Maybe two. In fact, this very one i have with me is a test device from techno. Hence all the stickers on the back, while we’re at the back, your eyes are obviously drawn to the huge square camera cluster with what looks like four cameras, as well as the quad led flash and right below. It is the fingerprint sensor and the techno branding under this clear, solid plastic, which looks a lot like glass it’s, a pretty massive phone put up next to my p30 pro look at it next to the biggest phone made in 2012.. Now look at how it absolutely towers over this cute little nokia to the right. We have the volume and power buttons to the left. We have the triple slot sim tray for two sims in the memory card. Also, i noticed there is a red rubber ring on the sim tray that i usually see on phones with water resistance, like my huawei p30 pro that i have here, techno does not mention any water resistance for this phone, but i see the signs and i love It oh and please don’t, take this as a go ahead to dunk this phone in a bucket full of water or play with it in the rain. It will die at the bottom. We have the primary microphone: the headphone jack, a usbc port for charging and data transfer and the loudspeaker grille. The front has a huge 6.8 inch punch hole display of an hd plus resolution, really it’s a huge stretch, throwing 720p on a 6.

8 inch panel above the display on that tiny top bezel is the usual sensors, the earpiece and the not so usual dual selfie flash One to the left and one to the right of the earpiece grille, the punch hole is the pill type cutout with a dual selfie camera in it, the user interface is a familiar one from techno with a flat, aesthetic and pretty colorful apps can be accessed by Just swiping from the bottom up and boy: oh boy, do we have a healthy dose of bloatware, regardless it’s? Still a very fluid experience? Jumping between apps is leg free and an app in the background opens pretty instantly. Gaming is also pretty fluid as well, and this phone surprisingly stays quite cool in gaming, actually impressed there. You also get the side trio and you swipe and hold from either edge of the screen, and this gives you access to apps, as well as shortcuts to some actions like screenshot or qr code scanner. You can also customize it and add whatever apps or shortcuts that you prefer some quick specs on this. That i’ll also put on the screen over here. Is it has a decently spec device with a good amount of ram plenty of storage? That is also expandable. A huge battery that managed a very respectable 28 percent power drain after a three hour multimedia assault of an hour each of gaming, video streaming and video recording, which takes us to the camera on the rear.

We have a 64 megapixel main camera and an 8 megapixel wide angle that also doubles up as a macro camera. If you didn’t know, the tecno camon series has always been camera focused and true to that. The camon 16 pro takes pretty good photos. The main camera – the 64 megapixel sensor has some very good and rich colors sharpness and dynamic range it’s, a big sensor, so the focal distance is pretty narrow. So for close ups of a subject with gradual depth, part of the subject will be in focus and part. Will be out of focus something to note if you’re going to be taking a lot of close ups? Speaking of focus, the camon 16 pro was struggling a lot getting focused on close up subjects in both photos and videos, and it was so bad that even a tap to focus was not working now it might be that the review unit i have is one for Testing so something that can be solved with a software update, but it definitely was a big hit on an otherwise phenomenal camera. Most of these photos were taken on a completely overcast day and it’s just astonishing how it got the colors right, and this too goes for the ultra wide macro and two times. Telephoto. Camera i’m also pleased with the fact that both the macro and ultrawide have auto focus enabled so you can get more creative with the shots. A very pleasant surprise is that the camon 16 pro can shoot 1440p or 2k video.

This is more video resolution than full hd, but slightly less than outer hd, meaning the videos are sharper than those of any other techno that came before it here is a short movie that i filmed using the camon 16 pro Music. Now it was almost picture perfect, but it’s such a shame that techno decided to go with the trend of fitting fake cameras onto their phones of the four rear cameras. Only two are actually functional cameras. The other two are dummies and just there for sure. I’Ll, do a demo i’ll use some sticky stuff to cover up these two cameras and then flip it over all camera modes, as you can see, are working fine, not even a warning to clean the lens or anything, but this was not even the worst part. The dual selfie cutout actually has only one functional camera. The other is a dummy, same sticky, stuff test and again all the camera modes still work, so they implemented the most annoying iteration of a selfie camera and sacrificed screen area for a fake camera which takes me to the things that are not so great about this Phone it’s very big and almost impossible to use with one hand the ads are extremely annoying and you cannot dismiss some of them from the notifications tray. The screen resolution is too low for such a large screen. The camera was failing to focus a lot on some close up images, even with the tap to focus the fake cameras.

I can’t believe there are three dummy cameras on this phone three, but there are some great bits about it too. The screen resolution might be low, but the pleasant vibrance makes up for it. The cameras take very good, looking photos with good color and sharpness. The endurance of this phone is fantastic. Thanks to the huge battery, everything runs quite smoothly, whether you’re gaming browsing through apps or taking pictures. There is evidence that some effort was put into making it a bit more water resistant, which i really like, and it also comes in at a pretty fair price of around 250 us dollars for the 128 gigabyte version that i have with me. So this is it. This has been the review of the techno camon 16 pro. Let me know what you think about it and in the spirit of sharing don’t forget to like and share this video.