What i’m gon na do now is whip the zt axon 25 geon out of its box and take you on a full on tour of the hardware and the software. So you know exactly what to expect ahead of my in depth review and from all the latest greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers all right. So we’ve got one phone which is jammed in there pretty tight i’m, really hoping there’s a nice bit of yes. Indeed, condom case action wrap it up. Nice and tight, make sure you don’t get any baby accents running about the place or actually just make sure it doesn’t get scratched up or anything you’ve got one porcupine jobby one adapter in this case a two pin european effort. One not particularly sexy type c, usb, cable and last up. Yes, there is a type c usb to 3.5 millimeter headphone adapter, because dang it there’s no headphone jack on the zt x720. But here or at least they actually bundle an adapter in the box right. So let’s check out the actual phone now so here it is in all of its luster or first squint at the zte axon 25g and initial impressions are definitely ooh. The phone certainly has a decent heft to it, and uh definitely smacks of premium quality as well. From obviously that quite glitzy back into little details such as the textured pattern on those buttons or more specifically, that button because it’s just on the power button, i guess to help differentiate it from the volume up and volume down which is just as well, because we’re All quite close together there and of course one of the first things you notice is the complete lack of any pinhole cutout or notch up top there on the display and it’s.

Not until you actually start to tilt the phone away from you, then you can actually make out that selfie cam, just at the top end. There, of course, we’ll explore that more when we actually get the phone all set up and test out the features and then, as for the other end, the rsn it’s made of glass, 3d curves glass to be precise, and this is the black model. Although you can pick it up in the more vibrant, blue purple or orange hues, i’m, definitely enjoying the curved pattern, as the light strikes that back end definitely very snazzy. Indeed, although i do kind of wish this was one of the more vivid uh models. One of the brighter colors, and at least the brandon, is fairly subtle as well it’s, nothing approaching poco levels. If you’ve seen my m3 or x3 reviews. However, the axon 20 is already starting to pick up greasy smudges. I don’t know how obvious that look very obvious. On camera, when i did tilt it like that, that’s for sure um, so yeah, if you like to eat chips and text at the same time, you might want to keep it clean and cloth handy and it’s. Quite a chunky. Uh camera chassis there as well it’s a quad lens camera which again i’ll investigate in depth in a bit anyhow. It feels like the zt axon 25g has plenty of gas in the tank, so let’s get it all set up and then take you on a full on tour, the rest of it.

Oh and when you are setting up your zt axon 25 gin, you got to slip your sim card inside you’ll note that there’s space for two sim cards, otherwise a single sim and a micro sd memory card, okay, so the zte accent 25g is all set up And ready for action, unfortunately, it’s, not the latest version of android that is stuck away on here, it’s android 10, so it is a bit behind the times. What you do get on top, though, is the me favorite ui launcher version 10.5, and thankfully this doesn’t go too crazy when it comes to changing up the stock version of android and adding a whole bunch of extra features on here. You do get a few little differences, such as, for instance, the infinite loop is enabled by default. However, if you dive on into the home screen settings, you can actually bring back that google discover feed, so that’ll just get rid of the infinite loop and, as you can see, then you’ve got your google news and everything right there, where you want it and also Genuinely useful features screw all the way in here as well. You’Ve got that always on display, because it is an oled panel. You can customize the schedule for that and actually play around with a few different styles and everything as well. You got the other usual android shenanigans lighting, pull down that notification bar from anywhere on screen, which is good because it’s a 6.

92 inch beast the zte axon 20.. So, as you can imagine, one handed use ain’t exactly particularly easy call. The usual uh gesture navigation and everything you’ve actually got some bonus, uh gesture support in here as well, such as the ability to turn on the flashlight by shaking the ztx20. Although i can never get that bloody thing to work seriously, i’ve tried shaking it. Oh, my god, there we go wow first time i catch it on camera. I actually managed to do it because i’ve been shaking this more for non stop and i just could not get it to work, and i guarantee you now that’ll be the only time i actually do manage to get it to work for your security. You’Ve got an in display uh fingerprint sensor, just that you’ve got an in display, selfie camera and it seems to be pretty reliable so far, just quick, tap your digit and uh you’re straight in, of course, i’m. A massive fan of in display. I do prefer the old edge mounted or around the back, but it seems to do the job that’s also backed up with a handy bit of face recognition as well. Just in case your fingers are a bit grubby or something and again that seems to be super. Super nippy boom straight into the desktops. Of course. Most interesting thing about that 6.92 inch. Oled display, is definitely the under display. Selfie cam you can actually just notice. There is a slight change in the coloration where the cam is, but to be honest on the wall.

It is masked really really well, as you can see, i’ve gone full screen here in youtube and you can’t actually really make out that camera. Unless you look at it from an angle up here really really hard at the thing and of course you get that glorious. Full view experience with other smartphones like uh sony’s experience, which have a big sort of fat chunky bezel up top with the selfie come in and the likes of the zenfone 7 and the oneplus 7t pro, where you have a pop or a flip up camera, which Just stand to attention uh when they’re needed so to speak, but to be honest, i’m really really impressed by how well this camera is integrated into that display. And if you know you gave this phone to someone and didn’t tell them about that camera. I doubt they would even really notice to be honest, it’s, very, very cool stuff and the technology itself sounds pretty clever. The display itself is made from high transparency materials so as much light as possible can permeate through, while zt has integrated a special dual control chip to ensure that that front camera gets a perfect view through the display. Only when needed. As for the quality of the visuals themselves, no complaints there you’ve got a full hd plus resolution, so it’s not a quad hd monster. But you know what images still look nice and crisp and detailed it’s a 20.5 by nine stretched aspect ratio.

So almost that cinema wide effect that you get from the likes of the experience, you’ve got 10 bit hdr support on there and colors look nice and natural and yeah like pretty much every other smartphone out there right now, apart from, of course, those crazy, expensive iphones. You do have a 90 hertz refresh rate option as well, although the zte accent 20 is set to 60 by default. Unfortunately, my review unit of the zte axon 25g won’t. Let me download and install netflix or disney plus from the google play store and when i try installing netflix via an apk it’s having none of that as well. That’S, probably down to the bootloader it’s, probably been unlocked in my review unit without me, known that’s. Usually, what the issue is on chinese smartphones when i receive them and they can’t play the likes of disney plus on netflix, but i’ll dig around into that a little bit more and let you know on the audio side of things, there’s, no stereo speakers set up. Unfortunately, here on, the zt x720 is just a single mono speaker housed down below and, as i mentioned before, there’s no headphone jack either, but let’s see how that speaker holds up let’s just bung up the volume would probably meet sally in a bdsm club with her Squatting over his chest, unleashing hot fury before bunging a cactus up his, so the clarity there’s actually pretty decent uh. No complaints on uh, the audio on top volume seems to have a decent little punches.

Just as i say, assume that you don’t get that stereo setup. If you dive one into the audio settings, you’ve got some pretty impressive. Uh support here as well. You’Ve got full hi fi support once you’ve got some compatible headphones connected ditto for dts you’ve actually got dtsx ultra on the go. So you get a nice surround sound effects, particularly handy for any compatible movies or games, and you can also set up your own personal audio preferences and a listening profile too. Let’S have a shifty at the performance and what you got packed inside of the zte accent. 20 is the snapdragon 765g very popular chipset in 2020, backs away the six or eight gigs of ram, depending on which model you grab. So, as you can expect quite dependable performance, no matter what you’re up to my review models pack in eight gigs of ram and as you can see, they’re perfectly respectable, a benchmark and scores, and you should be able to do gaming with alexa call of duty. Pubg mobile all that good stuff and no problem even on higher detail levels and that situation’s definitely helped along by the fact. You’Ve got a liquid coolant system inside the zte accent: 20, with nine separate internal temperature sensors just to monitor the internals, make sure nothing’s getting too toasty. But, to be honest, i found that, even if i was gaming for a solid hour or two on the likes of call of duty on previous 765g smartphones, no worries at all.

They don’t get too hot and of course, as the name of the phone kind of suggests, you got that full 5g support built into the 765g as well. So you are future proofed. As for the battery well it’s, not quite as big as some rivals, it’s a milliamp cell stuffed inside the ztx and 20.. Hopefully should still keep you going all day. Long and always but we’ll be testing that out for my full in depth review and, as you can see, you’ve got the likes of the adaptive 5g feature which will swap to 5g uh, depending on what you’re actually doing at the time and lots of other battery. Optimization options as well and when it comes time to power up the ztx and 25g again, you’ve got 30 watt fast charging, which is pretty damn good, not the absolute best around. Obviously, like the oneplus and the oppos, they could do 65 watt fast charge and get the job done much quicker, but still you’ll probably get pretty much a full charge in about an hour at the plug. So now, finally, let’s turn our attention to the camera tech and on the back here, you’ve got a quad lens setup, as i mentioned earlier, and as it’s quite clearly stated there. The primary lens is a 64 megapixel sensor, but of course, like most smartphones these days, the ztx20 doesn’t actually shoot 64 megapixel pictures by default. It will shoot 16 megapixel using four in one pixel bin, just to help brighten up shots uh when the lights not quite ideal, but you can shoot at that full 64 megapixel resolution.

If you want by diving into that, setting all the usual settings, you’d expect like good old, hdr, uh, auto mode and everything or on board here as well. You can do live photos, uh, you’ve, got usual beauty modes and, of course, filters as well. If you want them and of course, you can quickly and easily swap to that eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens when you want to capture a bit more of the scenery, you’ve got the usual bonus photo modes like a portrait mode using a two megapixel depth sensor. That’S the third camera lens slapped on the back of the zt x720 and, as you can see, there, you’ve got a variety of different uh sort of filter effects that you can use it’s a bit of rainbow monkey uh with a funky monochrome background very snazzy, and You also have a night mode for when things get proper dark now, just capture lots of different folders of different exposure levels, splice them all together and hopefully give you a nice balanced, bright result. You certainly get a lot more background detail on the go there with this night mode. That does seem to have gone a little bit, uh crazy with the orange thanks. Thanks to my uh smart light, if you jump into the video mode, you can shoot uh. Four movies up to 4k resolution footage, even at 60 frames per second here on the zt axon 20.. You could even have a bit of a play around with the white balance as well, depending on the conditions and speaking of which you do have a full manual mode for your photos as well.

If you want it, but of course the bit that we’re all interested in is that 32 megapixel hidden selfie cam to see if it can actually uh produce selfies of a reasonable standard and certainly on the screen itself. Everything looks sort of natural and quite detailed let’s. Actually punch into one of the photos: no yeah instantly uh. Definitely an instagram worthy shot right there, but certainly for something that’s hidden away behind all of that glass. It seems like that 32 mag, selfie cam, will be well up for the job and you’ve even got a bit of portrait mode action as well. Let’S give that a go. You know i really really have to stop shooting these selfies as i’m talking that’s. Never a good idea so that right there in a nutshell, is the zt axon 25g, the first globally available smartphone with an in display camera. Okay, i keep wanting to say in this fingerprint sensor because i’m so used to seeing that – and i got ta say certainly impressed by that camera screen technology seems really well integrated in there. Only really obvious, when you view it from an angle or if you’re staring really really hard, otherwise you wouldn’t even notice so it’s, a nice neat solution and the rest of the specs solid as well. 765G. Of course, will keep you ticking over quite nicely all day. Long, hopefully, all day battery life and hopefully that camera tech will hold up as well stay tuned for an in depth review for more and all that jazz.

So please, let me know what you think down in the comments below be very interested.