I bought to replace this one. This is the sony xperia xz. It served me well. I got this phone because sony xperia had approached me to test out one of their new phones, and then i was doing an upgrade from my z2. This phone was great uh. The campaign went very, very well had loads of fun taking pictures. It was a really nice challenge and uh. Over the years this phone’s been a pretty damn good phone it’s lasted i’ve, never cracked, the screen, but in this day and age, i’ve got like the touchscreen segment over here. This actually doesn’t work and uh. This actual framing has broken off a little bit. So whenever i have to take calls, i have to squeeze it down together in order for me to actually listen to people when they’re speaking to me. So it was time for an upgrade and i decided to invest the iphone 12 pro max. I decided to treat myself because i felt like i was really do an upgrade. I wanted to get something with really nice cameras in the middle of a pandemic, where i’m not leaving my home, so that i don’t get sick and risk infecting myself and my family. Hopefully, to avoid me from killing them, this is a very, very ironic device because they said that they want to release a phone that’s kind to the environment. This doesn’t come with a charging brick. It comes with a lightning to usb c cable, because most of the original iphone users already supposedly have a charging brick bearing in mind.

This is a charging brick with a usb, a type port, and this comes with the usb c. That means that all the original customers, all that 90 are going to have to buy another charging brick, but similarly you can buy a magsafe instead. But the ironic thing with magsafe is that that also doesn’t come with a charging brick, so you’d have to buy one for that too. So let’s open this up. Oh that was so satisfying, so yep let’s open this up. Oh, i have to admit this does look gorgeous so yeah, designed by apple in california, here’s, a usbc to likening, cable, yep, so that’s, the cable, no charging brick and we got some paper which uh nobody really cared about. So yeah here is the phone. Oh, that is so gorgeous that is really lovely. This is, this is very big. This is extremely big. The thing is, is right: i’m, new to apple. This is my first ever iphone. I don’t know what i’m in for and originally i’m an android guy. I probably will go back to android back back for this phone and the only reason why i got this phone in the first place was purely because, with the animation work that i do, i need a iphone to download a particular app that allows me to do. Facial motion capture that’s, literally the only reason why i bought this. So i can do my job easier, but i know this has really phenomenal camera creative capabilities and being a camera, creative it’s.

My job to investigate that. So i got a torad, simple but unique case for smartphone. I don’t really think much of it. I’Ll just try to get whatever i could at the time here. It is nice, clear, see through i’m gon na pick this up just get rid of any dust marks. Oh there’s, a oh there’s, a thing i will be honest. This holds very well. This is a good fit in my hand, but then i have very big hands, but i got myself one of these it’s. A tempered glass screen protector taylor made for my smartphone. So back in here, oh wonderful, we have cleaning wipes so let’s clean. This is like doing open heart surgery. It’S now spreading. Oh we’ve got a got an air bubble. I’M. Never good at these. I really want to get that air bubble out. This is going to bug me. Oh, i think i may try another screen. Oh, that was loud. That was really loud. Oh wow wow. This really is tempered glass, they weren’t joking huh. It was at this point where i realized that making camera views is actually pretty bloody difficult. So i reached out to a friend who has some experience for some help. Oh hello, hi how’s it going. I can’t see because i’m, just looking straight in the sun. How about now, it’s much better coming up with kai to see how well the iphone 12 pro max competes with the iphone 11 pro, and also to see how well the iphone 12 pro max can be used as a street photography.

Camera guard. That is such a mouthful. One of the clever things with the iphone camera is that in terms of dynamic range, it looks pretty good because look at that high dynamic range, it should be back lit too buggery right there, a bit flaring there that’s all good. Whilst i am personally not the biggest fan of high dynamic range for street photography, it’s, no doubt that was good, sunlight, the vibrant colors you get makes for stunning landscape photos across the three lenses. The iphone holds up well for pictures, even in low light with the lidar off. I think i prefer night of shoot photos with no lidar. Personally, oh yeah, with regards to macro focus as well. It seems to focus up pretty close. Look at that. Yes, it’s it’s a dangerous place, so fazel’s snapping away with his iphone 12. max. With this being my first smartphone with the dedicated lens for portraiture, i couldn’t wait to try out the portrait mode in daylight. The portraits i’ve taken so far have come out beautifully and i am rapidly starting to understand now why iphones are revered by photographers, ok, we’re now here in king’s cross, where i’m going to test out the iphone topro max for night portrait mode with the lidar and I’M, here with nikki, so let’s see how well this performs here’s something interesting about this i’m trying to get this working in portrait mode. I don’t know if that’s working or not so we take a picture here, but if i do it in one time, zoom right now keep that pose i’m going to um change it so that the lidar’s off and we’ll go again right.

It seems to me that the lidar mode only works in wide angle mode and i have to admit i prefer the portrait with the lidar off. What do you think yeah? I agree rather baffling that i had tried and tried and tried to figure it out, but weirdly enough night mode just refused to work on a zoom lens in portrait mode, despite it working fine on the regular photo mode. Why? I wish i knew, but despite that, the images and low light came out well, but shooting on the zoom lens was hit a miss considering the image stabilization. Some shots came out pretty noisy and blurry, but some also came out sharp and clear too and it’s a given that this could be due to how steady your hands are and the lighting itself. Meanwhile, on the standard lens between the night mode on and off, i don’t know about you, but i genuinely feel gravitated towards the portraits with the night mode off and as for portraits and strong lighting, it works beautifully and i loved shooting in it. Although, for some reason i did find that the portraits came out just a tad more sharper on the standard lens, as opposed to the zoom lens, i think i was a little bit naive in thinking that the iphone’s portrait mode will behave just like a dslr, because The fact on the matter is it doesn’t, but that’s not to say that it’s still not a powerful feature.

The portraits have been coming out fantastic so far. I still think the portraits look better without the lidar model, whichever lens that may be, because i thought it would work on a 2.5 zoom, but it seems to work more effectively on the one standard lens i’m really confused. I don’t know why this doesn’t work on the zoom lens, but you know what it’s still a purple camera nonetheless, i’ll try and make it work. Somehow maybe they’ll add some features in the future. Who knows, i guess we’ll see in due time as a skateboarder being able to create good video footage is integral to the culture. So when i went to the skatepark, i was amazed to see the inbody stabilization work so well in the smartphone both on the board and on my feet, not just for the back camera, but the front. Camera too let’s see how this pretty goes pretty good and as for like the front facing camera for walking as well, you can see that it comes off pretty stable too, so this makes for a great vlogging camera as well. The video stabilization works great for the wide and standard lens, but naturally, with the zoom lens you’re bound to get a bit of shake in low light. The iphone is more prone to shaky footage across all three of the lenses. However, the video quality in low light certainly makes the conscious effort to move slower. I find it’s hard to upgrade every year because it’s quite a lot of money, isn’t it for the phone yeah.

Quite a lot is a bit of an understatement, with the iphone being able to film in four different filming frame rates going up to 240 fps. This makes it the highest frame rate filming camera. I currently own for 1080p resolution and also for 4k resolution as well. The iphone goes up to 60fps for 4k, but i’m going to test out its filming quality in a separate video. You know i’ve got to admit with these iphones like the top pro is really good, but i don’t see much of a difference compared to the 11., because you’ve got the uh 11 pro don’t you. Yes, yes, so uh yeah, apart from like the center sides and stuff it’s, pretty much the same it might, it might perform different at night with the lidar scanner, i feel, but more or less it’s, just the same thing, just regurgitated with a new chip now apple. If you’re watching this, please don’t attack me, this isn’t me saying that this is a bad device at all, it’s small, that with a company as powerful as yourselves. I honestly know for sure that you guys absolutely have the potential to bring more innovation to the iphone camera. But who knows? Maybe we’ll see something completely new and fresh in the iphone 13. But, given that the iphone 12 pro max retails from 1099 pounds, which is a lot of money for a smartphone, it begs the question: is it worth buying and the truthfully honest answer is that it only becomes worth buying when you consider where it is that you’re Upgrading from for me, i upgraded from a four year old android phone that was almost broken and for me i thought it was worth it because i can see significant improvements.

You know the video quality has completely blown my mind and you know there’s 3d animation capabilities in this too and photogrammetry as well as the camera stuff, and you know there’s so much. I can do on this device it’s staggering. This battery life is fantastic. It’S actually really took me by surprise. My old phone i’d have to charge it for most of the day at the office, just so that i have enough juice for me to get home and by then it will go from like 100 down to about 50 40 with this device. If i charge it in the morning, go to work, come back home no charging at the office. I can get away with that and come home with about 60 of juice. You know definitely consider where it is that you’re upgrading from if you already have an e11 i’d say hold on to it. You know if you have like an iphone 11 or an iphone 11 pro and you’re, considering upgrading to the 12 you’re not going to see much of a difference, because the only thing that i can see is different is the night mode and the lidar scanner. But if you’re a creative, individual, you’re well overdue an upgrade, you have the budget for it, and you want to do something that can cover your photography, your filmmaking or your photogrammetry for 3d animation. The iphone 12 pro max is the way to go. It is a fantastic device, you can.

You also have the option of the 12 pro there isn’t much of a difference between the 12 pro and the top pro max. I feel personally, so you know if you don’t have the budget for it. You could get away with the pro it’s a fantastic device. Apple you’ve really nailed it yet again, despite a couple of controversies, especially with the charging brick, because i really don’t know how i feel about that. But for the most part it’s an impressive phone outdone yourselves. Yet again and uh it’ll be really interesting to see what i can create with this and what’s to come for the future with the iphone 13.. So there you go guys that’s my review for the iphone 12 pro max. I hope you guys enjoyed it and you’ve learned something found it insightful if anyone else has got an iphone 2 pro max feel free to comment below. Let me know what your thoughts are on it and it will be good to get your feedback so yeah. Thank you hope you have a wonderful day.