This is one week later and i’m going to determine. Was it a waste of money? Is it overpriced or is it just right? Let’S get into the video baby, so these are the most controversially priced headphones in the consumer market. To date, the 549 dollar price tag screams luxury premium are just flat out over priced either way. You see it. The airpods max are definitely the talk of the tech community and honestly for a good reason. Can you truly justify apple’s price point on these over the ear headphones or is it a blatant slap in the face to the loyal apple community? We’Ll answer this, and so much more so sit back, smash that like button and come along for the ride Music. The first thing everyone will notice after the price tag, is the design – although these are premium materials by far, is also a unique and polarizing. Look. The second, these touch your hand out of box the cold, aluminium and stainless steel make their presence known by their weight. You do notice the increase in weight, but we’ll get more into that during the comfort segment, so stay tuned. My only concern is how the aluminium will hold up to scratches over time, but only time would tell there’s also the silicon like material covering the headband, which is a mesh design similar to the mesh style office chairs. You see except it’s, a lot softer and more forgiving. These headbands also come in lighter color variants, so pick your poison.

I chose the darker color i’m choosing safety, but there is the stainless steel adjustments which are smoothed as butter and the removable foam ear. Cups are cloud like all in all very premium, very well built just not the most pleasing visually to my eye, but they’re growing on me. Well kinda, next up let’s explore the comfort 549 dollars gets you in a heavier premium. All metal build it’s, not what you would expect. Your first assumption is, if they’re heavier, then they’re less comfortable but that’s, actually not the case. Apple has designed these quite well in the weight distribution and longevity i’ve worn these hours upon hours with little to no fatigue. Now all isn’t perfect at first try because it does take some fine tuning to find your fit. This is exactly why these do not click when adjusting, because it allows you to dial in exactly what fit works for you. Now, with these being a solid, more rigid metal build, you have to find that sweet spot that relieves any tension or pressure, but once you find your fit you’re good and the fact that the adjustment rods won’t move easily ensures your choice of comfort is locked in And won’t move it will not budge, and i think this is the part of apple’s choice of not creating a folding pair like the sony xm4s, which actually requires you to collapse and reset your headphones whenever stored in the carrying case. Let’S be honest: it isn’t a deal breaker at all.

I still think we wanted a travel case with the airpods max and since i mentioned the case, let’s talk about it briefly. I’M, not a fan. Honestly, i find myself not using the case at all, but if i were to travel with these, the case would be used most definitely or hopefully we can rely on third party case manufacturers to bring the swag that apple didn’t. Also apple has confirmed that the headphones go into a low power state automatically after being left stationary for five minutes and then in ultra low power mode after three days. So don’t worry about losing battery. If you use a third party case, the lower power mode and drain is extremely efficient and since we’re on the topic of battery let’s talk about it battery, is it the best out? No, but will it be good for most absolutely battery power is always subject to the use of each individual user and yes for heavy users a longer battery life reduces the amount of battery cycles over time, but a heavy user on any technology will depreciate the battery Life faster than any average to low user. In a nutshell, the battery life is enough to get days of listening and convenience do with that, what you will now sound quality. This is the area i was curious most about because that’s a big part of any set of headphones. How good or how great do they sound and how well is the frequency spectrum translated? I spent over a decade manipulating audio frequencies in the audio engineering world.

So i understand sound, but honestly, when it comes to sound in this, consumer market is strictly about balance and clarity and apple knocked it out of the park. With these, every single sound from low to mid to high is balance tang and properly placed in the sound stage. These custom drivers were built to deliver and they do just that now, for those wondering no apple did not include a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, but there is a cable adapter being sold in apple store for 35 dollars. Now this cable is thin and way too short to be functioning as a headphone cable, but it does get the job done for those seeking an analog audio experience now, while i’m, not a fan of this cable at all, i use it almost daily. If i edit editing my videos and plugging into my various audio interfaces, now i’m hoping to see a longer more premium, lightning to headphone jack cable be released, but i won’t hold my breath user experience. Now, when it comes to user experience, we have to talk about the apple ecosystem and how these fall right into it. And so will you listen if you’re, not an apple user? These headphones are not for you period, because the true user experience is unlocked with other apple products being able to switch from my imac pro to my iphone by just waking and looking at my phone is seamless, and the same goes for my ipad pro and apple Tv you get, the picture apple has built a very smooth user experience for those who choose the walled garden.

You can hate apple, all you want, but you can’t deny the fact that they have the best ecosystem on the market period. My conclusion is this: are the airpods max a waste of money or extremely overpriced? The answer is yes and no, let me explain to those who are just fine with the bose or sony xm403s, which cost almost half the price. Then yes, these are overpriced and ridiculous, but to those who subject themselves willingly to the apple ecosystem and can rightfully afford these, then absolutely not. I would never encourage you to spend beyond your means when it’s not a necessity and for a lot of consumers. These are out of your means. The sony xm4s are a great value in comparison and sound awesome, but they are not better than the airpods max. I would be lying if i said so. The price is what separates the airpods max, but it also kind of alienates them from many getting their hands on bottom line. Is we don’t know the exact profit margin being baked into this 549 dollar price point, so it really comes down to? Can you afford them? Are you willing to pay the price for them and once you get them and use them, do you find yourself saying i’m going to keep them i’m keeping mine? My name is cj. This is cj unplugged, all right y’all, so i got ta be like totally 100 honest and transparent about these in the sense and the experience being as good as it really is, especially after using it time and time and um like i in no way want you To go outside of your means and the pricing, and then the cost and so forth, but i just got to keep it a buck.

These are absolutely phenomenal and another thing i want to talk about. A lot of people were talking about the crown the digital crown placement, and it they made an assumption just because most headphones have buttons on the bottom, that this wouldn’t be the proper placement, but honestly for the way that it works and you having to adjust your Volume this way and click this is actually the more natural and normal filling way to use it. So all in all, just even though i have some subtle, you know drawbacks with the way that the uh design is, and i think there could have been a little bit more swag there. All that matters is the user experience and for any apple user out there that’s an apple enthusiast inside of the apple ecosystem. These check all of the marks like this thing works absolutely phenomenally. Well, so i can recommend the airpods max, but i can’t really recommend you go spend 549 that’s your choice to be made so uh i’m gon na keep banging out listening to my sanford. You know what i’m saying, because these knock whoo they go to valium here. Come a doggie dog. I love it love.