We got our hands on the snapdragon 865g version. So without further ado, let’s move on to the review Music, starting with design. It has some similarities to the more expensive galaxy, s20 and galaxy. Note 20 series. However, this model comes with gorgeous color options. We have cloud lavender cloud, mint cloud, white cloud, red cloud, orange and cloud navy, which is the one we have. I can say that the s20 fe is more youthful and will be liked by those who have a strong liking for certain colors flipping through its back it’s, made out of a polycarbonate material and has a matte finish that is resistant to fingerprints and smudges. We like it, the frame is made of polished aluminum, but it feels like glass more at the back there’s that rectangular rear camera module on the top left. While moving to the front, we get a 6.5 inch screen with a centered punch, hole, slim bezels and a relatively thin chin on the right. We have the volume rocker and the power button, they’re clicky and reachable even for people with small hands. Meanwhile, on top, we have the secondary microphone and the card tray with dedicated slots for two nano sim cards and a micro sd card of up to one terabyte capacity located at the bottom are its usb type c port main microphone and loudspeaker. The phone does have ip68 waterproofing, which will keep it safe from spill drinks or splash of water holding the galaxy s20 fe.

It feels very lightweight comfortable and it offers better grip. The design is simple and straightforward, but it doesn’t look or feel cheap at all. More on its display, the galaxy s20 fe features a large 6.5 inch super amoled plus infinity o panel. You get a full hd plus resolution and a layer of gorilla glass, 3 protection. On top the display is very bright and offers excellent viewing angles. The colors are punchy and you get those deep blacks since it’s an amoled panel. I like that you can easily read what’s on the screen, even when used outdoors. Also, this samsung galaxy s20 fe has a 120 hertz high refresh rate for smooth scrolling navigation and better gameplay there’s, also an always on display feature with a ton of themes from the samsung theme store in the display settings under the screen mode. Colors can be configured from natural to vivid. The vivid option has a white balance and rgb slider for users who want to configure their device’s display more audio wise. The dual speakers produce good sound quality without appearing too distorted it’s able to maintain a decent volume of sound, despite it being not the loudest among the smartphones out there. The balance of frequencies is, as you would expect, from a small device, but it is enough to let you hear the details. You need when casually watching videos with your friends. As for software, the galaxy s20 fe runs on one ui 2.

5 core on top of android 10 out of the box. This interface is pretty intuitive and you can navigate with gestures or the traditional three button navigation, if you like samsung, has several apps pre installed and fortunately you can uninstall them, which shouldn’t be a problem. Out of the 128 gigabytes of internal storage, you get a usable 102.3 gigabytes next up, let’s talk about its performance powering this variant that we have is a qualcomm snapdragon, 865 processor, with an adreno 650 gpu, eight gigabytes of ram and a 128 gigabytes of internal storage, Plus support for up to one terabyte microsd card using the hybrid slot, it’s the same chipset powering the galaxy s20 models, so we can pretty much expect the same flagship level performance with this configuration. You have no problems in doing heavy tasks and intensive multitasking. We tried heavy games on it, such as asphalt, 9 and genshin impact, and they all worked smooth and responsive at their default graphics. Quality settings. We did, however, experience some minimal heating issues, but they weren’t that bothersome for some numbers here are the benchmark scores. We got quickly on biometrics to unlock the s20 fe. You can use the in display fingerprint scanner or its face recognition, they’re at par with the other s20 devices and they’re pretty reliable onto connectivity. This samsung galaxy s20 fe that we have comes with dual sim 5g. Dual band wi fi, bluetooth, 5.0, gps and nfc, and when it comes to battery it has a decent 4500mah capacity with support for 25 watts fast charging, 15 watts.

Wireless charging and 4.5 watts reverse wireless charging. This device didn’t last as long as we expected. So if you’re, a heavy user expect that you need to charge from time to time or better yet use a power bank, we ran it through the pc, mark’s battery test and the battery life was rated at 13 hours and 54 minutes, which is not bad. It supports 25 watts charging via type c port, so a full charge takes about 1 hour and a half, sometimes even less. Meanwhile, in our standard video loop test, which entails the phone being at 50, brightness and volume, airplane mode turned on and with headphones plugged in the device, lasted a longer 18 hours and 56 minutes. Alright. Moving on to cameras, the galaxy s20 fe offers a triple rear setup, consisting of a 12 megapixel, dual pixel main a 12 megapixel ultra wide and an 8 megapixel telephoto lens. As for its tiny notch up front, you will find its 32 megapixel front. Camera quality wise shots from the primary rear shooter did some excellent daylight pictures with decent detail colors, and they are punchy with a good exposure balance. The wide angle lens also does a reasonably good job here. It captures a huge amount of the scene and the exposure is good. The three times optical telephoto camera, on the other hand, also captures excellent details for low light conditions. We got surprisingly bright photos, however, it can get a little grainy and colors were sometimes off, depending on the kind of lighting around.

As for selfies, the beauty mode is turned on by default, but it takes decent pictures under good lighting scenarios. The skin tones sometimes tend to alter, but most of the time it worked. Fine, when it comes to videos recording, goes up to 4k at 60 frames per seconds and it offers super steady mode which is designed to minimize camera shake when you’re in motion, quality, wise details and colors are actually good. All in all the samsung galaxy s20 fe packs in a pretty versatile camera setup that certainly is capable of taking good photos, which is also suitable for social media postings. Okay, we’re down to our final thoughts. I hate to break it to you, but unfortunately, samsung just offers the exynos 990 lte variant here in the philippines and as of now it is priced at 35, 990 pesos. However, either it is the exynos or the snapdragon, the samsung galaxy s20 fe is a good alternative to the galaxy s20 and the galaxy s20 plus. It has good cameras. An amoled display, with a 120 hertz refresh rate, a sizeable battery, a fashionable design and offers a flagship level performance at a lower price. This is the kind of phone that you’d be more than happy to use for everyday apps and tasks, and it is one of the best phones for the money right now, so that wraps up this review. How about you guys? What do you think of this samsung galaxy s20 fan edition? Let us know in the comments and if you enjoyed this video, be sure to drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content hit that bell icon.

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