Do a quick review. As always, you know throw up the link in the video description if you want to check it out pricing, i think about 30 bucks, depending on what territory you’re in so it’s, definitely gon na be steep i’ve been for the most part, i’ve been impressed with one Plus tempered glass screen protectors in the past um a lot of times when they bust out a curved screen. They don’t have one, but this one should be pretty good, since this is a flat screen for the most part for your oneplus 8 to the t. So let’s go and check it out, presentation, looks very clean, got the red branding up top and then you can see and a little layout of what you’re gon na looking at here with the black and it’s gon na have that black border it’s not a big Deal for me, some people hate it, but for me, it’s, not a big deal. Back’S gon na tell you a little more details about the hardness 9h hardness with the 3d tempered glass and that’s, pretty much it let’s go and get right to it to see. If it’s a hit or miss for your 8 to the t, let’s go and check that i think we got a little tabs right here. We don’t need the knife. I thought we’re gon na bust out the knife. There we go all right. I guess i could have done the knife took just as long all right let’s go see what we’re getting here very beautiful presentation from oneplus.

They always do the presentation very nicely so shout out to them for that got some little instructions got your installation tool. Kit. That’S pretty much it we’ll put this to the side, so you can see you actually got your installation tray now. What that’s going to do is give you that really good alignment to make the actual installation that much more smoother like before. They would not give you one of these and then you kind of just be like using your fingers to do the alignment, this kind of foolproofs it a little bit for you, and then you got some usual suspects. I would expect got the microfiber cloth all that good stuff, yeah let’s go check it out, let’s see what we’re getting here got a squeegee. I see put that to the side, so you got the squeegee to get all those bubbles out. Microfiber cloth with the oneplus logo popping through to wipe it down, wipe it down like we do, and then you got your dust removal sticker, which comes in super handy as well, then the main feature they really do the presentation right. Then you got some instructions right here um. I would think they got something online as well, but definitely got some instructions right. There got your temper glass screen protector now when you first get this you’re like man. This thing is so heavy, but it’s really just that plastic layer over it, but it’s still a nice weight to it and never settle again, just the little details that they do with this.

One is really really nice, so very nicely done from one plus all right. So let’s go and get to the oneplus 8 to the t. We’Ll take it out of its shell here this beautiful carbon fiber case, which i really love so what i am rocking. Currently i still got that pre installed screen protector. I will take that off that little layer that’s what you’re going to get if you’re saying that’s a screen protector: it’s, not really just like a film over now. For me, i don’t have a problem with that, because i, like that being on there until i get a temporary until you actually get a screen protector to put on top of it to me. I like that, so i appreciate companies doing that ones that don’t do that it’s, not as good just because you need that screen protector, or at least i needed a screen protector from day one. But you can tell this is just a film. This isn’t really a screen protector, it’s, just a film that they put over it for the initial um when you launch, when they launch the phones and ship it out to you guys. So all right so we’ll take the microfiber cloth and wipe it down, wipe it down. Make it look beautiful. You want to do this in front of some good lighting, guys that’s, the key to it. Installation is getting some good lighting. I don’t know about you guys when you spend 30 bucks on something and it’s just not right, because they only give you one of them.

So if you mess up you’re done, i don’t like that that’s. I wish they’d give you two of them for that price. Point i know companies do it for what they do it, but when you get a two pack on amazon for some of these third party ones that drives me nuts, so then i’ll take the dust removal sticker kind of give it a 1z over. They did not provide a wet wipe, which i wish they would have provided a wet wipe because i feel like the wet wipe, gives you a nice kind of cleanness that you’re not going to get from just the microfiber cloth and then the actual dust removal sticker. So at that point, we’re, looking pretty good i’ll put this right here, keep this handy because you’re going to need it again, just in case so then you can see the notch area that’s going to be the top part. Put that like this snaps right into place. It almost feels like a case, so then i’ll go back into it and again just try to get off any type of dust that may have occurred. When i put that, because you just never know these little dust, particles can come up anywhere and a lot of times what i find is i’m doing this behind the camera, so it’s a little trickier, and then i realize the next day. I missed something while i’m at work, i’ll check out my phone.

I realize that i missed something which drives me nuts, but this one looks pretty good let’s get right to it. So then you got this little tab right here. I think like this. Take it out like this should give you a perfect alignment up top to the bottom. There we go, the adhesive is adhering we’ll kind of take the squeegee there we go. Take the squeegee there. We go see how it’s adhering full adhesive. So anybody thinking it’s, not it’s, definitely gon na be full adhesive, we’ll kind of work, those bubbles out for you guys you can see not too bad. Some of the oneplus ones i get are full with bubbles, and then you kind of just got ta work them out. It takes a little while, but this one doesn’t appear to be as bad, so you can see the squeegee getting all up in it. Coming out. Pretty well, you can see them there’s a few hanging around. I might have to put the video on pause, so i don’t bore you guys with all these little bubbles. All right. Let me do this and put the video on pause. You can see not too many bubbles left i’ll get those out real, quick and then we’ll finish up. The review we’ll do kind of like the the test, with the the screen itself, sensitivity and all that good stuff hold tight, guys be right back all right, guys, we’re back, so that installation actually went really smoothly, probably one of the better ones, easier ones that i’ve Done for a oneplus screen protector, usually there’s a lot more bubbles on that on this one, it went on pretty smoothly with minimal bubbles.

So i appreciate that overall i got ta say this. One feels really really nice very premium feeling feels like the glass you’re gon na get on your actual screen of your phone, which is the most important to me. I like the natural feeling i don’t, if anybody’s ever had one of the ones it’s only got glue. Adhesive, i should say on the border or it’s got this hollowy feel in the middle. Those tend to feel just super un. I should on premiums not the word, they just feel super weird and that it just doesn’t have the same effect. The same feel of full glue, full adhesive. This one’s got that very natural to the touch it feels and the one other thing with that. If you got one that’s not full glue, it is a fingerprint magnet where these ones kind of resist fingerprints a little bit, but you can see edge to edge protection all the way around the actual border so very close to the edges. I will be testing it out with some cases i’m, not sure how case friendly it is. I would assume we’ll put this on with the official one, but we’ll start doing some spigen reviews as well and spigen’s been a little bit tricky with some of these one plus screen protectors, popping them off so we’ll check that out, but this is very, very close To the edge you can see right there around the actual camera cut out very nice, just very precise nice, and then i did not change my fingerprint yet so sometimes you got to do that when you do these installations after you already installed your finger sensor.

So this one still works so perfect and then what we’re talking about here is that black around the borders now i don’t have a problem with it: it’s not affecting it’s, not cutting into the screen. I remember doing the oneplus 5. I think screen protector for one plus and it cut into the screen real estate, where this one’s still not going to have that issue. You are getting a little bit more black border, but to me it’s, not an issue. You can see it around the edges of the actual screen itself and you’re not going to get any type of light. Bleed light bleeds when the looks on corners right here, you’ll see that white bleed from the actual screen coming off if it’s short, if the actual screen protector is cut short, this one is precise, fit so very nicely done, let’s go and stick it right. In the case from the official oneplus should be perfect, you wouldn’t expect any issues with that boom. Now that’s that’s, a nice combination, edge edge protection. You got a screen protector. That looks good case. That looks good phone. That looks good. This is a this is a to me. I like this a lot i’m, probably going to be using this with no issues. I’M, probably just going to keep on rocking the screen protector, so yeah it’s expensive, but to me it’s, probably worth it considering there’s, really not a lot of options for oneplus 8t screen protectors out there.

I would say check this one out. Take your time on it. I really went through it quickly, but take your time read the instructions and you’ll probably get a hit on your hand. So overall i’m going to say this was a hit. Let me know your thoughts on the comment section. Is it a hit? Is it a miss? We going hit hit the subscribe button.