, if you’ve considered buying a pixel 5. This year, you’ve probably read something about the screen gap for those who don’t know. There are hundreds of users who have complained about a gap between the screen and the body, which obviously raises questions about the phone’s ip rating check out my previous video on it. This, of course, did not go down well with affected users. Some of them contacted me directly, two that i spoke with said they returned their devices for new pixel fives, both of which had the same issue. So this appears to be affecting hundreds of users, if not more. There were 400 comments on a single reddit post, alongside tens of other posts. The first complaint on google support forums received almost 1 000 upvotes and 612 responses, most of which were complaining about the same thing. This is clearly a widespread problem. Some readers have told me that google has replaced their affected units but that isn’t guaranteed. So buyer beware: this is ricky panissar, ceo and founder of icorex.com uk repair company. I asked ricky to give me his opinion as a tech expert on all of these smartphone defects. The pixel 5 screen gap we think now is an issue. My point is a rush with manufacturer units not getting quality tested at the end. You can’t have a big tech manufacturer like that. That has units that go out that aren’t all consistent. I mean if you look at any other manufacturers generally, the build quality from the outset will be the same.

I asked google how serious this is as an issue, but it didn’t get back to me by the time of filming samsung’s impressive, galaxy. S20 fe is one of my favorite phones of the year, mostly because it combines a budget price with a high end experience, but it’s also come under some criticism for its repeated touchscreen issues. Over 1 000 users have complained about a lack of responsiveness when touching a display not registering touches at all or initiating input. That never happens. This, of course, is a big deal if you plan on doing anything with your phone, but in particular gaming samsung’s partnership with microsoft that resulted in an xbox game pass ultimate deal is slightly hampered if the screen isn’t properly registering touches. Samsung has since rolled out three updates to fix the problem. According to users on reddit, the issue appears to be somewhat improved and for many has actually been properly resolved, but there are still complaints out there so be wary if you do decide to buy one of these phones with samsung’s newest technology, the touchscreen and the oleds. Now are molded into one and that’s generally calibrated by an ic, an integrated controller controls. The touch layer they’ve tried to resolve this with software, but we’re, pointing towards there being a hardware failure when moulding those two pieces together, it’s something that hasn’t been calibrated properly that’s causing these touch failures, because the touchpad is that users are complaining about.

Are the screen? Um zooming in and out and touching in areas that it’s not, which means the touchscreen’s not calibrated correctly um, because it thinks that you’re touching areas that you’re not they’ve gone for budget. So is it a slightly cheaper touch layer that they’ve integrated that’s, causing this issue? That’S, where it points to now, because the other s20s aren’t having the same issue i reached out to samsung for response on this specific issue, but it declined to comment apple. Iphone 12 owners have been complaining consistently about a battery drain issue that is seeing idle units lose power quickly on apple’s community forums, user master 26a explains that their iphone 12 pro was losing up to four percent per hour with minimal background activity. Another user on twitter claims to have lost over 40 percent overnight over a thousand other users upvoted the original apple communities, forum post with others. Relaying similar comments about the same problem. Users on reddit have also experienced similar issues. Apple hasn’t publicly commented on this. At the time of filming – and they didn’t respond to a request for comment, so it looks like this is an ongoing problem. Users are complaining about a battery drain issue um on the 12. We believe that it’s down to a 5g issue, it’s the first time that apple has released the 5g chips made by qualcomm into their units, even with 5g turned off there’s. Some level of battery drain users around the world are mostly in the states in japan.

Reporting drops in 5g connectivity and that’s, even with strong 5g signals with this new integrated systems, with the 5g we’re pointing to the chip themselves draining power, but again apple haven’t, confirmed this. Yet the oneplus 8 pro’s 120 hertz screen is frankly excellent, but users have been complaining about a green tint issue in the display at low brightness. Whilst others have also noticed a black crush issue in their displays, which is where the dark areas of the screen lose detail, oneplus rolled out two updates that didn’t specifically mention the green team issue, but some users did report an improvement. Indeed, the huge initial glut of comments on the oneplus forums and reddit appears to have somewhat slowed down, but users are still complaining about the greentin issue on twitter and on those oneplus forums. It looks like this might be an ongoing issue in a statement. Oneplus told me that these issues have now been addressed through software updates and that it’s now handling any other customer inquiries on a case by case basis, it’s the race for the 120 hertz refresh rate everyone’s done it everyone’s, trying to do it to the top level. But it’s causing issues in that oled um green issues have been seen before on the samsung range before with their old leds and when apple integrated them into the iphone x. The x’s were coming out with a uh. A strong green line. Issue um was super prominent. The newer oleds that have in this issue are sort of a tint and we think it’s, the refresh rate that’s, causing this issue not confirmed, but a green tint issue can’t be resolved by a software update everyone’s, throwing software at it to recalibrate, and but we don’t Think it can be refreshed by it.

The premium motorola edge plus phone is also experiencing some green tint issues on the motorola forums. There are over 800 comments about display problems that range from a green tint to color spots on the screen. Users also appear to be experiencing tints on the curved edges of the phone. Motorola has rolled out an update, and it is also offering repairs and replacements to users who are still having those issues. A mozarella rep on reddit explained that software may not fix all of the issues, in which case, if you’re still affected, you can get a repair or replacement for free from motorola. Again, the greentin issue on the motorola and very similar to the oneplus you’re, using very similar oled technology, it’s all pushing in the same direction. It’D be amazing. If this big text could share this information around, say: hey we’re, seeing this are you seeing the same and then come up with better technology for the future? I see it being a huge issue. If it then causes issues with dead touch or even just dead screens, can you imagine waking up one morning and your screen’s now not working at all so interesting that they’re all having the same issue? So those are the major device issues of 2020..