Right guys is the mic for your phone or your dslr. So let’s see what kitkata has um here. We go. Let’S put this box over there and take a look. Let’S have a closer look at the box here. What do we got so kikida microphone for your dslr for your phone, so i’m excited guys uh happy to be sharing this with you at this moment, uh we’re gon na take a look and see right off the bat we have. This uh called a dead cat. It’S for the wind, so if you’re on a windy situation – and you want to block off the wind uh, you will use this called a dead cat to block off the wind, which comes very useful and uh. Stick around we’re gon na see how it all connects. But let’s open it up right now, let’s take a look and uh see what’s inside the box, let’s see what’s inside the box guys. So here we go let’s open, open, open all right. Here we go there. We go it’s a nice little pouch and kind of put the box to the side here. Let’S open it up check this out. Take a look. What do we have here? Oh here’s, the clip, so we got a clip for it right there, which i’ll demonstrate for you in just a few seconds here are the cords that you’re gon na need. So one is, it tells you right there look camcorder so or your camera should say: it’s a camera and it’s even got the little camera icon.

So you know that this is for your camera. Very nice touch. I like that. All right, let’s take a look in this one here uh, so this will be for your smartphone. It says right there smartphone and it kind of gives you the little icon for the phone, so that’s a very nice touch. I really like this guy’s uh awesome. Awesome. Packaging here you know this is a very nice pouch, but let’s look at the inside of what else we got. Oh look. Take a look here. We got handy instructions, it kind of tells you how it works. Oh it’s, a warranty, okay, it’s, a warranty. So awesome. This is model mc10 by the way and let’s look now let’s. Take a good look. Here. Comes the mic! Oh look! It’S inside this up, nice container plastic. Let’S. Let me give you my first impressions. Wow all right let’s have a close look and see what it nice and a nice view for you. Look at this wow, okay, guys so right off the bat. It feels really light. It’S, not super heavy, so it feels light metal, it’s, a metal construction. I can tell you right now: i can feel it metal construction, very light and right here you can connect your headphones right here. This is your your mic connection in a few seconds, i’ll show you how that that mounts to your camera or your phone let’s have a a very close look: let’s, bring it up nice and close, and have a look look at this wow guys very nice.

Very nice, i really like this, the construction of it just this is my initial thoughts on it. I you know just from taking it out of the box i’m gon na, try it out and see how well the sound is, but so far just by looking at it. I really like the way. This looks feels very sturdy like if you were to drop it. It’Ll it’ll stand the drop, it’s very it’s, all metal there’s, nothing plasticky about it’s, all metal. I really like that all right. So how do we uh? How do we connect it? So let’s uh let’s go into let’s, see so, if we’re going to do the camera, the camera, so we grab the camera cable, and this will go right in here right i’m. Gon na bring my canon to demonstrate it. I’M gon na demonstrate how it connects to the camera so let’s uh there we go getting nice and view and now here’s the camera and then they’ll demonstrate the cat so here’s the clip. So let’s look at the clip. Now it goes in here so that this will clip right in there like that. Okay, all right very nice, let’s put it in and then, if we’re gon na connect it to the camera, find where your mic connection is and there’s your mic connection so find where that’s at and then put it right in there right where the mic connects right. There all right, so there you go that’s exactly how you would do it.

You just have mount the mic just like that. Okay, now let’s demonstrate it how you would do it on the phone, so if you’re gon na do it on the phone and it’s uh that’s, a very nice touch to have this clip, i think that’s, a very nice touch. I think it’s awesome all right. So if you’re gon na connect it to your phone, you have the separate cable. So let’s go look at the separate cable. So now you want the one that says for smartphone, which is in red right, so the red will probably go to the phone so let’s once again, let’s connect it here and then let’s grab your phone and then on your phone you’re, going to find where your Mic connection is for your phone, then it goes right in there just like that and there it is that’s how it connects. So there you go guys there’s the mic right there. Just a quick review, uh let’s demonstrate it how it looks with the that cat on it. So if you were gon na vlog, let’s demonstrate how that looks. So let’s put it right in there. Okay, let’s fit it right in there. Let’S connect it let’s see. So if you were gon na be outside, which i highly recommend, if you’re vlogging outside that’s, exactly what it will look like so there it is guys it’s connected to your phone there. It is there, it is guys. Kiketta short review looks dirty amazing, looking forward to uh recording with it hope you find this useful got any more questions.

Let me know all right, i’ll see you on the next one bye bye. Are you recording for canon t3i testing, one two, three, no external mic. This is right from the camera. Canon t3i testing one two three. This is an already recording for kakeda mic testing, one two three or about three feet: distance, one: two, three kicada mic audio one two three: this is an audio test for the samsung phone with the internal mic; no cacada mic testing one two, three audio test: one: Two three: this is an audio recording with the kakeda mic connected to the phone using open camera app testing, one two, three kakeda audio mic, one two three: this is an audio test for kakeda microphone testing, one two three: now this is a mini shotgun microphone for Your cell phone or you can use it for your dslr now, even though i got headphones on in real time. I can’t hear my voice, but i can hear it on the playback audio test.