So sit back and relax because today i’m going to show you everything you need to know. So. This phone has four gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage, a 5.7 inch display, which is 720p, a 5580 million power battery the mediatek 6762v, and these are the rest of our specs yeah let’s open this up all right. So very nice presentation. Okay, so i got the green version and that does look pretty cool doesn’t it. That phone does feel pretty nice in the hand, so the hard rubber back and middle sides all right – and here we have our charging cable, usb type c and over here at the bottom uh some sort of sticker. Okay and it looks like a fast charger, 18 watts and some headphones as well. Okay, so first impressions, the display, doesn’t, look bad at all. Viewing gingles are nice, so i’m gon na set this up and get back to you alright. So we do have a fingerprint sensor it’s over here on the side. Don’T really have much high hopes for it, but let’s set it up anyway. So you know when the setup takes not too long that’s when it tends to be the worst and that’s it. Alright, the phone’s all set up. Let me just lower the brightness, so you all can see there we go so the setup was pretty fast. So i can tell this is a pretty fast chip, so yeah. That is pretty quick, really impressed all right.

So we have our sim slot and i’m guessing. This is the one that you use your fingerprint to remove and yep there you go so you could either insert one sim an sd card or two sims with no sd card. So look even the inside is green. Nice attention to detail black view. You also have a mystery button on the side. Let’S see whoops press the lock button by accident. Oh look at this. It has two flashlights over here. I didn’t even know that so i got a hold to activate so oh yeah that’s pretty cool, but can we change it side key function? So, as you can see, we can’t change the function we can even do like. So the flashlight is automatically set up to the long press. We can also do one click for, like i don’t know there, you go apps, okay, so gmail, for example, one click, so, as you can see you can customize it for pretty much anything you want. Also. We have face unlock so we’re, going to enroll our face real, quick there. We go so first off we’re gon na test the fingerprint unlock okay, so you have to hold it really specifically. I’M. Sorry for the background noise, by the way – okay, not bad, okay, um, really isn’t bad, so let’s, say it’s been unlocked for a while, and you go to pick it up. Sad it’s, pretty decent now face or not they are not bad faces, are not fingerprint unlock.

Not bad at all, okay, very impressed. So far i haven’t disabled ads and it’s running like okay there’s, a slight stutter, but i think this will fix the issue. Let’S try, okay, so still kinda stutters, but that’s the phone’s problem like or the app developer’s problem. I don’t know all i know is that only knife, it seems to have a problem. I need to find a different app to test games with that’s for sure, so wind rider no lag, no stutters, the frame rate isn’t the highest and the screen it’s hard to navigate because it feels rough, i think, it’s because of the screen protector. Okay, pubg is already starting, as you can see, look at that look at that i’m playing playing okay frame rate is medium let’s, bump the graphics up to balanced it’s, not going to. Let me do hd and for good reason. So far. No, so far, still good uh. So yes, okay, so i’m, just walking around um there’s, no major lag or stutter it’s running just fine. Okay, we’re gon na let’s try this graphics, graphics at smoove; okay, it kind of stutters, but overall it’s, not too bad. So yeah, Music, weird music, so yeah the speaker is actually surprisingly good. It gets decently loud. The quality sounds good it’s, it’s, good quality and yeah very impressive with the speaker. So our main camera is 16 megapixels front. Camera is 14 megapixels. We are facing windows full hd front, facing video 720p, so let’s take our first selfie let’s go outside.

We were facing video on the blackvue bv 5100 full hd, so i cannot focus close up on flowers. I’Ve tried it just doesn’t work, which is too bad. Well, it’s, not the end of the world pictures other than that turn out fine, and this is the video quality for 150 bucks. Let me know what you think front facing video on the blackvue bb5100. This tops off at only 720p and not the best quality but 450 bucks. Is it good enough? You’Ll be the judge, so that is pretty much it so should you buy this phone well, assuming that it really is durable? I can’t test it for uh financial reasons. Then yeah it’s absolutely worth it. I mean for 150 dollars or even lowered. Nowadays we get a a great performing phone i’m just going to do a quick speed test for you like bam, they’re already, chrome, first time, loading, chrome and already it’s loading. So this is a fast phone and i expected it to be actually slower but yeah. I am impressed with the speed it performs. Well, the display is decent. The cameras are good speakers good, you know also the battery life. You should expect it to last you all day and beyond so yeah. I really like this phone.