This is mark rollins again from the geek church, and today we’ve got a special thing to review. It is a phone it’s not like the samsung note, 20 ultra, that we reviewed the other day and that’s right here uh. This is one that is not from a major company but it’s, probably from a company that you’ve at least heard of cat. It stands for caterpillar i found out, but they’re the guys that make the really tough trucks that um. You know they can smash buildings. Sorry that happened actually here in this in this area, where uh a cat made litter out of the building seriously. That was a headline but you’ve seen the yellow, big, yellow trucks that are designed to move earth and do big construction. Well, in case you didn’t know they actually make phones, and this is the phone that they’ve made the uh cat s42 smartphone. Now this is an out of the box. Now you might look at it and think like is that a case on there and it’s like that’s, exactly what i thought i actually thought like this was i’m. Keep trying to take this thing off, like it’s, a uag or um a catalyst case, or one of these other cases i reviewed it does not come off. This thing makes this thing very tough and um i’m told this can withstand a uh height, a drop of like six feet and we’re going to test this out here in a little bit outside.

But i just want to run down some of the uh basic features of the phone, so you might notice, like um it’s got this really great tactile screen, which i really like. So when i enter in my uh code to open it. It is very slick and it just vibrates in my hand, maybe that’s designed to do that for those that are really on the job and stuff i’m, not certain, but it’s got all the bills and whistles of android uh 10. I believe uh whoops um. I guess i meant to do kind of something like uh like this it’s got an interesting operating system. If you know enough about android, you’ll know that every type of phone has a different kind of type of android operating system, or at least it just looks kind of different. This one, it looks like the icons are, in these little circles very easy to find. So we got that let’s see. Some of the um features include some uh it’s got nfc bluetooth. All the bells and whistles you’d expect for an android smartphone as well as a 3k gm of ram uh 32 gb of rom uh. The touchscreen itself is 5.5, so that’s, pretty big uh, but not too big and a 13 megapixel camera and looks like it’s got a front facing one too and i’m, not really certain of the dynamics of that one. So, all in all it’s a pretty decent phone for some pretty decent work and i’m told this.

These buttons are super big designed to work with some gloves, and i just happen to have a pair of gloves here. So let’s see how well they work, because after all, this phone seems to be designed with construction workers or guys that are just out there. In the field doing stuff, oh by the way, this has a switchable um thing here like a dual sim card, so you can switch sim cards when you wish memory card uploader as well. Okay! Well, obviously, the screen can’t work, but, as you can see, okay, maybe you can’t see, but okay, all right yep see power on power off volume, up volume control very easy to do with gloves on. This is always like something that you have to think about when you’re out in the field, and this phone is definitely designed to be out in the field and speaking of going out in the field it’s now time for the fun part where we get to smash. This mother, so we’re going to go outside and uh just toss around see how uh see how it lasts: hey, uh cat – if i break this phone i’m really sorry but trust me, it made a great video, so hey, please don’t hold it against me! Thank you! Hey everybody um, as you can see, i got the cat phone out here, um and looks like i can operate it very well with these gloves and uh we’re gon na do some stress tests on it by stress tests i’m in uh, we’re gon na do stuff, Like this all right, let’s see how that works: um, okay, any cracks there, you see anything see anything.

Does it even still work huh, i guess it’s. That seems to be okay right, we’re, good, we’re, good there, we’re good, okay, uh, better, try that again, just make sure all right. Okay, um, i don’t see any okay looks like we got a little scarring here miles, scarring, but so far, nothing, oh man. This guy’s really taking a hit. This guy is really taken ahead. Geez, okay, i’m told this guy’s like a water thing. Do we get some water around here? Can we throw in the stream no we’re, not gon na okay? Maybe we’ll do that later, that’s. It i’m not satisfied here all right. Okay, you get this okay, better up, all right, that’ll! Do it! Oh hey something became loose. You know yeah, just the uh. Just this thing i probably would have come loose anyway. I don’t know uh still work still work. Oh it’s, giving me a warning to close those things. Okay looks like we had a little mild scarring here. You can see that, but then again after all, i just hit it with a hammer. You know like that: okay and that not bad okay, it’s taking some marks. Let’S try the screen side, flipped, okay, we’re, getting a little bit of mars on the screen here. Okay, it looks like we got a little bit of a crack there, a little bit of crack there crack there here, a crack there crack expect it when you’ve got something like that.

One more test, i want to try. Okay, the scratch test. A few marks are being made there let’s try the other side all right, not bad, not bad at all. This is a great phone. The cat s42, oh man, now that’s gon na be sent back. Uh. Okay, well, we’ve got a few scratches on that. But what is to be expected, but when you got a great phone like this it’s designed for oh shoot, some serious damage anyway.