This is amazing. It moves just like the gimbal placed on a camera, Let’s taste it So hey everyone. I am going to unbox LG wing mobile and check it out Very, very excited because of this phone. I have seen about it. A lot on the internet Looks so good. I have never come across a phone like this before You would know about it. If you had used it, But anyway, let’s see. So this is the phone and the box LG WING. The box looks quite simple Compared to the phone inside. This box is very simple. I am very excited for this phone Because of what’s inside Let’s unbox. This I haven’t got a proper knife to unbox, yet I lost the one I had before Because of that …. As we unbox …, We can see the phone Okay let’s check out the phone, But before that I will keep the phone here. Let’S see what all is inside Cardboard. Please come out. These are some boxes And in here there is a case. Oh nice, Okay, very kind enough to add cases in this. An extra protection film is given Wow Instructions on how to use a protection. Film is provided here. It is provided for both front and back That’s, nice of them A quick start guide And then a decent back case is provided. There is a fast charger inside, along with the wire Sim tool, should be inside this …. I think this is the connection wire .

… No, since there is no headphone jack, it is for its connection. So let’s keep all of this aside, Because for now this phone is the real hero. Okay, let’s upwrap, this, Oh my god, Look at this phone man. It is beautiful. On the back too, It will look even more beautiful if we remove this wrapper. Look at how glossy it is Also look at the camera module. I am very excited. It is because of this … Look at this phone man. I have never come across a phone like this before We have seen so many types, The one that opens this way or that opens upwards. Just look at how the engineers in LG or whoever designed this have thought. This looks absolutely futuristic. There is a lot to check out on this. It is very satisfying actually, But when it comes back here, The sound of its closing is so satisfying When it goes from here… It goes slowly like it has a suspension. This is the phone damn Let’s switch it on. We will switch it on this way. Let’S see what happens. Lg WING is on First. It shows us only this screen And obviously I think the screen below will switch on after that Wow. But the phone is quite thick, Comparing it with my phone. It is thick, It is not unlike the usual phone, It is because the phone has an extra screen. Usually I wouldn’t mind a bigger phone, Because I always think of one of our biggest problems in phone Which is low battery, And I always think why the phone manufactures can’t make a bigger phone with better batteries.

Bigger phone doesn’t affect me Scape. Let me add my wifi: There is slow mo and check the dual recording. Oh my god. Yes, I can see behind me as well as my front. It would be useful when we do some video. We can try to make a vlog using this To understand how it is useful And check the camera on the top. It is a camera that is fixed inside. I actually like it, because it is safe as the front camera is fixed inside. So it is a moving camera. That’S cool Let’s check this phone. I think we can handle it here itself, Hey guys, hello, what’s up, You can see my hands on the other side. Now I don’t know how it is going to play. …, Hey guys, hello, what’s up, You can see my hands on the other side. Does it save seperately …? So, hey guys, I have been using LG Wing for past 2 3 days And I quite like it And personally in phones. One thing I use the most is camera, So the back and the front camera is what I use a lot And in this phone There are some mindblowing features. Whenever I test a phone …, I incline to do a camera or vlog test. I did the same in this phone and I am going to do one as well. I wanted to do a small vlog in this phone And I came to a place.

Let me tell you an important part of this. None have talked about it. Inspite of the many videos made Generally, if I have to make a landscape video, I need to turn my phone, But this phone isn’t like that. I can hold the phone straight and make a landscape video Like it is not necessary to hold it awkwardly. This way. Holding this phone anyway is going to feel different, But still I can hold this way, One small vlog … Using this phone, And there is another interesting feature: If you move this to the left, it moves to its left. If you move it on the right, it goes towards its right. We get a wide coverage And it is like a gimbal mode, and it is so interesting to use this, And even if we shake the phone, It continues capturing on its own. It tells us which position it is in. They have kept the wide angle camera in a setup like this. It is awesome, FPV mode, PF mode. Everything is available, Let’s try this Now I am going to do a dual recording Front and back So I know where I am heeding towards now, And I can see myself talking. So we are right now in Gilli Chai. I am here to drink tea in the morning And let’s go inside This place. Doesn’T offer just tea alone; They also have snacks, so we will try them as well. I need one milk, chai and ginger in that And along with that, what is this bro White? Is oreo? Okay, give me the white one White or black .

… I will take white and I will have one egg puff too. Thank you. Can I take one water bottle So, as the camera is fixated on the food, I can see myself too. I have done so many food vlogging before This is the first time I feel different and good, Because I can show you the food as well as record what I am saying at the same time. It is awesome Now we are going to taste food First. We are going to taste this white coloured …. I forgot its name, let’s taste, this Wow. It is so crunchy A nice puff and it is not very sweet. Like I feared It is just a little sweet. This white coloured puff is so awesome. One of my favorite Tea. Obviously we came for the tea here. There is an amazing song playing in the background. So next I am going to try Egg puffs Tasty puff. The masala inside is awesome, A very crunchy puff. It is fresh. I have come to Gilli Chai around 9 in the morning Eating the puff alongwith tea is great And the white colour puff is superb too. I have ordered Ginger Chai. The Chai is good, So guys I have just finished eating. I have not completed the tea yet, But I haven’t showed you the place properly Since so many people were sitting, I didn’t want to disturb them, So this is the place check it out. There is some space on the other side to sit.

It is a neat place and also the tea is great And their puffs were superb. There was so many people, and it was chaotic then, But now I can show you properly So on this side they have kept ‘On, the go’ By A1 chips, And on this side there is sandwich And even vitamins too And this place is in Kodambakkam. They have different different chais. This is turmeric tea. More options are given here: milk chai, black chai fresh leaves … Herbal chai Gilli special chai ice cream Sandwichs. On this side. Everything is available here So guys I have finished eating in Gilli Chai. I am going home now, A nice place to hangout in the evening and in the morning, A place to drink tea in a calmly seated ambience Also, it is not very expensive, Starts from Rs.10 For Rs.20 you get ginger chai, So it is a very good place To sit and have tea with an average price So guys you would have seen the video taken in this phone And on how it is. It was a different experience for me. Whenever I take the phone out, I get glances from people around me Asking which phone it is and how different it looks, Even in the place where I did the vlog A couple of them enquired. If this was the new LG phone And about its features, They tell me about it after seeing so many videos, So this is definitely a head turn And as a content creator, I love this phone a lot Because of the gimbal mode options Like moving the camera With the toggle, while making the video So the feature using both the front and back camera will work perfectly for vlogging That’s.

What I felt – And I should tell you about the camera – The resolutions of the camera – is awesome In the three cameras which is behind It is wide normal and a zoom in camera And front camera is motorized camera. The front camera is better than the one. I am using now As a youtuber. I will definitely opt for this phone That’s. What I feel Another thing is, this is a girthy. It looks very thick. I had already told you before … And by holding this …, You get the feel of holding something important. Some people might find issues with his size, but then Those who are using lighter phones will find this phone heavier, But this kind of feature is very, very new in the market. I have not seen a phone like this before. I am not sure if this trend will continue, but … LG keeps coming with new designs everytime, For that LG has to be appreciated For their willingness to experiment. This is one of those phones. If I am going to purchase an android phone now …, I would definitely go with this phone Because of its form factor and the camera. This is a great phone to use for dual purpose like multitasking And apart from that … As a content creator, this camera will be useful. So this is it with this phone LG Wing. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. This is one of my favorite videos, So in recent times this is one of the phones that surprised me Thanks to LG.

If you look closely, This is a phone that is truly in airplane mode. It is… Yes, it looks like an aeroplane. If you like, this, video Do like and share it to your friends, And let me know the feature you liked most of this phone in the comments section Or if you buy this phone, Let me know on why you would use it.