rate during sleep. That being said, realme’s watch have rarely disappointed us in the battery department and now the new watches pro is no exception.

Either the smart watch advertises a two week battery life and during our stint with the wearable we comfortably got 6 days with more than 50 juice. Remaining to exploit it should last for 6, more days adding up to 12 days usage. We kept 24 hour heart rate monitoring and a bunch of other features turned on. We extensively use the watch to access notifications and a range of its features during the review period. Suffice it to say the watch. S pro will spend more time strapped on your wrist rather than staying put on a charger so that’s it guys. This was our review of the new realme watches pro. This is a great looking smart watch. It offers you a gorgeous amoled display, it offers great fitness tracking features and if you do not care much about third party application support, then by all means go for this watch. It is a brilliant brilliant watch, like the price, is also really nice, but if you do care about third party support like if you want to use some third party applications on your watch, then you get a lot of other options from amazefit and xiaomi. Speaking of xiaomi, we also have the me watch revolve with us and we are going to compare the me watch revolve with the watches pro so stay tuned for that video. How do you do that? Well, hit the red subscribe button press on the bell icon, and if you like, this video give it a thumbs up share this video.

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