That’S enough of that, before i get put on a bloody list before i get put on another bloody list, you know what this stencil is really really bloody itchy. So sorry, i’m gon na have to uh immediately ditch that idea. Ah, it still itches i’m, not even wearing it it’s delicious, oh anyway, we’re, oh bloody paint can’t forget my bloody pint. Anyway, all sputzy claws has to check the naughty and nice lists now to see exactly how good you children have been no dear. No dear, oh dear i’m, afraid to say it looks like you’ve been a bit of a wicked one this year. In fact, if i wasn’t such a jolly old soul i’d say it looks like you’ve been the right. Proper kid looks like all spirity claws will be taking a shovel to the reindeer stalls to fill your stocking this year. Oh, oh just joshing, kitties, just a fun bit of christmas, japanese. In fact, you know what 2020 has been such an utter call. Then. I think all of our misdeeds and shenanigans are forgiven. Let’S all get wankered and celebrate the end of this fart sack of a year. Oh right, i think that’s about all i’ve got so i guess now would be a pretty good place to stick in the intro to do that. It’S, a christmas to expert weekly, now normally uh on good old textbook weekly. I start these shows with a roundup of the week’s general sort of tech, news and goings on, but of course, because it’s, jolly old christmas time, that means it’s been super chill no launches or events or any other news to speak of what’s.

Oh wait: that’s complete bollocks; nothing ever stops anymore. So once again, i’ve been rushed off my ass all week, long instead of sitting in my pants demolishing my whiskey stocks bar hamburg. So what do we got well on monday, zt finally unleashed its axon 25g smartphone on the entire world, which sounds about as exciting as a bag of dead slugs but it’s? Actually not, and by not, i mean it’s more exciting than a bag of dead slugs. Not that it’s not as exciting as a bag of dead slugs moving on so this here is the zt axon 25g. I unboxed it earlier this week. We actually did it last week, but i put the video live this week because that’s when the embargo uh was until so i couldn’t do it before then uh yeah it’s got a camera under the display. You can use that to shoot selfies if you’re all vain and stuff um, but you can also watch things on the display and when you watch things on the display, the camera is kind of concealed in a funny kind of way. You can kind of see the joys it’s not entirely seamless. You can see what’s what’s going on there if you sort of tilt it to the side a bit, but you know what it does: a really bloody good job. Uh i’m. Am i selling it to you. I don’t know i don’t know if i’m doing a good job just go, watch the unboxing video it’s really good.

I know i’m saying that myself obviously i’m, the one that shot it and everything, but it is really good so consider that unboxing of the zt accent 25g, my christmas gift to all of you lovely fork at home and no you can’t return it for a gift Card monday also saw oneplus reveal its second concept smartphone based on the oneplus 8t, but with a sexy, color change and stamp slapped across the arse end. This can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a makeshift notifications, light similar to those flashy logos. You get on the back end of most gaming phones, but obviously more energy, efficient and oneplus also mentioned how the concept phone could possibly monitor your breathing and then that color changing glass could then pulse in time with your breaths. For reasons and again, i spunked out a full on video all about the oneplus 8t concept, so go check that out if you’ve got absolutely nothing better to do on christmas day of all days, but to be fair, i’m just going to spend the entire day drinking And you can easily drink and watch things at the same time, it’s the job done and, to be honest, if you haven’t seen it, i didn’t spend a big portion of that video just banging on about marty mcfly’s mum in back to the future too. It got a bit weird, not gon na lie. There might have been whiskey involved uh.

I can’t remember exactly what i said. It was a bit weird and rambly, so maybe don’t watch it actually, because i don’t think it was some of my best work and also this week, motorola finally told us which blessed smartphones will be getting that android 11 update, although they didn’t give us a specific Timeline or anything they just said sort of sometime in the coming months, nice and vague that’s. How we like our information but anyhow, get ready to press pause for the full list of mobile smartphones that are due to get the android 11 update. If you actually give a go, most notable omission on that list is definitely the moto g8 plus uh, which, despite the fact that you’ve got the g8 and the g8 player on there and that’s, probably because the g8 plus came up before those two handsets weirdly. Despite being the plus model um, so therefore it already had to get upgraded to android 10 uh, whereas the others came out without the box and now i’m, just rambling on so i’ll just shut up and move on, hey it’s actually sunny outside now. I was not expecting that’s a bit of a plot twist. Next up, you may remember we’re back in june i can’t really remember june, thanks to my good friend alcohol, uh, the kfc or specifically, whoever was in charge of kfc’s twitter account seemingly got high as a kite and then posted this weird ass tweet.

All about a kfc gaming console, but we all just basically assumed that it was a joke and got on with our lives until this week, when kfc has once again posted up further details about the kfc gaming console, which is actually a kfc chicken. Pc thing i mean seriously: 2020 might have been rescued right at the death here, so the kf console or kfc yonsol. However, the you say this thing: it’s a high end gaming, pc that uses the intricate coolant system to actually pipe heat into a special chamber. That’S designed to keep your fried chicken warm while you take a game and break so apparently, this pilot version of the console consists of a cooler master master case. Nc 100 mastercase don’t say that too fast, with suitably vague specs has to be said, an intel core. 9 processor, azus, rtx graphics card and 32 gigs of ram i’ve got to admit i’ve had a couple of pints and i’m still not entirely sure about how i feel about sticking chicken legs into a game and pc rig, although i mean that’s gon na, be the Best smelling gaming console ever surely: oh and market intel buddy if you’re watching this i’m still well up for reviewing that so uh yeah definitely uh. Please sort me out a a model and a bargain bucket of kfc, much obliged and last the big news uh for the week uh. Certainly if you’re a gaming twit like me, big steam, sale, of course, the steam winter seal has begun as of wednesday.

If it was carries on through to january, the fifth you’ve got plenty of time to basically spunk all of your savings on games that you won’t even install, let alone play just because they’re two quid i’ve already gone and bought this one here. Deathtrap dungeon, which is the old, choose your own adventure book, but it’s narrated by the esteemed actor, eddie morrison i mean random, does not even begin to cover this guaranteed. It will sit in my steam list completely untouched, just like the salad at a vegas buffet, but it was only a couple of quid and i’m an idiot, so it whatever anyway wait that’s, it that’s all the festive news i had to cover, which means that finally, It’S time for the part of the show that’s about as jolly as a dead elf covered in sick it’s fewer comments, fewer comments just going to need a bit of this. So to kick off this christmas, special we’ve got big al who says uh for a christmas day, textbook weekly expecting that you’ll be totally faced. Sat on the sofa covered in mince pie, fragments, well, i mean try totally faced stood in the same bloody room, as always covered in the dried salty remains of my own tears now and some flecks of sausage roll as well hope i’m gon na eat. My beard. Never say i’m not classy does mk a bhd ever present videos after a skinful covered in sausage roll fragments.

Does he no, he doesn’t and that’s? Why he’s got several million followers and yeah right next uh question comment thing andre says: hmm! This guy reminds me of a certain salesman that sells mirrors and likes using spoons, okay, i’m, drawing a bit of a blank on that one i mean the um. The spoon’s coming just makes me think of yuri gela, which uh i mean i’m wondering what that lad’s doing with himself these days yuri there. If you’re watching write in the comments below what you’re up to makes, you know a fair play, making and it’s a career for yourself just out of bending spoons by glaring at them a bit which basically lasted throughout the entire 90s great stuff yeah. The whole mirrors mirrors thing that’s that’s, throw on me. Definitely if yeah. If, if anyone knows what that’s all about uh again comments, uh next up tony says: you need to come to trinidad ugh drink some angostura rum, sunny 365 here. Do not tease me seriously, there’s! Nothing i would rather be doing, especially as i’m stuck here in good olds tier 4 uk great times. I literally see the sun for about 12 minutes a day when it peaks over my neighbor’s roof. That was it coming through the window uh earlier, you saw fricking long. That lasted sounds like it is all set for christmas. One, creative brewdog, one creative shipyard and a keg of doom bar don’t know. If that’ll be enough, i mean yeah to be fair.

Who knows how long this tier 4 shenanigans is going to be going on for i’ve, already cleared out all my kids cupboards chucked out all their toys and clothes to make room for more booze, just in case next up jeffrey says. All i took from this was that you have broccoli with your christmas dinner just wrong. What’S wrong with broccoli. You’Ve got to have some green on your plate. You can’t just have meat and spuds. You know and too much meat. These days, that’s fiercer i’m, not a young fella anymore. It gives me heart palpitations. Well there also to be fair. Apparently, there might be a broccoli shortage over the next month, or so thanks to the ports being closed and all that good stuff, uh seriously, probably have to replace it with a staple british vegetable. Instead, like pork scratchings, a bit of controversy after last week’s hot teletex, chat, uh that foreign block says att, it wasn’t the tv guy, it was actually the subtitles for the heart of here and yes, of course, you are 100 correct. Foggy memory strikes again thanks: beer and uh jenna, jedi polar bear, says uh speaking of c facts me and my dad used to do bamboozled every day. It was epic, alas, both no longer with us now but good times. Yes, good times happy christmas, uh, jedi polar bear good to uh, to hear from you again mate, uh and yeah love me some bamboos.

All those were great great days. Uh an extra says. What are the must buy accessories to buy for the new consoles uh? Well, i found that my ps5, my xbox series x sessions, were really enhanced by a good old six pack of your finest supermarket eels and some sort of beer fridge as well. So you can keep that by the surface. You keep getting your tinnies out of that wrong having to stand up go over to the bloody kitchen, thus ruining the immersion on some kind of uh piss bottle as well, preferably one of those two liter supermarket soft drink efforts that only need emptying once a day. Bonus next up claire says: would you grant us the wish of having like a 30 to 60 minute episode at some point in the new year? I’D – literally, listen to bang on about anything at this point? Well, you’re! In luck, because in this episode i pretty much do bang on about absolutely anything at all. But yes, definitely in the new year, what i’m trying to do is get a decent, proper, live streaming setup so i’m, not just using a bloody iphone or whatever so fingers crossed i’ll get a proper deck set up and proper camera set up, and then my aim Is to basically do more live streams in the new year. Obviously, whenever there’s a big launch or something like that, uh kind of ask me anything when i’ve got my hands on the the latest kit.

That kind of shits be really good to do it with special guests and stuff like that as well. But as i said, this is all very much work in progress and the progress hasn’t been particularly swift, i’ve got to say so. Uh leave it with me. Uh etienne says due to kovid and my parents, shielding i’ll, be spending criminal alone in my house, with the central heat and going full pelt wearing shorts and drinking a ton of booze it’s, pathetic just how much i’m looking forward to the textbook christmas special! Oh excuse him what um? Oh man, i’m, sorry to hear. I mean that’s. Basically, what my summer holidays consisted of as well: cranking up the taro and then down in the critter malibu and to everyone who is i’m going to spend the christmas holidays alone. It’S a sh situation and you know hopefully the end is in sight. You know at least we’ve got the vaccines on the go and all that good stuff. So whatever you do stay safe, stay sane and don’t resort to watching the mrs brown boys christmas special, please. Whatever you can do, oh and etienne also says uh that google outage is surely pushing you towards embracing the iphone 12 right. I mean, to be honest, i think i’d, rather sooner embrace a rabid raccoon with crabs. I did. I did quite like the mini i’ve got to admit they’re, also there’s still issues with it. I don’t know what the hell the brick like design weirdness, was all about.

At least the camera is getting better it’s it’s, starting to get there it’s just they’re, all just so expensive. Why apple? Why? Like 600 quid for a pair of headphones? For goodness sake, i want whatever christmas classes. Tim cook is on that’s, for god, damn sure. Well, speaking of which actually ties into the next comment, gordy says uh chris, i thought you would have spent all of your christmas food and drink money on the new airplanes max now, i’ve got my priorities: a hundred percent straight, my friend uh for the price of Those airplanes, as you delightfully put it i’ll, have to nick that. Definitely you pretty much buy yourself. A micro brewery, uh mohammed says nokia, 5.4 unboxing video. Yes, apparently i have asked hmd samples are doing in the new year, most likely. So, of course, i will get straight on that something to look forward to in 2021. Although god knows what kind of state i’ll be in by then after two four weeks of drinking this stuff, i’ll tell you what i’ve still got the ability to clutch a phone and focus and talk all at the same time, it will be a bloody miracle. Now sean says a five megapixel ultra wide angle lens come on nokia, that’s poor, i mean yeah it’ll, probably be about as much use as me. After a couple more of these and i swear, the bloody percentages on beer in general are just absolutely shooting up to the moon, which is, i mean, it’s, indicative of the current times, isn’t it that we need that extra alcohol boost.

Basically, now this one here this uh, so i wanted to start on something that was quite light and the the weakest beer i could freaking find in in my boxes. Was this one it’s six percent? Now she had a 14 stout uh last week, which ended about as well as you would expect. I’Ll tell you what i can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to have proper upper body strength to drag me up the stairs. Every time i pass out fierce first on the bloody living room floor, it’s actually getting to the point where i’m slamming back a few shots of whiskey just to level me out after i’ve, had a couple of pints uh anyway. What what was the comment? What was i even supposed to be talking about uh let’s come through. Are we up to rgh tech, says hi, i sent you a tweet for a garden, a really killer, smartphone, all in caps uh, the here fury gt20. Why don’t you review it on your channel? Uh, okay, let’s check this bad boy out: uh, five camera lenses, wow, oh christ. If this thing has got multiple macro lenses and let’s visit, it probably does uh, it can go itself right up the type c, oh and by the way future chris, who will have had a couple more of these and then as long as i edit, this absolute Monstrosity enjoy centering out all of the swearing you’re dead. I know so.

It’S only got the one macro lens you’ll, be glad to hear that here, fury uh g20 pictures of insects, thor that they always illustrate macro lenses with pictures of insects or flowers. Who does that? Who goes around snapping bees like seriously there’s, like confirmation, just bothering insects now that we’ve all suddenly got a bloody macro lens on our phones, the poor bastards? You know he’s poor little bugs just trying to go about their deer, mind their own business, eating a bit of dog or whatever, and then you’ve got some big pleb just like right in their face trying to snap a picture of them um. Oh god, uh philip, hey chris i’m, a fellow baldi. I have a recurring dream where i have a full head of wet fusely pasta like a pasta based shirley temple, what a bloody great dream! But what you really want to do, though, if you’re going to go for the full on pasta hair, is you want to go for a bit of spaghetti made to a proper like 1960s hippie style? You can almost see the adverts now slap on that spag jesus anyway we’re doing the show’s actually starting to make me proper hungry. Now, if only i had a gaming pc with a you know, a couple of spare chicken wings shoved inside the grill. That would be perfect right now. Wouldn’T, it mark hey, come on mark where’s, my reviews out from it a brother up anyway.

I really better make that uh the last one. Thank you very much to everyone who commented uh last week. Apologies if i didn’t get to yours, please do slap down your comments in the comments section. Obviously, uh it’s not like this is our first rodeo and i’ll get through those as many as possible in the new year, so i’ll be taking a break for a couple of weeks from expert weekly, so the next show will be on january, the 8th, the girls Sparty clause is going to keep on being busy because i’ve got plenty of other tech that i haven’t managed to get to yet to cover i’m gon na do some best of roundups and shenanigans like that, but seriously have a fun bloody, tasty christmas. Everyone. Thank you. So much for watching this random drivel all year, long quarter of a million new people have joined the spurting army in 2020, which proves one absolutely bad bonkers year, it’s been so here’s the 2021 here’s to hopefully seeing friends and family and familiar faces once again, and Definitely join me for more techy balls, hooray and, as always, love you guys.