Today i have on our table. Is the infinix note 7. it’s an lte device with the key feature being the 48 megapixel camera there’s no way. I’Ll start this video. Without mentioning that, first, so before going to the key features, which i know you want to find out about, let’s just open the pack and see what you expect to find when you buy this device from the market. I hope you all are having a good christmas celebration. I am at the in the office and we have to make this one it’s the time to buy christmas gifts. So this is the perfect gift for your parents or your siblings, who are using an old android device. This was released in april of 2020, so it’s really really new, though i appreciate this device, if you don’t want to go for the high expensive devices, this is just a moderate price device. At the end of this, video i’ll tell you the price, but for now let’s find out what’s in the pack. Just by opening this box, you can clearly see the phone is a long one. This is a 6.6 inch screen that you’re looking at right. Now, if i take off the top, you can clearly see it has a front facing camera, which is 8 mega pixel, with an led flash. So at night the pictures will still come out. Looking pressed in clean and at the back, can you see what i’m saying, let me come close that’s three cameras, you’ve seen right there and a flash.

It looks like four cameras, but no it’s, three it’s not arranged like you, have three on a circle form like the iphones. Do it’s arranged in a linear form, so an led flash and three cameras: 48 megapixel, two megapixel and another 2 megapixel on the side. You have here you can slot in your sim cards: sim 1, sim 2 and sd card sd card slot, so it’s a dual sim phone, so that’s pretty really neat and on this side you have your volume controls up and down, and your power button now you’re Wondering where is the? Where is the fingerprint sensor? None there’s, no fingerprint sensor at the back there’s, none at the bottom here. This fingerprint sensor is on the side. This is a new technology for infinix and there are not many phones that have put their fingerprint sensor on the side. This is really really convenient for phone users rather than putting your finger and trying to locate it at the back properly. You can just put it on the side and your phone unlocks. So probably you want to use your thumb for your fingerprint unlock, so that’s this device let’s see what else is in the back. You have your little guide. The battery for this device will not be in the box, so don’t expect to find the battery here. The battery is already inside the device. It’S an imbued battery do not try to take it out. It is screwed in so it’s a 5000 mah polymer, lithium battery and that’s.

All you should know about it, it’s not really high. So you probably need a power bank if you’re going to use it for a long time. This is a shot, a structure mirror and a cover case. So you have your screen protector, which goes on your screen. Let somebody help you do it if you don’t know how to do that. This screen protector, however, is not enough protection for your screen. As you see, it’s a plastic one, you need a glass screen protector that when your phone hits the ground, that glass will break instead of your phone screen. This is just for temporary use. This is not what i recommend as a screen protector for your device, whatever the plastic bag will provide and we’ll cover it from scratches when you put it on the table and all that, so this will help, but there are some other ticker protecting cover kits that You can buy instead of this device default default one. What else you’ll find here is the earpiece make sure yours has not been taken out of the box when you buy it, and then you have your usb charger, nothing new, so that’s all charger, earpiece, small instructional manner, objective covering and your sim tray. If you want to pop out the sim by the side, you’ll need this little thing here to pop it out. You know how that works so that’s, all that is in the box. Let’S talk more about the features of this one that will make you want to buy it and, of course, the price.

So, first off i tell you right now: it has android 10 operating systems and, of course, all infinite devices come with the xos range of softwares. That helps use your device smoothly. If i should power it on. I know you’re curious to see the welcome screen. I do not have a sim card inside it right now. The storage on this device is 64 gigabyte of internal storage and a 4 gigabytes of ram. So 4 gig is not like crazy. There is a 6 gig ram in the market out there. If you’re looking for a higher range of devices, this device also comes with a different model, which has 28 gigabyte internal storage. That one is a little bit expensive when we talk about the price, you see the difference between the two and you choose. As for the processor it’s, your normal mt6762 processors, nothing different in the cheap ranges, still the same: infinite chips, connectivity, your standard, gps, wi, fi, bluetooth and an fm radio it’s included your network it’s 4g. Like i said, of course, you can have 3g and 3g options. If you want to choose and then the 6.6 inch display that’s, basically everything about this device, it looks a little bit heavier than your standard infinix devices, because the casing is actually a metallic casing. Now this is what color is. This purple rose kind of purple right yeah, but you want to check in the market for other color ranges.

If you prefer that the first thing it shows you is the camera which is kind of smooth, so that’s this device, the price before i forget in nigeria. It is 68 000 naira for local prices. It might get up to 70 000, depending on where which online shop you’re buying from we’ll put a link below. If you want to buy this device, we have the conga junior links with a little bit of discount. If you buy from our links below, if you’re international audience, you might consider this device at around 140 us dollars so 140 us dollars for the 64 gig range and, of course, these 128 gig range will always be more expensive that’s. All i have for you. This has been a video brought to you by ngboz youtube channel. My name is suckybricks and if you have any questions about this device, don’t hesitate to leave it below and we’ll get back to you. Thank you for watching. We’Ll, see you in the next one.