. Some people are getting Dolby Atmos tune, whereas some peopl are saying that it will look amazing because of Dolby Vision. For complete and accurate information. Lets go to our reporter Vineet., Along with Unboxing and Review Ill. Do a comparison so that the audience gets the best knowledge about this tornado. First of lets: unbox Hisense, Tornado TV.. This is a 55 inch TV that has 4K Ultra HD 3840×2160 resolution and 60Hz Refresh Rate. Along with Smooth Motion. Technology. Hisense has named MEMC technology as Smooth Motion Technology, which works at 60Hz.. Hisense Tornado TV comes with almost negligible Bezels, which looks really appealing.. If we talk about connectivity options, then this TV has 3 HDMI, 2.0 ports, 1 ARC 2 USB ports, 1 Optical audio port 1, Headphone Jack, along with Bluetooth, 5.0 and Dual Band WIFI Connectivity options.. The highlight of this TV is JBLs in built. Soundbar comes with fabric mesh grill and looks premium. On the left. Side is JBL. Branding in the mid is Hisense branding and on the right side is Dolby Vision and Atmos and vison logo in a ring bar, which looks really premium. Along with TV, comes a Bluetooth and Infrared remote control with 2 AAA batteries along with Hotkeys Netlfix Amazon, Prime Bluetooth, Hotstar and Google Play. This is voice, enabled remote with Google voice assistant.. You also get a setup guide and foot stands made of plastic charge, screws user manual and Vesa wallmount. Friends. We have completed the unboxing.

, Now ill test this TV in every possible way and tell you whether you should buy this TV or not., And even today you are watching NO SPONSORED CONTENT and NO BRAND ADVERTISEMENT and in return you can support me by subscribing to my Channel., You can also support me by buying the products from the links I have given in the description. Box. Now lets boot up, the Hisense Tornado, TV. Hisense Tornado TV is a certified Android TV with Android TV OS 9 and built in chromcast.. If we talk about hardware, then you get Cortex A55 CPU and Mali 470, MP3 GPU, along with 2GB RAM and 16GB Storage, whereas its usable storage is 11GB.. It is easy to setup any Android TV. Just pair it with your android phone, follow the instructions and the setup is complete.. The user interface is simple and is similar to any android TV.. The difference is of the apps that you get. Android version of this comes with 5000 apps and you can download more apps via playstore for eg SonyLiv, KODi and game lovers. Can download apps like Asphalt 8. Lets play Netflix and check this TV. Before playing something on Netlix Ill? Tell you about the details of its panel.. This TV comes with 8 Bit. Frc VA DLED panel with the support of HDR10 HLG and Dolby Vision.. Its peak brightness is between 350 400 nits.. The Old Guard is a 4K Dolby Vision movie.. I cannot play the entire movie but Ill explain everything through its trailer.

. I have switched on the subtitles. Generally, when subtitles are switched on the LED lits, the areas near subtitles, but not in this TV, and this is a very good thing.. This means that the micro dimming feature of this TV is not a gimmick., Now Ill play. Another trailer to show you another feature., Even while playing some content, you can change the picture mode from picture settings. By default. Hisense Tornado comes in Dynamic Picture Mode, but if you love watching movies, then you must watch it on Cinema mode to enjoy. More. Now lets play Amazon Prime.. We have already checked Dolby Vision. Now its the turn of HRD10.. I am playing dark content intentionally so that you can analyze its grey and black performance from shadows and dark.. The picture quality I can see camera can never show that, and I must say that this TV has amazing picture. Quality. Lets play 4K footage on Youtube.. In this footage we can see natural colors and deep blacks., But this is the view from the front.. Why dont we test its viewing angles in the same footage to test the color loss. If we go on sides, then there we see a 30 loss in color and brightness after keeping camera on the same settings, but this there with every VA Panel. Every VA panel shows some loss in color and brightness on extreme sides.. But the good part is that the color reproduction is good because the colors are vivid even on the side.

. I have taken Hotstars subscription just for one thing: Marvel. Due to copyright issues. I cannot play the movie, but I can show you that even on Hotstar, you can see 4K Utra HD Dolby Vision. Content on this TV. Now comes the time for hard testing. Lets begin with the dimming test, which will tell us about the micro diming of this TV.. Keeping an expectation of OLED TV will be wrong, but being a VA Panel. This TV gives an amazing performance. Now. Well, do the expanding particle test.. This test is to check the backlight of DLED panel and we will check its performance.. We can see the Halo effect and this is beyond my imagination.. I have seen the same effect in TV with double its price.. Now is the turn for stress, test., Backlight and micro. Dimming features are stressed extensively and sometimes even the best to best TV do not perform well.. I was expecting that the TV will show greys, but I am surprised to see Blacks even now.. I have played this MP4 movie clip from my pendrive. And now, if I tell you that it is of 720p, then you wont believe me.. I am absolutely stunned. After seeing the upscaling of this TV. Now lets see how Hisense Tornado TV plays the HD channels.. You can see that HD channels are shown on this TV after amazing upscaling.. The clarity of SD channels is also fine, but not the best.. I always recommend an HD set top box.

Now lets. Do the audio test and check? How does the built in JBL soundbar, which is dolby, atmos soundbar, sounds? Do I still need to say that this in built JBL Soundbar sounds amazing? You can easily and flawlessly mirror your android screen in this TV. Lets. Do a small comparison to know the difference between this TV and the previous TV of Hisense. Both have the same panel same picture quality same brightness, but there are 2 major differences. 1. This TV comes with smooth motion technology, which is MEMC, and it works at 60Hz. 2. There was 30W audio in the previous model, whereas this TV comes with JBL 102W in built soundbar, which is a fantastic thing.. At present, the cost of previous model is INR38990, and if you buy a 100W soundbar along with it, then itll cost you approx INR4800 to INR49000, whereas this TV will cost you around INR45000, which is a fantastic price., Now Ill. Tell you about its cons, because no product is perfect.. Even this TV has 2 cons. 1. Its refresh rate and MEMC are clogged at 60Hz, which means that there will be no improvement in its refresh rate, but no other TV in this price range provide you a greater refresh rate.. We expect Hisense to provide refresh rate greater than 60Hz in its upcoming TV. 2. There is no HDMI 2.1 port. In present times when everyone is waiting for PS5 and XBOXX. Hdmi 2.1 port has become a necessity.

, But again the same thing in this price range. No other TV offers you HDMI 2.1 port., And this is why these 2 cons are not actual cons.. When I asked Hisense about its service networks, then it said that now Hisense caters 18500 pin codes and it has uploaded the list of 450 service centers on its website.. I checked it myself and now I can say that the service network of Hisense is far better than before. Company has guaranteed the maximum price of Hisense Tornado as INR45000, but they couldnt tell how long will take to sell out the stock of Hisense tornado.. This TV will be available at all platforms from tonight, 1200 oclock.. I have given the Direct Seller links in the description box. Please check them. And do tell me how was this video. Now Ill meet you in my next video with an outstanding comparison..