It only means namera nakong time to create more videos for you, guys and girls, and since it’s our school break so post monetize, math videos in this video. I will share with you my experience about this iphone. 12 pro just a little background, i’ve been using this phone for one month now, and it was a birthday gift from my fiance at the helmet expensive. It all actually hindi major on the expensive, talaga gift for all season birthday christmas new year, valentine’s anniversary winter spring summer or fall give natal pair worth it upgrade into iphone 12 pro. I hope my insights about this phone will help. You decide whether to buy or not to buy uh you Applause and here’s the phone guys. I got the pacific blue. It includes the manual a sticker, a sim key and the lightning course, and because apple would like to be more eco, friendly, smaller young packaging than usbc to lightning cord, so that’s. My first warning for you guys. You need to buy a separate usbc power, adapter kohuala, pakayong adapter. Maybe apple is thinking that most people have it already and they can use their power adapter to charge their new iphones puede cambo melina wireless charger, which is the mug safe. But for me, eco friendly that begins this ipad pro and this macbook have usbc charging ports. Unfortunately, iphone 12 pro is still using apple’s, lightning port, my usbc to lightning cable, nakasamasa package, nila para, my usbc power, adapter, tula, all iphones or ipads.

This one is usb a kayak on previous iphone models frame. Look. This look first appeared in iphone 4, 4s, 5 and 5s and dial flat inside nyamas, madalina atma baba wasan and accidental the flat side frame looks so premium according to the apple website. Iphone 12 pro has surgical grade and stainless steel sides very strong, but it takes so much fingerprint. It looks so good together with this ipad flat sides. Well, i still recommend you to buy a protective case for your iphone 12 pro. To avoid scratches, i bought a clear one parameter italian pacific blue collar number lidar, which stands for light detection and ranging is an additional feature in iphone 12 pro lineup. It basically shoots laser to distant objects and measure, lengths and heights. It improves photos in portrait mode and the measure up, so mass model is going to meet a new measure, apps iphone parasomas, and if you are into 3d modeling puerto morigamite new glider sensor for 3d recreation, the iphone 12 pro lineup has telephoto lens. You can use its telephoto lens to capture images of distant objects. Iphone 12 pro has digital zoom up to 10 times, while iphone 12 pro max has digital zoom up to 12 times so halo, espares telephoto lens the iphone 12 pro at iphone 11 pro. I usually use iphones for youtube video recording, so you want to match videos consider using my iphone sobrang lavender, intelligent level cameras among the previous iphone pro models: 64 gigabyte, long and minimum storage, and for me mababayon especially, i am creating videos.

So i need bigger storage. It’S a good thing that the minimum storage for this iphone 12 pro is bigger than 11 pro. The most important question of this video is that, is it really worth to buy iphone 12 pro for me, iphone 11 pro nangamit mo hindisha advisable namak upgrade to iphone 12 pro and features, except for lidar. No, alas, iphone 11 pro perro an iphone mo iphone. 10. 10, r10s or mas lumang model. I i would suggest this iphone. 12. Pro is a good upgrade, especially for me, mas maganda, talagayung, flood side frame, look cases a curved side frame and gusto larger screen higher camera specs. At my budget kappa, i would advise for an iphone 12 pro max iphone 12 pro max cases iphone 12 pro that’s it for today. I hope this video helps your purchase decision and, if you enjoy watching this video, please don’t forget to like share subscribe comments and hit the notification bell for more updates.