Switching to android like this is not a joke: i’m legit. Switching to android, so haven’t told you what phone i’m going to be switching to, but we’re going to be doing an unboxing it’s, the google pixel 5. that’s right i’m. Switching over to the google pixel 5 and also got these uh pixel buds, which is awesome so big thanks to verizon for actually sponsoring this video it’s really nice to see a company that you actually use been a verizon customer for many years, actually support the channel. So, thank you very much verizon for sponsoring this video, so let’s go ahead and unbox the pixel 5 i’m gon na go ahead and move these pixel buds out of the way i’m actually excited, because i haven’t used an android phone. I got ta say probably in like two years: no joke so pixel 5 is the one that i want to go with for many reasons which i will talk about in the video. Oh, so lovely, look at that wow oh hold on hold on. I got to do a typical traditional tech fashion. Ah sounds good. I can’t even put that away whoa. This is very light. I haven’t held an android phone in a long time and this one feels really good, very cliche. It feels really good in the hand, but seriously the back. Has this sort of like reminds me a lot of like a sandstone finish. I love that fingerprint reader in the back.

This is actually one of the reasons why i’m switching to an android phone, the fingerprint reader, especially nowadays when you’re wearing a mask having that fingerprint reader is clutch so i’m gon na go ahead and move this aside see what else is in the box. Your typical sim card, ejection tool, you got the 18 watt charger. Oh this is nice, usb type, c, cable and also usb type, a to type c to migrate. Your data – i don’t – have to do that yet but i’m going to do a fresh start now, what’s really cool about the pixel 5 is that this year they are supporting 5g, which i’m going to be taking advantage of on verizon’s 5g nationwide network, which already has Coverage in over 1800 cities and is available to over 200 million people, and what gets me excited is that i rely on really fast internet, so we’re always on the go. We’Re uploading videos we’re streaming content, so this is going to be exciting to test out the 5g and especially having coverage in all these cities. So i have to set this up first. That was a really cool animation. Give me a couple minutes and then we’ll come right back all right, guys, so phone’s ready to go, and i want to take another second to appreciate the design of this phone. I think google did a stellar job with the design and also the materials that they use the back.

I love the texture that they used on the phone. This thing is really lightweight and i’ll say this again: it feels really good in the hands. Reason being is made out of aluminum, so it’s very lightweight and very comfortable to hold. You also have once again that fingerprint reader on the back, which works phenomenal. You have the two cameras. They have now an ultra wide camera, which i want to try out and then on the front side. We have that gorgeous edge to edge oled six inch display, which is just fantastic with these viewing angles. You have a small little cut out there for the front facing camera and then the stock android experience when i was setting this up it’s just so like beautiful. I miss android there’s, a lot of features that i miss on android. Like i said, i haven’t used an android phone in about two years, so i’m excited to you know really test this out now stand up feature of the pixel 5 is the 4 000 milliamp battery. At the end of this month, i’ll be traveling to phoenix arizona which is about five hour drive from where i live and i’m gon na be doing some hiking i’m gon na be doing a lot of heavy usage. So having that type of battery life is going to be awesome now, while i’m in phoenix arizona i’m, actually excited to try out verizon’s 5g ultra wideband network, it is blazing fast we’re talking up to one gigabit per second download speeds.

That is like ridiculous. I can download an 8k video in seconds. I can game with virtually no lag, and the cool thing about all of this technology is that it will be available by the end of the year in over 60 cities, which is exciting verizon. Please bring it down here. In rancho cucamonga area, because i’m telling you we need those 5g ultra wideband speeds. Okay, i want to show you something else: that’s awesome with the pixel 5, but i need this guy over here. These are the pixel buds, so the pixel 5 has. This thing called reverse wireless charging. The way it works is you take an accessory like the pixel buds, and then you place them on the back of the phone and then it starts to charge them wirelessly. So the cool thing about the pixel buds is that you can use wireless charging, or it also has a usb type c, but i mean who wants to charge with the cable let’s go ahead and test this out, get this out of the way. Now you do have to set it up on your phone and i’m going to show you how to quickly do that so i’ll just unlock this really quick and then you go into your settings and then you go to battery and then battery share. So now, right here, it’s telling me battery shot. I can turn it off or on, but this is what’s really interesting is i can stop sharing battery when phone reaches and i can set the percentage so that way, you know that you have.

You know extra battery life so for me, i’m going to set it to oh, you know what for now just set it for 25 turn this on flip this over and you know while i’m at it. Let me go ahead and just clear this out of the way, and then i should just be able to place these on the back of the pixel 5 and they should begin to charge. Oh there, it is begins to charge wirelessly. You can see a little notification light and then you heard that little sound little feedback there that’s kind of cool first impressions. I really like the case it has this soft matte finish very satisfying to touch. It also has a usb type c underneath here and then look at that. Can you hear that i, like that, a little clicky sound and then these are held by some magnets back here, which, if we uh do that, you can see that and then it shouldn’t come off, which i do like now. One thing that’s really cool about these – that i’ve learned is that they have this thing called adaptive sound now what that means is let’s, say you’re indoors, you have it set to the perfect volume, and then you go outside and it’s really loud. Then, typically, what you have to do is increase the volume because now you’re trying to fight the outside noise with you know whatever you’re listening to so what adaptive sound does.

Is it automatically raises that volume? You see a lot of cars do that in fact, my car, when i jump on the freeway kind of ramps up the volume a little bit so that’s kind of nice, and then these have hands free google assistant, which is great. So all you have to say is hey, i don’t want to say it to trigger any of those keywords, and you know you have google assistant literally without you know, touch free or you can also tap here and then you know say: what’s the weather or whatever It is that you want so that’s really awesome. I think these two work really well together, like i said, i’m switching over to the pixel 5, so it only made sense to get the pixel buds and i honestly think especially right now during the holidays, these are going to be. You know great, like stocking stuffer here and even the this phone here. The pixel 5 can be a great gift to you know family member, but yeah really excited about all of this, and you know switching over to android i’ll probably do a follow up video. If you guys are interested in that, and once again huge thanks to verizon wireless for sponsoring today’s video verizon 5g is awesome, especially if you’re the type of person that loves to stream video gaming or, if you’re, someone that just downloads really large files to stay productive. On the go, verizon 5g is outstanding.

This is why i use them as my carrier, because for what i do, it’s very important – and i just can’t – have there’s no such thing as second best anyway. Guys, thanks for watching i’m gon na go ahead and play with my google pixel. 5. i’m excited, if you guys know any type of exclusive android apps that i’m missing out leave a comment down below. Once again.