Today i have the huawei watch fit and it’s going to be an in depth review and, as always, everything is time coded for your ease of viewing so let’s get started if it’s your first time on my channel, please consider subscribing, as i do regular videos for Very smart watches like this one smartphone reviews, tech, tutorials and much more you’ll, find a dedicated playlist for huawei smartwatch videos under the playlist tab be sure to check it out and if you want, you can support my channel by becoming a member at a small monthly Charge with all the perks that i’ll offer click, this join button to check out all the perks of becoming a member also check out some cool merch under the store tab and check out as well as subscribe to my second youtube channel for mobile friendly short video Content huawei announced this huawei watch fit in october 2020 and in today’s, video i’ll do an in depth review, starting with the price availability, setup process, design, specs features, fitness tracking sleep checking and my final wordy let’s start with unboxing, while talking about its price and availability. So it came in a box like this one for those whom it matters. The unboxing experience is certainly better for the price you pay. This watch offers a lot of features for the price you pay. In my opinion, huawei products are now readily available at local, canadian retailers like staples canada, computers and electronics, vision, electronics, newegg memory express and also on amazon, canada.

I have provided the direct link to huawei’s official amazon store where you can find these huawei watch fit, which is listed for only 170 canadian dollar at the time of filming this video, the price may vary depending on when and where you’re watching this video either way. The price, i think, is very reasonable, however. Their huawei watch gt2, which has the added benefit of a built in speaker and the ability to transfer and store mp3 files on the watch for a music playback, either from the watch speaker or paired bluetooth, headset or the huawei watch gt2e, which has the sporty looks Compared to the gt2 minus the built in speakers, they both will cost you around 220 canadian dollar. But clearly, if you are in the market for a circular watch, then you should go for the huawei watch. Gt2 e or the huawei watch gt2, but huawei watch fit. Is a crossover to the fitness band category with a bit more screen real estate? And, frankly, i really like the design with unboxing price and availability being done. Let’S talk about its design, setup process and specs let’s have a look around at the watch. It’S really lightweight and the body feels like it’s made of metal but it’s, apparently not it’s, made of a durable polymer fiber and it comes in graphite black, which is what i have, and you can also get silver and rose gold case with mint, green and sakura. Pink band, the main attraction is the awesome amyloid rectangular display the bezels are minimal and due to the amoled display, the black color is pitch dark and the display gets disguised with the bezel.

There is a very slight curve to the top glass which makes the watch look elegant, but by no means it affects the viewing angle. On the right side, there is a physical button which is used to enter or exit the menu, and the button gives you a nice clicky feel there is a microphone above the physical button which, at this point in time, is redundant. But certainly there are a lot of implications of it. Like the background. Noise level indicator virtual assistant and much more so hopefully, huawei adds more feature that would make the use of this microphone on the huawei watch fit and even on the huawei watch. Gt2 e, on the other side, there is nothing. This watch does not have a built in speaker like the huawei watch gt2 and the gt2 pro at the back. There are the sensors for heart rate and blood oxygen sensor or the spo2 huawei watch fit. Has exceptionally great heart rate and spo2 tracking for the price you pay more to it later during the video? Now, the setup process for any huawei watch is impressively easy and straightforward. I think every smartwatch manufacturer should follow huawei for this. As believe me, out of all the smart watches that i have used, huawei watch are the easiest to pair and switch between smartphones. If i have to switch any smart watch from iphone to my android phone it’s, a painstaking process of formatting and setting it up as a new device – and i tend to lose a lot of data – on the contrary with any huawei smartwatch, it literally takes only a Few seconds for me to disconnect it from my iphone and pair it to my android phone without losing any data.

This also implies to huawei watch fit i’ve done. A video for switching process for my kwa gt2 it’s, linked up in the card section, be sure to check it out once you’re done watching this one now. One major gripe that i have with the huawei watch fit is the process of removing the wristband it’s proprietary. So you cannot use any other wristband on this watch. I have linked some cool wristband in this video description, be sure to check it out. Please don’t use your nails to remove the wristband, as there are chances that you might break your nail. I also wouldn’t recommend to use anything broader than the gap over here is you can damage the body while digging in it? So i use a flat head screwdriver to remove the hook that holds the bend. This small tiny hook is too easy to lose, and if you do you’re out of luck, you won’t be able to use the smart watch unless you get a new wristband, which i said earlier are linked in the video description i just wish. Huawei could use some easy mechanism for the wristband personally out of all the smart watches that i have used, huawei watch fits wristband replacement is the hardest second to the fitbit versa, 2, but fitbit actually listened to its customer and made the wristband replacement the easiest. Among all the smart watches on their latest fitbit versa, 3 and their fitbit sense, anyways. Moving on to the specs i’m, not going to read through all the specs just pause the video and read through all the detailed spec listed on the side of the video.

But some specs are worth to point out and it’s the four gigs of internal storage, which is absolutely redundant, unlike the four gigs of storage on the huawei or gt2 gt2e and gt2 pro, where you can literally transfer mp3 files on the watch for offline music playback Via a speaker or bluetooth headset, but somehow huawei has locked the excess of this 4 gig of storage, so there is no way to transfer mp3 files on the watch even when paired with an android device. I wish huawei adds this feature in the later update, along with the ability to pair a bluetooth earbud to the watch with which will literally make this huawei watch fit the best smart fitness band crossover by the way when you pair any huawei smartwatch with an iphone. You won’t find the option to transfer music, but i have recently done a video on how to transfer music when paired with an iphone, and it is linked up in the card section which you can check it out once you’re done watching this one. So for just 170 canadian dollar you get the top of the line display. The 1.64 inch amoled display is really bright, even outdoor bright light. The display is really bright it’s. By far the best display i have ever seen on a smart band. It has all the sensors, like accelerometers gyroscope heart rate, monitor blood oxygen sensor and, more importantly, it has built in gps. So you don’t need your phone to track your outdoor run.

But again, sadly, i said earlier: the watch has no music storage, so you will need your phone for music playback. This watch is water resistant up to 5 atmospheric pressure and it has the latest low energy bluetooth 5.0, which is more reliable in connection and range. This does not have wi fi, lte nfc, but frankly for the price. You pay it’s, absolutely not a deal breaker. This watch basically takes off all the specs. You need from a fitness band now let’s have a quick look at the menu and settings, so the menu, as you can see, is identical to all the other huawei smartwatches like the gt2, gt2e and gt2 pro good thing. Huawei didn’t cut corners. They have included all the built in apps like breathing exercise, which is really a must have for a fitness band, but just like other huawei watches, it does not vibrate. So you have to keep looking at the screen to sync your inhalation and exhalations. I wish huawei adds the vibrate feature for their breeding exercise in future updates for all their smart watches. You get weather where you can even get future weather updates right on the watch itself, which is really nice. There is a stopwatch timer alarm flashlight and find my phone. Basically, this watch got you covered with all that you need on a smart watch. Speaking of smart features, you do get notification for all the apps, including twitter, email, whatsapp, viber, facebook, etc.

Now, unlike the traditional fitness band, which has a narrower display, this watch has a broad rectangular display, which comes really handy for reading through the notifications. But there is no option to reply or interact with any notifications, even when paired with an android phone, and that is not just this watch it’s the same for any huawei smartwatch. You can also get call notifications, but sadly, unlike the huawei watch, gt2, gt2 e or the gt2 pro, there is no option to answer the call. You can only decline and i was also not able to get call notifications from any other apps like facebook, messenger whatsapp viber. So you will just get regular cellular call notifications with only decline option, but at least you get the name or the number of the caller, which is good. So you can decline an unwanted call going back to the main screen. You can swipe right or left to get quick glance at all the data, like the heart rate, stress, weather activity and sleep. Now, when you click and hold on the main watch face screen, you get options to change the watch face. So at this point, no matter which phone the watch is paired with you only get 12 options. Music. Let me know in the comments down below which one is your favorite. There is a watch face which is animated and looks pretty cool but mind you. It will drain your battery faster. Now you will not see the music and the camera control feature in the menu because for this video it’s paired with my iphone, but when you pair it with an android device, you get the option for music and when you pair it with a huawei phone, you Will get both music and camera control options keep in mind.

The music control option is to only control the music player like play and pause. The track skip a track forward and backward, and fortunately there is a volume control, but all these features aren’t available when it’s paired with an iphone which huawei can fix it in the future. Update as you do get options for music control when paired with an iphone on huawei watch gt2 now in terms of battery life, huawei watches are top of the line. This huawei watch fit for me can easily go up to a week and you can overhaul up to 10 days depending on your usage. If you use the gps for workout, it may drain the battery a bit faster. The same also implies for the always on display, which i tend to use it all the time, and this huawei watch fit still goes about four days with the always on display, which is really impressive. There is a pogo pin magnetic proprietary charger, which you have to carry along for charging, and it only takes about an hour to fully charge, but believe me, you won’t, be charging this watch very often thanks to its exceptional battery life. Now, in terms of fitness, health and sleep tracking, this watch really stands out. Huawei really haven’t cut any corners in fitness section. You get a very good stress measurement, for which i have done an in depth review linked up in the card section and it’s, on par with the other huawei smartwatches.

As seen earlier, there is breathing exercises, sleep tracking is also excellent. The watch really knows the precise sleep time and wake up time for this review purpose. On this day, i intentionally slept at 2 25 am to see if the watch can accurately detect, as i basically film and edit videos late midnight. So i still have my full time day job, so please help my channel by subscribing and if you find my effort and this video helpful as i have a lot of videos like this – for a ton of smartwatches and tech anyways on the mobile huawei health app, You get a detailed insight to your sleep data like the sleep score, deep light and ram sleep durations along with the sleep continuity points, awake time, breathing quality and naps with more detailed, metrics and explanation for each of them. You can also get your exercise history from the mobile app like i did a 30 minute, slow intermittent jog and you can see all the data like duration, calorie average pace, speed, step, stride, heart rate and steps, not just that you can also get your training effect. Both arabic and anaerobic, with your recovery time, which is very cool, feature on the watch itself. You can access all these data from the workout records with all the data, as mentioned above, my personal favorite is the heart rate graph, with high and low heart rate reading. Also, your heart rate zone pace graph, cadence graph, training, effect and recovery time from my testing, the fitness and workout tracking is truly on par with other top of the line.

Smartwatches and it’s really accurate. There is the tube that is blood oxygen tracking, which is just about the same as it is on the other huawei smart watches. I have done a detailed video about the spo2 tracking, where i have compared it to a medical grade, pulse oximeter. That video is linked up in the card section, be sure to check it out once you’re done watching this one not to mention there are about 100 workouts. Yes, you heard me right. Let me show it to you in the workout section where you get 12, fitness courses will come back to that in a while 13 running courses where you will find from an easy run to all the way up to a high intensity advance run. And if you are into running, i bet you will love it. On top of these courses, you get your custom workouts, including swimming, and if that’s not enough, you can find any workout of your choice from the edge section where there is a whole bunch of list of workouts and sports, ranging from indoor fun sports, water, winter and Extreme take my world for granted. You will find whatever you’re looking for on this list. Now. All these workout options are about the same for other huawei smartwatches, except the 12 fitness courses, which makes this huawei watch fit my personal favorite in terms of fitness tracking, and that is because these fitness courses are guided where there are a 3d animated person to show You the exercise or the set before it starts, so you know what exactly you have to do for that exercise, which is ingenious, and if you are starting out in fitness training, this watch will be a very good investment.

Just check out the links in the description of this video to get any discounts on this huawei watch fit. As you can see, you can learn each and every move. Look at the quality of animation it’s, just exceptional i’m, really impressed with the fitness courses, and there are 12 of these with bunch of exercises on them, and all these moves are well timed with the rest intervals. So you can learn the move during a rest interval and then perform it. This huawei watch fit is also good at overall freestyle weight training. So my final verdict is, if you are looking for a budget category, fitness band under 200, just close your eyes and get this as it has all the features of a fitness band with a bit wider screen to get all the bells and whistles of a smartwatch. Like calls and notifications, my personal favorite features are the 3d exercise trainer which guides you for various exercise. Course, the spo2 tracking sleep tracking, all the basic apps like breathing exercise weather, stop watch timer alarm flashlight find my phone 12 watch face collection, always on display. The only gripe that i have with this watch is, as shown earlier, the complexity of removing the wristband and the lack of music transfer option. Despite of this watch having a 4 gig of internal storage, which i think huawei should fix it in the future updates so that’s it. I really hope you found this video helpful.

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