A smartphone naturally boasts loads of smart features, but sometimes you can be more productive and smarter in order to enhance your user experience. There are plenty of smartphone gadgets available in the market and it might be hard for you to choose the right one. However, don’t you get confused as we have made a list of the top 10 smartphone gadgets that can feed your gadget, hungry soul, so without wasting any more time let’s dive into the video Music. Do you know how much germs your phone surface contains? Well other than fingerprints? A phone surface can hold tons of harmful bacteria and cell is a very useful gadget that cleans your phone with the facility of wireless charging cell has a former curie free uvc led lights? That can remove up to 99.9 of germs in just 60 seconds. It is capable of powerful 360 degree sterilization for larger items. Cell can also be used as a handheld sterilizer. This is also a go to portable wireless charger. There are two 15 watt wireless charging coils that are capable of super fast charging in three orientations: vertical horizontal and flat. With usb c pd input. You can even use your existing laptop charger. An extra usb c port allows for charging wired devices it compresses for portability. Expands for uv sterilization and doubles as a wireless charging phone stand. So if you want your mobile phone to stay clean and stay charged, you definitely want to have this useful gadget for your smartphone here at the lotus review.

We are a bunch of product researchers and testers. We test analyze and research new products and create a list of top 5 or 10 items based on price quality features and user feedback. We also provide upcoming and innovative products ideas so that viewers may know about new products. Our goal is to create a proper shopping guide so that our viewers can make the best decisions Music with the adonit mini 4 stylus sketch and take notes anywhere anytime. This is a pocket size, precision, disk stylus ideal for any of your touch screen. Its non removable dampening tip is engineered into one piece for added stability while providing a natural pen and paper fill. This is a precision disk stylus that writes exactly where you place it. You are able to see down to the point with the transparent disc. The mini 4 has a smooth brushed metal body with a convenient twist barrel design its twist design securely protects the disc in the metal body while on the go untwist at the color seam. To reveal the disc flip it around and twist closed or securely attached, the laser cut clip is not only stylish but functional to carry the mini four around anywhere you go. The mini 4 stylus is compatible with all touchscreen ios or android devices. If you want to enjoy precise accuracy while sketching or taking notes on your smartphone, the adonit mini 4 is going to be a great gadget for you.

Music, take excellent selfies even in low light conditions with moon ultralight. It is small in size easily attaches to your phone and provides instant light. The moon ultra light is an ultra small uber, good lighting accessory that lets. You adjust its brightness and color tones from 2700k to 5000k, tungsten its brightness can reach up to 400 lumens and the color and brightness are controlled by touch this highly portable and adaptable gadget feeds the devices that are of six millimeter to 10 millimeter thickness, which includes Most smartphones tablets and laptops the clip can also be adjusted to fit thinner or thicker devices once fully charged. Your moon ultra light will last for two to three days with intermediate usage. If your ultra light is being used continuously or in video mode, it will last for two to three hours. It fits your pocket and your lifestyle, in fact, it’s perfect for smartphone selfies. If you want a super small and ultra portable smartphone lighting, sensory for selfie photos or videos, the moon ultra light is a perfect gadget for you. Music enjoy your favorite playlist wherever you go with trinia t10, a unique tws earbud designed to elevate your music listening experience featuring advanced aptx decoding technology paired with a large 12 millimeter driver. This earbud is capable of producing puncture base with rich litters and crispy trebles. To offer immersive listening experience, it comes with an industry leading qualcomm, cheap and dual band design, which doubles the transmission range and builds a solid connection between devices so that you can enjoy latency free audio.

Wherever you want, with its touch sensitive surface, you can accurately adjust volume, skip tracks, play or pause the music without any problem. Its touch pad is also well optimized, which prevents accidental touches to make your user experience convenient, packed with a powerhouse battery. This earbud offers a maximum playback time of up to 8 hours per charge and up to 32 hours of total listening time with the charging case, it supports fast charging which enables you to get one hour of listening time with just a 10 minute charge, while it’s Usb type c and wireless charging compatibility makes charging a breeze. The trinia t10 comes with ipx7 waterproof rating and has waterproof nano coating which protects it from water and sweat so that you can use it even in rainy days. Free of worry, the trinia t10 tws earbuds combine quality drivers with industry leading technology in order to offer immersive audio experience every time with no cpu memory or os. The next doc 2 is a laptop shell, primarily engineered to harness the productivity of your smartphone just plug. In your phone to have a powerful and fully functional laptop at a fraction of the cost of a real laptop, essentially, the next doc 2 only has a monitor a keyboard, an internal battery and a unique set of components that help it run properly by leeching. Off of a smartphone that supports the desktop mode, its 13.3 inch ips lcd has decent color balance and brightness with a good resolution of 1920×1080.

The next dock has three usbc one standard: usb: a 3.0, a headphone jack, a micro sd card slot and a full size. Hdmi port it’s brushed aluminum finish and rubber pads on the bottom, make thinning stock to look and feel like a minimalistic and aesthetic professional machine. The 6800 milliamp hour battery inside can last for seven hours of straight use. If you want to get an uncompromising computing experience powered by your smartphone, the next stack will be the perfect gadget for you, and the crowdfunding campaigns are still going on for the next dog Music. Looking for an on the go power solution, then get yourself introduced with the tontour powerbanks, a well known brand, with fast charging power banks at an affordable price to provide power for your devices. The five thousand milliampere hour. Ultra slim power bank includes a micro, usb and type c for input and a usb type, a for output, which is capable of delivering up to 5 volt to charge any of your devices efficiently. Now meet the 10 000 milliamp hour power bank, which features an 18 watt micro usb for input and a quick charge, 3.0 enabled usb a along with usb c 3d port for maximum versatility. These power banks are compact, thin and made with aerospace, aluminum or casing, with anti fingerprint coding, making the chargers more comfortable and greater for your traveling. The tnt or power banks feature premium battery cells and smart ic circuits to provide protection against short circuits overheating, total discharge and overcharging.

Moreover, they are both ce fcc rohs certified, giving you the total security and protection that you need for your smartphone complying with the international air transport safety standard. Un 38.3. These powerbanks are authorized to be taken on airplanes, so you can travel anywhere taking these power banks with you without worrying about anything. If you’re, looking for a powerful and portable power bank that can juice up all of your smartphone devices, then the tnt or power banks are the right choice for you, Music. For most of us, the best camera we carry with us most of the time is our smartphone camera shift. Cam pro grip is a smart grip for your smartphone camera, which is a power bank and a wireless charging dock rolled into one package. This perfectly weighted grip has an ergonomic and non sleep design that lets you shoot with your phone like a pro, you can shoot with the bluetooth button and constantly change between landscape and portrait without changing the grip. However, the pro grip is more than just a camera grip. There is a built in battery that can wirelessly charge your device when you are in need. Thus, you are able to shoot with your phone for a long time. This single piece of gadget features a cold shoe mount to attach lighting accessories or microphones. A 1 by 4 inch tripod mount and a built in 5200 milliamp hour battery for a long shooting time. If you want an evolutionary and multi functional grip that lets you charge.

Dock and enhance mobile photography or videography, then the shift cam pro grip is the gadget for you, Music, designed to transfer music in seconds with no audio lag at all with dualing go, which is a three in one device, combining three wireless earbuds and a two part Charging case with inbuilt speakers, the duolingo can operate using its three modes that are party duo and solo. It turns into a booming portal speaker in party mode. You can split the speaker into two halves in duo mode and in solo mode. You can use its true earbuds to deeply immerse into your personal jams and it has its signature sound quality. The duolingo has an ultra stable bluetooth, 5.04 connectivity, its lightweight and ip54 water resistant construction and portable on the go acoustics are for seamless, music sharing and call clarity, even at a distance at up to 22 feet. Its earbuds use medical silicon for the ultimate in air comfort for a long period of use. It can be fully charged in just two hours and can run for up to six hours. If you need one gadget that is able to switch between dual speakers. True earbuds and a portable speaker along with high quality sound, then the duolingo is a perfect one for you, Music unleash your filmmaking creativity with zion, smooth x, the perfect combination of selfie, stick and stabilizer that you can get just around 69 awesome right, featuring 260 millimeters Expandable, stick: the smooth x always gives you a perfect shot angle while live streaming and vlogging.

Well, as two axis stabilizer keeps your precious footage. Smooth and stable enjoy hands free filmmaking, as you can control it with v gesture. You can also double click. The m button to quickly switch between portrait and landscape mode to ensure you never miss a moment. Its zoom slider enables you to capture objects in great detail to enhance your filmmaking with built in bluetooth 5.0. You can easily pair it with the xeon kami app, which will let you do intelligent tracking time lapse, slo mo and panorama to unleash your creativity. The all new smart mode offers an ocean of built in templates integrated with customized movements, music and other special effects. It also unlocks smart tracking, which accurately recognizes faces and objects to shoot smoothly, while keeping them in the frame weighing only 246 grams. The smooth access whole new, rechargeable folding design will allow you to toss the phone tripod in the backpack conveniently and experience flexibility at your palm packed with a powerhouse 1000mah battery. It can operate up to 4 hours non. Stop to ensure you never miss a moment. The zion smooth inks is, must have for any on the go content creator who always strives on making every shot Music, perfect Music. The number one place in our list is earned by the razer kishi kishi is a battery less telescopic gamepad for ios and android phones. If you love to play games on your smartphone you’re, most probably looking for a gadget like the razer kishi, the kishi features, clickable analog, thumbsticks face and bumper buttons joysticks and an 8 way d pad all the buttons provide tactile feedback.

So you can refine your aim and execution in your game. You can attach the kiji to a variety of android and ios phones to increase your mobile gaming experience, use it with your smartphone and game anywhere anytime. This controller has cloud gaming compatibility for next generation. Gaming kc connects directly to your device’s charging port. Unlike other wireless bluetooth controllers, it provides a very enjoyable ultra low, latency gameplay. It has a pass through port for charging during gaming. If you’re, looking for a universal smartphone game controller that is designed to bring console level control to your on the go gaming, then the razer kishi is the best gadget that you can get. So that was all about the top 10 smartphone gadgets.