Uh look at the 2020 here what these uh popular smartphone companies did in 2020 and what do i feel about it and i’ll talk about uh the companies like samsung oneplus, xiaomi, realme, motorola, nokia, oppo, asus and others and i’m? Not including every brand that is in india, but about what i’m, including covers about 95 of the indian market and let’s talk about them, and first let’s talk about samsung and samsung in the mid range, i would say, uh was still obsessed with their own exynos soc. You know that most of the lineup was with the 9611 it’s, not bad uh, but i felt that snapdragon variants were better. Yes, they, it was not like. Samsung did not release any mid range phones with the snapdragon they did, for example, if i recall the galaxy m51 and even the a71 and on the flagship range uh, it was only the galaxy for 2 that came with the snapdragon else. It was exynos, i would say, uh in the flagships, uh they stuck to the exynos 990 don’t. Get me wrong, it’s, not a terrible processor, but i felt that the snapdragon counterpart 865 was better because of the some of the heating issues and the battery life issues. With the 990, but now samsung in their 2021 flagship lineup is going to come out with the new exynos 2100 and just yesterday, some benchmark results were released and it’s actually surpassing. The new snapdragon 88 so let’s see what they do, but i feel in 2021.

Samsung really needs to come up with better mid range smartphones because the competition is going to heat up quite a bit and you’re going to see a lot of 5g smartphone. So let’s see what samsung does now if we move to oneplus. This was a very interesting and a difficult error here for oneplus. If you recall carl p, which was one of the founders of oneplus in the middle of the year, just one day before the oneplus 80s launch resigned and went away from the company, and i could see that in the oneplus lineup uh they were, they are trying To shake up a lot of things trying to get into the new market like they launched the nord series and yes, i, like the price point of the not, but i won’t say it was a great phone. They did compromise a lot of things like the entire frame was made up of plastic. Even the cameras were not that great and 5g just had one uh band uh. Fortunately, i like the regular oneplus 8t. This time uh we didn’t get the 80 pro uh, so it’ll be interesting to see what oneplus does in 2021, because now they’re trying to launch a lot more devices and we might see a lot more variants in the mid range like not etc. In fact internationally. They did launch a couple of devices i’m glad that they did not launch those uh entry level devices in india because they were not good, but let’s see what oneplus does in 2021, because in 2020 i felt a oneplus mojo was a little bit on the shaky Side uh, but they are also gaining the accessory lineups like a lot of tws, etc, but it’ll be interesting to see what they do with the 2021 lineup.

Yes, we know the oneplus 9 series, we’ll use the latest snapdragon 88, but i’m. Looking forward to the new mid ranges like the new, not series and etc, what do they do with that and i hope uh they don’t neglect the camera, because the competition is heating up there. So let’s now talk about xiaomi and the redmi lineup. We know that xiaomi launched a lot of mid range smartphones again here in the budget rate etc, but i feel the most important one that particularly stood out to me was the redmi note 9 pro series and they also had the max. I don’t know why the max was there, but these were the two that stood out to me and uh, but i felt xiaomi had a shaky start here. We all know that ad situation and the tracking that uh xiaomi redmi phones do that. I’Ve been talking about a lot of time and i think so because i’m vocal i’m banged by redmi as of now uh, but indian government did ban some of their. What do you say? Apps, like the me browser me community me, video, call these apps. Now they are not being available with the new phones, but again i think the xiaomi should be more careful now regarding their ads and the tracking situation, because people are also not a lot more aware, uh so let’s see what do they do. I was saddened to see that the k20 series, the k20 pro etc, that will launch uh.

Last year. We were expecting that the k30 series, k30 k30 pro etc would be launched by what we say redmi. We did not see that so let’s see if we see uh some of those that premium end. What do you say? Uh redmi devices in 2021 uh, but i feel in accessories range uh xiaomi became more aggressive uh recently they launched the new vacuum cleaner that vacuum robert power banks, a lot of for tws audio devices, a new me tv, lineup and even laptops in fact, um uh. The this year was the first laptop lineup and it was actually pretty good for the price so looks like xiaomi is now not just concentrating on the smartphone market, but they are trying to get into the other accessories market, and this is a new trend that i’m Seeing with a lot of what do you say, uh smartphone companies so now let’s talk about real me and, i would say, uh biggest competitor. Is the redmi and uh like what uh? What you say is real media in 2019, launched tons and tons of smartphones. They started the year with that they launched a lot of devices during the initial part of the year, for example, new nars, nazzo series etc, but the standout devices for me in the mid range by uh rear me were the real me seven and the real me. Seven pro uh, but from uh. What do you say later part of the year i would say uh.

This was a big transformation that i saw with the real me. Instead of launching everyone they used to launch one or two new smartphones, they started launching a lot more accessories, the second half they launched new televisions and in terms of accessories lot of tws earphones, etc. Uh, even what do you say now? Smart watches so they’re concentrating a lot more on accessories. So it’ll be interesting to see what real me becomes in 2021. I hope they don’t totally start neglecting the smartphone game, but uh let’s see what do they do now. Let’S also talk about poco uh. Yes, i know poco is similar to what he said, redmi, but they say they’re now our independent company and we earlier we saw the poco x2 and i really like that device in the mid range and i would say, after testing a ton of devices still. I would say the poco x2 is my ideal. Mid range smartphone pick still, i would say, and they also launched the m series, the m2 pro etc and even the poco x3 was launched, but i still feel the poke x2 was the best uh. Regarding poco. I was also expecting and looking forward to see the poco f2, but we never saw that in india. Hopefully in 2021 we see that so i’m having a lot more hopes with the poco in 2021. Let’S see what do they do now. Let’S talk about nokia and here i’m, seeing a lot of change, i would say from nokia.

Let me just bring that page where i know the notes about it, yeah and in smartphones, particularly, i would say i did not find uh huge innovations or some great mid range smartphones by nokia. It was not like they didn’t launch any mid range smartphones. They did launch, but nothing actually stood out that’s. Why, in the mid range market, they were simply not able to capture any market, so that was a little bit saddening but again i’m, seeing that even nokia is now changing and we saw that they launched some tvs. Even laptops and they’re getting into washing machines and stuff. So this we are seeing a very new nokia let’s see what do they do in 2021, uh will smartphone become a sideline business and will they concentrate on other things will be interesting, move to see, but i hope the nokia in 2021 releases a decent mid range. Smartphone with decent specs, because i feel if they can do that, they have a big market opportunity because still nokia does not have that ads and the crap situation. So i feel uh nokia is missing a big chunk there. They need to get the specs in the pricing right. Hopefully, we see a ideal mid range smartphone from nokia in 2021. Keeping my fingers crossed for that uh next let’s talk about motorola, and this was the biggest surprise to me in 2020 earlier, if you saw a motor line, 2018 2019 they’re, not very aggressive with their smartphones and their smartphone.

Lineup was simply not that great, but in 2020, especially uh. What do you say after the first quarter, uh, especially after second quarter, we started to see some very good smartphones by motorola, and this was very surprising. What i like with motorola is that still no ads? No bloatware or no junk that is there in this smartphone and the ui is very close to stock android, so that’s across their lineup. That i like, and i like some of those smartphones that they launched in the mid range. For example, that was the motorola one. Fusion, plus that was a very good mid range phone, then they also landed in the budget range, i would say the moto g9 and the g9 power recently and even now they launched a affordable. What do you say? 5G smartphone, that was the moto g 5g, and i like the fact that motorola was very transparent about what 5g bands they are using on their 5g smartphones, and i hope other vendors who are launching these 5g smartphones be that much transparent actually show what actual 5g Bands are supported, so i hope that changes in the industry, because in 2021 we are going to get 5g, so branch should be transparent about what 5g demands their smartphones support, and still i like it. The only thing i would have a suggestion to motorola in 2021 is that if you’re pricing, your smartphones above that 20 000 psychological price barrier, you should actually give amoled screen.

That is the only thing that is lacking, but i am surprised – and i, like the new mid range lineup by motorola, and i just hope they continue this positive trend in 2021.. Let’S see what do they do and now let’s also talk about oppo and vivo, and i would say if a person takes a lot of selfies and stuff. I still feel the oppo and vivo smartphones do a great job, and specifically, we will some of the last ones. What i reviewed was that uh vivo v20 pro uh 5g. The selfie cameras was just amazing on it. So if you’re a person who takes a lot of selfies uh post a lot of stuff on instagram, then i feel these oppo and vivo’s smartphones. Specifically, i would say, with the front facing camera, i do an incredible job, uh so again, uh if you are inclined towards that, you will have a look at it. What i like with oppo series is that if you look at the flagship, smartphones uh, what they try to do, is they try to put cutting edge stuff in that sort of experimental phones? But i have noticed that you see those features trickle down to uh the future oneplus devices so that’s. Why i like to test out the flagship, oppo phones let’s, see what do they do? Uh we’re going to see some foldable stretchable phones etc from oppo, so i’m? Looking forward to that, what do they do? Uh on the higher end, cutting edge market innovations, uh i’m? Looking forward to that from oppo now, let’s also talk about asus or the lack of asus in the indian smartphone market.

Yes, they did launch the asus rog phone. Three, that is a gaming, centric smartphone and, i would say, still uh this year 2020. If you want the best gaming smartphone that’s, the one to go for, but again that’s a niche device. Uh issues completely ignored the mid range smartphone market. They didn’t launch any new zenfone, uh or even the flagship devices. So i don’t know what does asus doing? Are they abandoning the mid range smartphone market because they didn’t even launch one device? Apart from that rog phone? Three, so let’s see what do they do. So i am also not clear about asus: are they just abandoning it or will they come back with the good mid range smartphones in 2021, uh and so guys uh? These were the my thoughts about it. So in 2021, as we know, uh 5g will become more important because jio has said that in the later part of the year in 2021 they will start 5g services. So we should be seeing a lot of smartphones with 5g and i feel uh any smartphone around 20, 000 or above will have some sort of 5g capabilities, but again, if you’re buying a 5g smartphone again watch this video check. What 5d bands are supported on your handset so looking forward to that, and the competition is also heating up quite a bit in the mid range smartphone market in the chipset department. Now we have new 5g chipset from what you say: qualcomm, that is the snapdragon 750 g 765 is also there.

A mediatek is now going to come out with a quite a few new smartphones with the diamond city. 800. Series of these are mid range, 5g, chipset and also uh upper end uh. What do you say slightly operate, not total flagship upper end. What do you say? Uh diamond city thousand plus and again exynos on the higher end, will come out with the exynos 2100. That will be used on the samsung s21 series and the samsung flagships. And again we have the qualcomm snapdragon 888 uh that’s there uh, so it’ll be a pretty interesting year. So what do you guys think about the same uh, your thoughts about particular brand? What did they do right uh? What did they do wrong? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below anyways, guys, that’s it for now, thanks for watching and if you guys are still not subscribed to the youtube channel hit that subscribe button. Anyways guys take care catch.