So if you watch a lot of movies and videos on your phone make sure you try this phone out, because you would really really love it. This phone is really well built. It definitely feels like a flagship. It falls a bit on the heavier side, so that’s something to keep in mind and i’ve dropped. This phone face down couples of times and it’s still fine until now, but i would still recommend you to use a case on it because it’s very very slippery. A few weeks back, i i was rocking this phone. Without a case i felt a little brave and then this happened. So do me a favor just put a case on it. So let’s talk about looks of course looks are optional, but in my opinion i like the way this looks maybe a bit too rounded on the edges, but hey it’s, just my opinion. My color choice for this phone is this beautiful gold, which makes it look a little more elegant. I think that’s, not what it’s called sorry. What was that it’s almond? What element the color it’s called almond – oh my god, seriously – who even cares but but that’s then shut up dude i’m going to call it gold anyways! Sorry guys for that. Um let’s talk about something else: yes, processing speed! This phone is still blazing fast. I mean, in fact i feel like this phone is faster than my s20 ultra okay, you’d, probably be thinking that’s a bunch of bs right.

Let me explain, of course, the s20 ultra has the better processing speed, a higher refresh rate and it’s, most probably faster, but it doesn’t feel like that now that’s, the problem a well executed animation, will actually give you a sense of speed and smoothness and at the End that’s, the one that matters it’s, what you feel right while doing simple daily tasks like launching application, calling messaging etc. If i’m gon na be completely honest, i enjoy doing it in this. It feels smoother and faster, keep in mind that i’m, just comparing my experience with the s20 ultra because i’ve been using it for a few. I know this is not a comparison: video but i’m just i’m. Just sharing my experience and oxygen os is one of my favorites it’s, as close as you can get to stock android. But but the thing that i like about oxygen os is you you get this customization options. For example, you can individually tweak the status bar and you can change the accent colors. You know all the little things, but even with all this, it manages to look minimal. It doesn’t feel bloated. You know, like other operating systems, do it ties in with the theme of this phone really well, which is sleek and simple? Well, the battery life of this phone is not great, especially if you’re running at 1440p at 90hz, all the time it will get me through the day, but if i’m feeling like i need to top up i’ll plug it into my oneplus webcharge brick.

For a few minutes – and i will be good for the day – and this almost makes it up for the fact that it doesn’t have wireless charging, so even with the not so great battery life i’m still happy with this super fast charging speed. Yes, of course, you’re not getting the snapdragon 866 that you have with the oneplus 8t, but as far as i’ve been using it i’ve yet to find an app or a game that doesn’t run smoothly on this device. But nothing is perfect. So there are a few annoying things about this phone that i like to mention. First, the proximity sensor is very unpredictable and it really pisses me off all the time. Second, the gallery app is not one of my favorites, so i just stick with google photos. Third, there is no memory card slot, but there is a dual sim card slot. If you want to use it, but you can’t add any memory if you want so with that out of the way we can now talk about the camera. The camera is not as good as the real flagships, but it’s still a very decent camera. The dynamic range is acceptable. Sharpness is very good. Colors are also really nice seriously. The oneplus color science is surprisingly really good, but the ultra wide lens is noticeably softer than the main shooter, which is really a bummer. The telephoto lens, though, is surprisingly quite good. It’S not 2x it’s, not 2.

5 it’s, actually 3x, which is which is more useful of a focal length. In my opinion, the pop up front facing camera is also decent, just keep in mind that it is a moving part inside your phone, so it is most susceptible to damage. If you drop your phone, though, while the camera is out, it will retract and protect itself from damage so that’s good to know – and another thing i noticed – is there’s a lot of detail captured with this camera, so you can really push the photo to the limit, While editing as you can see, i’ve pushed these photos as far as i could and it’s still looking fine, i mean the photos are completely different than its original state. If you’re wondering i did most of my editing through snapseed, so you’d be surprised how powerful it really is anyways. As for video, if you pair it with an app like filmic pro, you can really get professional, looking image again, i’m really impressed here, because i was not expecting good camera from the oneplus device. I shot this using my oneplus 7 pro on a gimbal and you might not even know that it’s from a smartphone, unless i told you guys it’s impressive, it’s, really impressive what’s going on here. So in conclusion, the oneplus 7 pro is a really good product. Even in 2020. it looks modern, it has a beautiful screen and it’s blazing fast and honestly, i think it’s a better buy than the oneplus nord and even after using a few flagships.