When i say today, this is their biggest screen iphone that they have ever produced uh and it’s impressive. I mean i had someone ask about the resolution and things like that and how good is the display? The only time you’ll be able to actually see how good the display is. If you’re watching a movie shout out to will h tech reviews, i was checking out his videos, so i want to go ahead and show that in there this is what you’re still working with, though you’re working with this big cutout at the top, and that is Where you know they it’s time to make some changes – apple uh, beautiful display, but it is time to make some changes there and give us pretty much along the lines of what everyone else did when they put the little camera hole in it. You’Re gon na have to move forward that way. Um. I i think people are genuinely probably tired of looking at this. This kind of display um, but you know, is if people keep buying it, if we keep buying them they’re not going to make that many changes. They’Ll, wait until another 10 years to change from this design, because it’s established them so uh the screen, though beautiful of the screen. I didn’t think it would be bad at all uh pretty massive uh phone, but definitely not as uncomfortable as i thought it would be and it’s not as big as i thought it would be uh same size as my 11 pro max.

Just this is boxier and definitely heavy uh, and i believe this is almost 230 grams or it might be 230 grams, i’m, not really sure, but this is absolutely impressive, uh that they they can do this if they would only just you know, get rid of the Cut out at the top, this would be a killer design rocking with my beautiful rinky case here. This is now my new favorite case i’m gon na go ahead and put it back in there um rocking with a case with so much grip. This phone definitely does not bother me in the size. I think that the overall feel of a device feels great when i’m walking around the house, whether it feels good, but this is in fact a slipper device, like most cell phones, but the hardware is good. The screen is good, the hardware, the build quality all says premium and you pay a premium price, like all cell phones, um apple, being the one that likes to mark the phones up, really really high and get all they can out of consumers. But i will be fair and say that their hardware is actually top notch, it’s, actually pretty premium and um i’m, not saying it’s worth the money that they’re asking but i’m just saying it is definitely a premium feeling phone and you will in fact feel like this Phone cost uh, whatever you paid for it uh, so the hardware, the screen, these things are all good and the reason i’m not focusing too much on software, is because well this is ios this isn’t, something that you haven’t seen before and there’s really not much.

Just change in there: yes, i have some widgets and things on there, but uh that’s old news to me because of all the many android phones that have widgets that have had widgets for years, but it’s still nice to see apple actually put some widgets. You know. Do something different with their software? Finally and there’s a lot more going on into the software, but to me the iphones aren’t, the the main selling points on the iphone is that it’s a stable software? It is a well polished. Machine apple just keeps changing the hardware and little tweaks in the software um, but where this phone really shines is the battery the battery life on this thing is absolutely great. I think i was doing something and i was averaging. I was looking at my average and it was averaging seven and a half hours of screening on time, that’s pretty good, and i know that i could probably get more than that, but it’s actually really solid uh battery life and it’s impressive. I mean everyone says this: the battery on this thing is killer and yeah it’s great it’s, not mind blowing for me uh, but it’s still amazing uh. To get this much battery life. I would expect nothing less uh the pricing that we pay for these things. This thing should be getting about eight hours of screen on time and that’s, roughly what i’m getting uh between seven and eight and a half or seven and a half and eight and a half hours screen on time, um and uh on every charge.

And i haven’t really when i review iphones, i don’t really monitor the screen and when i review phones period, i don’t monitor the screen on time. But you guys want to hear something: some kind of reference and that’s. Why? I do that, but uh? What i’ll say is that this phone is hardly ever on the charger. Uh it’s only been on the charger once in the twice like rolling into another day so two times, basically in a almost four day period, which is pretty good, uh i’m feeling it i’m i’m liking the battery life impressive, like i knew it would be uh. Definitely definitely uh different uh than some of the other iphones i’ve used uh, but it’s still nothing that’s like wow, oh my god, i’m, so blown away. But you know all iphones in my experience have pretty good battery life. So battery life is good. Now the cameras, um let’s, switch and put this on a tripod and let’s get some footage from this iphone iphone. This iphone let’s get some footage from this iphone all right. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to close out this video using the iphone for the rest of the video. So this is the front camera here with the iphone 12 pro max, and this is what you get now you’ll be able to compare uh. This footage and what it’s looking like compared to my sony, a6100 uh, you know with the sigma lens it’s not going to compare, obviously uh, but reality is it’s it’s good footage when it’s not being compared to um other cameras in some sense instances.

But this is the front camera, so let’s switch over to the rear camera let’s see how the rear camera can handle this situation right here, all right now, here’s the rear camera now iphones have been tagged as having some of the best footage ever on smartphones, and I don’t disagree. I think the iphones have great video footage. Still shots are going to always be questionable to me, but the fact that this phone has really good video cameras in certain situations, it’s going to be able to please 99 of people pick it up pick up the device and purchase it there’s, really by today’s standards. Actually, though, there’s really no bad cameras uh and i i just think that, with the right lighting, any phone can do right. It can give you some kind of good footage and i think the iphone um apple tales. It has just these wow factor cameras. Yes, in a photographer’s hands, these these cameras could look just magical, but in the consumer’s hands they all kind of look the same people can shoot great footage and it’s going to come out great and i think that’s what you can expect from the iphone 12 pro Max this is the same cameras on the iphone 12 pro and, ultimately, the same cameras on all the phones released minus a few things like a lidar and an extra lens, but i think the footage that comes from here and the audio is actually pretty decent.

Now, since i’ve gotten this phone uh, there was an update for raw. You can shoot raw photos or something like that. I would never do that. I just would turn it on and shoot 4k 60 or 4k, whatever i’m shooting at 1080p, and i just know that it’s going to come out right, that’s the thing about iphones and that’s. Also the thing about uh, one of my favorite phones, which i normally use to shoot a lot of videos with and that’s this phone right here, the z fold ii. This is one of the best phones that i use for video footage because it has a huge viewfinder and, i think, that’s important for me when doing content. I know exactly what i’m getting. However, i have already used the iphone 12 pro max to shoot some videos, and i think i said it in several of the videos that i’ve shot with it so um. This footage that you’re gon na see on the iphone is impressive. It’S it’s, just impressive and and that’s that’s, all it’s. All they’ve always had really good video footage and so therefore i’m not like wowed like oh my gosh. You know, and i wasn’t really expecting, that i was just hoping and it’s and praying that the phone’s cameras performed well enough. Now when it comes to photos. This is where i take some kind of uh. You know it’s still again the wow factor that some people uh say that the phones have, i think, i’m, still getting just really good footage from iphones when it takes photos.

Uh, because at this point in the game, any phone can take great photos giving the right situation, but with apple you do get really good image quality and – and if you want to print these photos, you probably could i’ve done that multiple times, not not with just What iphones, but with several cameras, especially the galaxy note 20 ultra printed, a lot of photos from that that that camera that was taken with that phone, so the iphone has great cameras, it’s, no denying this that’s just how it is so as a whole. How do i feel about the iphone 12 pro max? Well, i bought the 128 gig unlocked model directly from apple and i also bought if you haven’t, seen the unboxing video i suggest check it out, bought a 512 gig unlocked model for the white and silver. I got graphite totally subjective. I think those are the best looking colors uh, but i think the graphite is the best of them all. In my opinion – and i know that once you get it – you put on a case, but i don’t normally wear a case around the house, but i’ll admit with this device. I actually have been wearing a case around the house because it’s so slippery and i don’t have a skin for it yet, and the sides are just so like on the edges, where it’s flat sized it’s really really slippery. It will slide out of my pocket in a heartbeat and it’ll slide off the table off the couch.

It just will slip away. So i decided you know. I have this beautiful rinky case. Oh man it’s the rinky onyx is back folks. Remember the rinkyonyx, the rinke onyx case is one of the best cases i think rinky is now offering. I know the camo got, the camo i’ve got it, but the rinky case actually offers more grip. The rinke onyx offers more grip, and so that is my go to case now. I haven’t bought an otterbox yet it’s in the cart, uh gon na surprise the wife, because she likes the like a maroon color one uh so surprising with that um and uh i’ll. Probably grab me a black one, i noticed when i did the mini iphone uh uh iphone with the otterbox. There are no other videos on on the on the otterbox footage, but i’m sure there’ll be some for the pro max, because the pro max is one that people are genuinely interested in. I was against buying this phone. I thought you know. I wanted more big iphones. I have my beast mode phone right here. This will be the only big phone i own, but after a time i thought you know what okay i’ll do kind of like this. I would like to try it purchase the mini. You can see the box. I purchased. The mini purchased to 12, and now i have this version. I just haven’t bought the pro model. Don’T see a need to buy the pro uh, but if i’m, giving you some advice about the iphone 12 pro max only get this phone.

If you want really good battery – and this in comparison to the other, iphones only grab this model, if you’re looking for really stellar battery amongst the iphones that were just released uh and you want the bigger screen other than that. I stand true to what i said. I think you guys really should grab the 12, not the 12 pro. The 12 is going to be your best value more than likely so uh ishmael j, the iphone 12 pro max fantastic device um. I guess i’ll close out the year with the iphone 12 pro max as a main iphone uh, the mini somebody else used the mini and the 12. got it. You know yeah, i can’t have all these phones sitting around someone’s got ta use them so um. I i just feel like the iphone 12 pro max is a another another safe phone for apple it’s, a safe phone for apple and that’s, not a bad thing, because apple has established themselves to show you guys that they can make a smartphone and they can do It right so say the iphone 12 pro max is on the tripod finishing out this video. What do you guys think about the quality of this part of the video uh and uh? What do you guys think about the iphone 12 pro max, which one do you have a lot of people have the blue? I see and i put a post up saying who has what color, which color do you think it’s like uh, which one you think is the best one? A lot of people said the blue shout out to the blue crew.

I respect it but graphite. I think that’s, the best one shimano jay i’ll, see you in the next one.