. First, a quick disclaimer. This is a pre production unit that’s. Why i’m not doing an unboxing at the dynasty review snopa began full production of the atom 2 and i will be able to get my hands in a full production unit within a couple of weeks, so make sure to smash that subscribe button. If you haven’t yet a few days ago, a snowpack contacted me and told me that this might be the last smartphone, give more reason being they doubt that they or anyone else can do better than the iphone 2.. They caught my attention from the get go so what’s, so special about this gimbal, small lightweight and very portable. Yes, yes and yes, it weighs only 280 grams, almost the same as my phone and it’s also pocket friendly, no excuses to take this gimbal with you. Wherever you go, even so, it’s small it’s built on a tripod and an extended pole. It doesn’t extend by much but it’s, definitely good enough for selfie shooting. There is a trend of small lightweight gimbals, with an extension stick, but the stabilization on those are far from good. There are only one or two axes and the build quality is not particularly good here. You can see next to the chiyon xs two axis skimmer, it’s, bigger and that’s, without the tripod to set it up. It takes quite a few moves, while the snowpack gets in and out really fast, when you see both gimbals in action side to side that’s, where you can tell the difference in stabilization, the chion xs is quite good, but that one too is better silky smooth next Level is stabilization.

Okay, i know what you’re thinking being so small. How does it compare to bigger smartphone gimbals? It can possibly be as good right. Well, no it’s, actually better. The payload have increased from a pretty good 310 grams in the iphone 1 to 340 grams. In the atom tool, meaning you could use pretty much any smartphone and probably also filters and mics while using this gimbal. There are other advantages with the addon too. This gimbal can actually sense when your phone is there and when it isn’t preventing motor damage and the coolest and most unique feature of this gimbal is that it automatically unfolds and falls back after shooting at the price of a button. Really really cool. But not everything is better than the new addon too. The battery got smaller before you could shoot for 12 hours, which is quite insane, but now you can only shoot for six hours which this and amount of time, and they make up for that by having quick charge. So you go from 0 to 100 in just one hour and of course, with a smaller battery, they also got rid of the wireless charging feature. I only have a day to play with the pre production model. Once i get a full production unit, i’ll make sure to get more sample footage and compared to some of the other gimbals i already have for those who want to buy the atom 2. I leave a link in the description down below currently it’s at only 59.

In kickstarter for early buyers, it should be available on amazon after april or may, with a retail price of under a hundred dollars.