The standard iphone 12 battery is over 25 percent larger than that, and while the mini does have a smaller screen, which should consume less power than the 12’s larger screen. I don’t know if that’ll be enough to make this battery test even remotely close, but hey let’s find out Music. This video is sponsored by mine, the smart data assistant that lets you discover who has your data on the web and gives you the tools to keep that data only where you want it. I found that a whopping 648 companies had my personal data and with a new data, breach every day, that’s way more exposure than i need most of the companies. I don’t even use anymore, for example, i haven’t used groupon in years, but they still have my financial and identity information. So with a single click, i can send a request to have the company delete that data automatically and boom. I just minimized my online risk. The app is still free to use for now, but it won’t be for long so check it out at the first link down below alright we’ll start things off in the phone app where, after going on a one hour phone call, the iphone 12 mini drops all The way down to 94, while the standard iphone 12 only drops to 98.. Now the screens were off for the majority of that phone test, though meaning the smaller screen on the iphone 12 wasn’t able to help make up for its smaller battery.

But here in the messaging test, this time the screens are on for the entire test. They’Ve both been calibrated to the same brightness level of 200 nits and after one hour of texting back and forth, the two phones perform identically with each dropping by 10. Now that could have just been a fluke we’ll see if the same thing happens here in the email test, where we’re not doing anything too intensive, we’re, just opening and scrolling through the same set of emails where one hour later we get the same result. The two phones again perform identically, which i really wasn’t expecting i kind of figured that the smaller screen on the mini would help lower its power consumption and kind of make up for the smaller battery, but i didn’t think it would cancel it out completely. However, things could be different here in the browser test because, unlike the messaging and the email tests, this test is more processor intensive. The screen isn’t the only big factor here with each phone’s a14 bionic chip actually being put to work having to load up the same set of websites where one hour later this time, the iphone 12 mini does do worse, dropping by 12 compared to the 9 drop On the standard iphone 12., so at least so far, it looks like when the display is the only big factor in a test. The smaller screen on the mini helps make up for the smaller battery almost perfectly, but when other factors are present like the modem in the earpiece and the phone test or the processor in the browser test, the smaller battery capacity on the mini starts to hurt it.

Here on instagram, the speakers are on mute and we’re, not doing anything too intensive we’re just scrolling through the home feed like you would in real life. So i expect a similar result where one hour later that’s exactly what we get with both phones dropping by an equal 9 so going into the standby test. Here the mini is only 8 points behind those eight points came from just two out of the five tests, but with the screens off for 16 hours in standby, it falls even further behind, with the standard iphone 12’s bigger battery, helping it improve its lead to a Full 10 percentage points here in youtube. The speakers are on this time with them calibrated to the same decimal accounts where that extra work of powering the speakers hurt the mini with it falling another four points behind, and things may get even worse for the mini here. In the gaming test, where not only are the speakers on, but this time the game will be taxing the processors as well, where one hour later, the mini drops below that 10 percentage mark with it only having 8 percent left compared to the healthy 25 percent. On the standard iphone 12., so a big difference going into the maps test where, while the speakers aren’t active here, the other sensors like the phone’s gps and compass are active, where, after just 40 minutes of simulated navigation, that eight percent on the mini drains completely.

While the standard iphone 12 is at a calculated 18, so while the mini did well in some tests, where the display was the only real factor overall, the smaller battery capacity really hurt it. Having 18 on one phone and zero on another is a pretty significant difference. Enough for the iphone 12 to finish the maps test with 15 battery remaining, which allows it to go through an entire hour of spotify, with still two percent left, meaning the iphone 12 made it to the snapchat test, the most intensive test in this entire battery comparison. Although it only lasted for a minute and a half bringing the standard iphone 12’s total time to 25 hours and one minute, while the mini lasted 1 hour and 21 minutes less at 23 hours and 40 minutes overall, i would say it’s not too bad for the Mini given how small the phone is, but a clear win for the iphone 12 in this battery test, you can find the official rankings for all of our tests on our website at, but anyways. That is it for me in this video.