But it still packs some pretty decent specs and a whopper of a 6 000 milliamp battery matching the likes of the poko m3 and, of course, regular viewers will know how much i love a motor i’m so excited my nipples are positively tingling, so i’m going to Whip the g9 power out of the box take on a full on tour, other hardware and the software, and for more than the latest greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers okay, so we’ve got one moto g9 power smartphone and actually comes pre, clad in a nifty condom case for extra protection. But if you want to play it dangerous, then you can just whip that off and also bundled in the box. You’Ve got your pop up three pin plug and a thrilling bit of usb cable action as well, and thankfully it is type c. None of that micro. Usb nonsense now, on the usual quick start and warranty guff and a pokey pin device to get your sim in there all right, that’s the box randomness out of the way let’s have a proper squint of the moto g9 power, and first impression out of the box. Is definitely holy moly. This is a bit of a beast. The model g9 power is one of the bigger mod roller smartphones, it’s, a 6.8 inch whopper, and it weighs 221 grams. Even though it’s made of plastic it’s certainly got a hell of a heft to it.

Not a particularly exciting design, don’t get any of the flare that the likes of real me often throw into their budget blowers, although they do have some curvy lines here to add a sort of textured finish to it and yeah. The model g9 power does feel rather plasticky, unsurprisingly, but as far as i can tell it’s solidly constructed there’s no flex, as far as i can feel, and you can pick it up at a couple of different hues. This is the metallic sage, apparently so there’s a slight sort of greeny hint to it. I guess when it catches the light just so, otherwise you can grab it in the electric violet color. If you want a proper bit of vibrancy in there and like most wallet friendly mode roller smartphones, the moto g9 power is water, repellent as well, and don’t go nuts and go taking it in the shower with you or anything. What that means is, if there’s a bit of a light, rainstorm no worries at all. If you kind of half spill a bit of your pint on it, then just basically give it a quick wipe off, hopefully it’ll, be all right, anywho it’s time to get the moto g9 power all set up and then we’ll take a full on tour of the Rest of the specs hello and when you come to bung your sim card into the moto g9 pi you’ll, see that the space in there for two sim cards.

Otherwise, a single sim card and a micro sd memory card to expand the storage up to a further 512 gigs and considering you already get a pretty damn generous 128 gigs of internal storage, that’s rather effing marvelous, okay, so moto g9 power all set up and i’ve Been playing with it overnight as well just to get to grips with it, and so far seems like your standard motorola budget blower. Unfortunately, it’s not the freshest and latest android 11 on this bad boy. It is still android 10, not sure when that’s gon na get updated, but you kind of hope before too long, yeah, sadly mode roller isn’t the fastest around when it comes to updating its devices. All the same is a pleasingly stock version of android as usual. Here on the moto g9 power, with just a few little more tweaks chucked on top, and one of the main differences is, of course, that moto experiences app, which has quite a few bonus, features on top of standard android and also gives you fast access uh to A lot of the customization stuff that you might not otherwise know exists like the ability to change up the styles. Quick and easy motorola has also added in some pretty nifty gesture support as well, including one of my favorites. Of course. The kung fu torch effort. Absolutely love that one you can easily take a screenshot silence, the smartphone and so on, and so on. You’Ve got various tips and tricks again just to help highlight some of the features that you might not otherwise know exists and, as always, good news for gamers, because you’ve got some proper, dedicated gaming controls for block and notifications holding resources.

All that good stuff and the model g9 power actually introduced a new bit gesture support as well swipe to split just hidden away here at the bottom. And this is supposed to allow you to enter split screen mode quickly and easily. Just by dragging your finger back and forth across the screen uh and that worked really well, i think the problem there was, i did it from the very edge and therefore went back instead, so let’s try it from yeah, not quite the edge there. We go that works a charm and then you can choose another app to split screen with and then there you have it and then, as usual, you can sort of resize the the two different windows quite handy for streaming, a bit of youtube while browsing the web Or answering messages whatever and of course, for your security needs. You have a rear, mounted fingerprint sensor for actually unlocking the smartphone, which seems sort of you know fairly responsive, but it doesn’t uh take an absolute age and so far touchwood works every time as well. I’Ve been asked to tap my finger again and another feature that motorola adds on top of android is a good bit of face, unlock action as well to supplement that fingerprint sensor, and this is a really good feature if your fingers are a bit mucky from you Know baking or whatever we won’t ask questions as you can see there just tap your power button as long as your face is well illuminated, it will do the job and the moto g9 power also supports a bit of rays to wake as well, and if you Like the google assistant, good news, like a lot of other moto smartphones, recently, you’ve got a dedicated google assistant button over there on the left edge.

Give that a tap and up the google assistant pops hooray, no that’s a good start. Let’S hope that google’s not down again as usual, you can’t remap that button to another function, unfortunately, which is a bit of a shame, because there are so many other ways of bringing up the google assistant. You really don’t need a dedicated button to be perfectly frank and good news. Uh for these plaguey times as well. You’Ve got full contactless payment support uh via nfc here on the moto g9 power. They should do in europe that might vary from regent to region. Now let’s have a squint to that ips display. I see a squid. You don’t need to squint to see this thing. It’S a 6.8 inch behemoth so definitely geared towards you. Media fans motorola actually calls it a max vision. Display you’ve got pretty much a full view. Uh finish right: there you’ve just got a dinky little sphincter cut out pinhole thingy in the corner. Doesn’T intrude too much on the action at all, though so don’t worry about that it’s. An hd plus resolution, sadly not full hd plus, but i still found the images were reasonably crisp when i was watching back a bit in netflix disney plus youtube whatever. Of course, you don’t get the finer details that you do on a full hd plus display uh on smartphones like the poco m3. So, if that’s going to bother, you then definitely try something like the m3 instead, which costs about the same it’s, not the brightest panel.

Around you might struggle somewhat in really strong. Daylight is the only thing, but otherwise should be fine. I thought the color temperature was quite neutral on those default settings and more vivid hues did shine through uh when i was watching the likes of animation stuff like that, you can’t play around with the actual color saturation levels in the display settings. As for the audio output, well it’s, just a mono speaker housed here at the bottom end of the moto g9 power. You don’t get a stereo speaker setup, unlike some other motorola smartphones, let’s, just boost up the volume and see what we got well suck me through a horse pipe that is nuts okay, so, on the very top volume it’s, still not exactly uber powerful it’ll. Be absolutely fine for just you know chilling with a bit of video action in your homestead if you’re trying to watch something out and about in a really busy noisy area, you’ll, probably struggle, but of course, as usual, you’ve got full bluetooth. Support and you’ve got a good bit of headphone jack action as well, so you can get all wired up and get some headphones on the go now powering the moto g9 power is qualcomm’s fairly fresh, snapdragon 662 chipset, which is also found in the standard moto g9. The moto g9 player and, of course, that poco m3 i did find with those smartphones you’d, get the occasional uh little judder here and there as you’re sort of flicking through just general everyday use, but generally apps load up nice and quick uh you’re not left hanging About and even with just four gigs around on board, you should have absolutely no trouble with your everyday shenanigans here on the moto g9 power, a good bit of geekbench, the benchmarking scores are fairly consistent and actually a little bit better than what i saw on the Poco m3, which i’m guessing is down to the fact that you don’t have that heavy me ui overlay on the top it’s that nice stock version of android, if you’re a gamer, you should get by absolutely fine on the moto g9 power as well.

As i mentioned before, you’ve got those game time features which you can bring up by tapping that icon. Otherwise, if you go into the settings, you can change that to swiping from the edge of the screen instead, which i actually prefer. I think that’s a better option and using game time. As you can see there, you can block all incoming notifications and calls and everything so you’re, not disturbed by you know your boss, saying during the spreadsheet and a few of the more important options are available via the quick toggle uh like so, which is just nice And easy to pull up at mid game and because you’ve got the adreno 610 gpu on that snapdragon 662 chipset. That means that games like call of duty, mobile, pubg and stuff should play absolutely fine on the higher detail levels. I played a couple of quick games on the moto g9 power just to be sure and sure enough, no judders or anything apart from a tiny little one, maybe at the very start of a match and that’s. Basically, it good screen responsiveness as well, so perfectly playable throughout now. One of the main advantages of the moto g9 power over the likes of the g9 play is the fact that you’ve got a mighty 6 000 milliamp battery stuffed inside of this thing and that’s the same as the poco m3 as well, which gave me fantastic battery Life i found i’d easily get a day and a half of fairly intensive use of that thing.

Two days if i wasn’t going too crazy and i’m expecting the exact same, if not a little bit better here from the power and thankfully we’ve also got 25 watts. Uh fast charging as well so hopefully won’t, take too long to fill up that behemoth battery once it is drained and now let’s finish up with a quick squint at the moto g9 powers triple lens rear camera, which is headed up by a 64 megapixel shooter. The motorola has actually changed up its camera interface for the moto g9 power. So what you’ve got here is the camera, 3.0 ui and it’s, basically designed to give you fast access to your major features and also provide easier one handed use. So you can snap away quite merrily and at any point, if you want to change the major settings, all you need to do is flick up like so or just tap this little arrow icon as well, and as you can see, that brings up the flash, the Timer and the active photos options. Otherwise you can just quickly toggle uh through the different options, by tapping these little icons here as well and it’s a 64 megapixel quad pixel sensor as well, so it doesn’t actually shoot at 64 megs by default. It shoots at 16, megs uh, just using four in one pixel bin in technology. Well, it basically does just combines the information from four pixels into one just to produce brighter more balanced results.

But if you do like a bit of 64 mega action, no worries just tap it into the extra bonus camera modes and as you’ll see, there is an ultra rays option in there and this will shoot at the full 64 megapixels and, as you can see there, You’Ve got plenty of other bonus modes on there as well, including a bit of night vision, which is always helpful, so that will just uh shoot lots of different photos of different exposure levels, combine them all together and hopefully, you’ll get nice bright results in low light Scenarios and generally the mode roller smartphones do a pretty good job on a budget good bit. Group selfie, of course, not really very applicable in these core video times. Shouldn’T be doing that and one of my other more roller favorites spot color, which you pretty much only get on multiple smartphones. You just drag this little uh doohickey about and, as you can see there and then focuses only on that color and every other color is basically whitewashed and yes, it is a triple lens setup, and i bet you can’t guess what the other two lenses are. You do, of course, have a depth sensor for your portrait shots and, yes, you do have indeed a macro lens. Hooray, everyone loves a macro lens and if you want to capture some sexy horn movies, where you can capture them at full, hd resolution suddenly there’s no 4k option, although you can bump it up from 30 fps to 60 frames per second and then up front.

You’Ve got a 16 megapixel selfie camera as well, which you can swap to a like saw, and you got the full complement of bonus boards as well, including the portrait mode. You can even use that night vision modes with the uh, the selfie cam too, and have you ever met anyone as photogenic as me? No, you goddamn well haven’t, so there you have it. That, in a nutshell, is the motorola moto g9 power. As i say, it can be yours right now from the 160 pound mark sim free from the lexical phone warehouse or direct from motorola’s website and so far certainly seems like a viable alternative to the likes of the poco m3 around that 150 pound price point. You got that respectable 662 chipset, which provides solid everyday performance, and you can even do a good bit of gaming. Thanks to the adreno 610 you’ve once again got another whopper of a battery 6 000 milliamp you’ve got nfc support which the poco m3 didn’t have, but it is just an hd plus display here, rather than full hd plus, which you got on the pocket. So, if you’re not too bothered about super crisp, visuals you’d rather have that nfc support for your contactless payments and, of course, a good bit of stock android action. Well, it may be that the g9 power is the way forward i’m hoping to get a full in depth review on the go.