I want six for around three and a half years, and this was a really good phone and the performance has never decreased. The only problem which i had with this phone was the battery. I mean that was the biggest problem. There are many other problems, but that was the biggest problem, so the battery is 1800 mah and uh in iphone 11. It is 3100 mh, but it’s not only the milliamp here um. It is also how good the battery backup is, so this one is having a very poor battery backup. Even after after using three and a half years, it was like. After updating it became very bad um. It still has an 87 percent battery capacity left. This is this: iphone 11 is having around 3100 mh, and it is really really good. You can easily use for one full day. Without you know putting into charge uh, you can do all stuffs and still you will be having some uh backup left in the at the end of the day. So that was one big uh reason i have taken so the first thing which i have noticed uh while taking the iphone 11, was uh. The fingerprint was missing. So this was such a big technology it’s one of the best state of the art technology for security, and that has been removed by apple in this one. So that was one big, so that was one big um, big uh thing actually, which surprised me a lot.

So i was a little bit reluctant to take this phone because of only because of that, but after using for one year, i’ve understood the. Why i mean actually that is important, so they have introduced a face id which is actually one of the state of one of the best and state of the technology uh in terms of security, so they wanted to prove how good it is, so they have removed This uh the security which was actually a proven security uh from the latest iphones so um. I would agree with them. This is really really good the face id. Actually, it uses a true depth camera system, so it has a camera. It has a sensor and it has a projector, a dot projector, which uses 30 000 dots to get your data off your face and uh. It pushes it to a neural network to get the model of your face so uh. These neural networks are actually uh. The best technology nowadays around for the artificial intelligence creating model for the ais, so they are using these new neural networks inside this phone, which is actually a very good future safe. So you can use this phone for a long long time, because the technology is as latest um, so uh. That is one best thing. I’Ve uh i’ve seen so the convenience we had with this fingerprint was like you can use it very conveniently at any point of time. So the same thing was there with this so face.

Id was also very quick and it also works in amazing angles. That was one good thing i had like you: don’t need to actually directly put on your face, you know on the sides and or you can just look into it and it will get unlocked. So it was one very amazing and it also works on the dark and the another problem. After the corona came um because we had to wear mask and when we go out it was difficult actually to unlock you uh phone with the face id. So you would be thinking, oh, it would have been good if you actually had a fingerprint sensor at that point of time, but they actually solved that also they have come up with the new update where you can unlock your phone even with the mask on. So you have to uh teach your phone how to do that, but there are some videos you can look into that, and that was one another reason. Ah then another thing i would like to discuss with you is uh about the camera. So, of course, there is no point of discussing the regarding the camera of iphone 11 and iphone 6s because iphone 6. Sorry, six, actually six is having only 1.2 megapixel camera on the front and 8 megapixel camera on the rear, but it’s not about the megapixel. Also about the quality of the image – and i mean the camera sensor and everything – this is like a big difference: big jump from iphone 6 to iphone 11, because the quality of the pictures you take it from the iphone 11 is really really good.

So even this iphone 6, the quality of the image you take it from iphone 6 is better than almost most of the mid variant, android phones, which is actually releasing at this point of time in 2020. So this is very good. The camera is really really good, but this one actually jumped a big jump. Was there like the camera? Quality is as good. You can take 4k videos it’s as good as uh like a real movie. People are taking movies in this phone and it has two cameras behind. There are two three cameras variants, which is a bit costly, so i’ve taken only this one, which was good enough for me and uh. This is also the front. Camera is to 12 megapixel and back. Camera is also 12 megapixel, with ultra wide uh. So the best thing is: they have also introduced the night mode, so that’s. Why? The this is the main reason i have uh not went for iphone xr, which was a bit cheap when iphone 11 released, so that does not have an iphone night mode, which is an amazing thing. I mean it is the night mode is better than any android phone out there in the market right now, so that is as good as that i mean very good and portrait for photos. You can take and ultra wide photos you can take with the two cameras, with the help of two cameras and the night mode. So all these things are were not there in uh iphone xr.

You can only take portrait photos of humans in iphone xr, but not objects and things, but this one does not have that problem. So since it have two cameras and iphone, xr is only having one camera. That was the issue so um. So this one was actually a good choice. For me, the only uh problem with this variant was uh. It is having an lcd display, so you can see uh the uh. There is a small notch where you will be able to uh see on these sites uh, which was one thing why i thought, like i’ll, be having a little bit of inconvenience or trouble, but i never noticed to be honest, i never even look at the notch. You will never see the notch. I have actually put a tempered glass on top of it, but still you will not actually notice this notch at all and it does not bother you and the quality of the uh. The ui is not as good as all it. For sure, but that also it is negligible for majority of the people that will be completely negligible, so that’s my review regarding the phone. There are a lot of um, very good sensors, um included with this phone, which you can actually uh use it to program. A lot of uh create a lot of good uh, useful apps, so i’ll be coming with a new video. How uh how you can actually do a lot of useful things with this phone, which i have already done.

So. Thank you thanks. A lot for listening stay tuned for the next video.