In casa description. You can find my italian channel quanto stato il new adventure because he da novi con su mag news, mb s, barroso, l’one, tutto, smartphones, all solo in english, too much more people, vs ma gli slot, really good, probably but it’s important, is what you want to say About smartphone and not the way, ahi ahi 6 bis di sting, soppresso e willing to you, my english in next videos, but i’m born this way and ajax su youtube, su bskyb, machan end and leave a raich peerblock and put on red a comment to to ask Me questi questions about smartphone and also comments about this. Video is one su richiesta at this video about samsung galaxy. Eleven e mondo star with this bed smartphone, because always in my videos, italian business, ahi ahi, say that today is the thing to find a bad smartphone made in dischi. In this case, we uefa rien, found one of these bedford. Why is so bad di cose in italy, di sfondare cost con amazon jump one andr 20, d’euros, ok, so con andry serie tv lost is the price of a lot of good smartphones, e, non poco and free on hop e. I feature hope and servant ci penso sono invece state, a privi, pur smartphone, so now nei guai. This is a pur smartphone because he ok di smartphone. Ok, blu really is pretty good. Pd preti culoso well well. Bild. Ok, wood in italiano e sei ben costruito, quel bild allora, so sorry l’one to start with specs penso web.

The finger print, sensori e poi ti prendi fast now, hybrid le specs with you, and i will comment di specs. We can start from the wait suonando. It might seven grand hotel, whitewood web, a big batteri soffiava, a thousand milian per milian per batteri hanfa stasi fifteen watt week, stato sui display the size six point for peace with resolution of 6 20 to end di four one e one thousand fifty android. Sixteen su ace di plus, ok a little bit burri solutions, because we have only two andr sixty ppi talk and you can see with your eyes di pixels a moment. Ok, probably intensi. Ok, corso del display is not really good eye. Ps pur densi, pi, pixel, ok, consob, ed, aic, 6 baird, viewing angles: sua new smartphone, the colors james all’inter vizzo, the black becomes the gray suoi zampe le cpu isa, qualcomm snapdragon, forando and filthy su old cpu e note, powerful, guida, gpu adreno. Five hundred six show o su the game. Gli squali del gaming swipe good, but not really good. We have some blood and sand box in the interface in the wild per face. Samsung interface, ui, ed, android, ten, ok and buy now is the problem of this for search shirts and pgd gigabites avram of rome, and free gigabyte of ram e di riley, pura meno seppur rom, because he servit gigabyte ga bite of ram il brivido. We can say that to day with the two gigabyte, io vengo have no problem for one year: nei big, but not work.

So della lot of smartphone build moore, widmore memory, poi jump all oboe. I feature with sixty four di da bar oppo, 6, 26, 20 c. Ei secondi, with one hundred twenty eight gigabyte in corso galaxy ei filtri, one allo smartphone. So this is the really bad things about di smartphone and also the the time of memory because it now il. This is range of prize prices. Web e smartphone with memory vs su fas memories like ssd de compiute peas, i bandi e. We have a memory and m m’s xo a slow memory, and is this will make your phone slowear in di un in the gates of game. With the memory usb, you were a faster fondi win. The tales of you so is really better to buy a phone smartphone with memory welfare. We have been megapixel cameras, camera e non su un ultra wide file. Megapixels o le camera is not eri di google, because he’s vern image stabilization il rennes di figure to have a good pitch stabilize speech e non, so delle video fullhd di bath, loro quanti quality and the self i sensi serve poi di good hit megapixel with qua In the good quality, ok, yes, figure di sbattere. I five causa miriam per e. Yes, week, end come rosso su days, ok with because we have no ad un display wide noto ridi powerful cpu apple dvd for design week end yousef on four two days with a a medium chiuso penso.

This is the reason di cosa, hai don’t suggest you to buy dispone dei richieste gi su youtube. Aid of you want to spend one thousand fifty heroes of dollars. You can buy s8 ode, poco and free for all 8 fa. Dello smartphone o social medium range con from the last year, but not this because there is no one reason to buy bis instead of other smartphone in this range in mise range. Che esso desideri you now in the next video e ai to speak moore, moslo odioso, but we will see l’homepage on this video rende. You understand what you want to say. Yes, you can’t subisca lie to my channel two to watch. Al review.