It’S. Basically, a rebrand of the previous provoir, which means power in french first off, let’s, see what we have in the box when you open it up, you’re greeted with the smartphone let’s take out the sticker on the front and on the back, this is the speed purple. Color, it also comes in magic, blue and dazzle black let’s power it on. While we see what else is in the box, we have an envelope with an embossed pover logo inside we have a google assistant, welcome note, a warranty card, a hard plastic screen protector or tempered glass and a transparent tpu case. Let’S see how well it fits tight, fit no flaps anywhere. All your necessary cutouts and the camera bump is well protected. On the bottom compartment we have the sim ejection tool, an 18 watt fast charger, a micro, usb cable and a pair of earphones. This is one of the cheaper variety and you can easily tell by how flimsy the cable looks. Here are all the supported 4g lte bands, including the infamous glue 4g band 28. on the front. You have a 6.8 inch, hd plus ips lcd display with 20 by 9 aspect ratio on the top left corner. You have a punch, hole that houses an 8 megapixel camera with dual flash. You also have a front firing speaker on the back. You have a 13 megapixel quad camera setup with quad flash. You also have a fingerprint sensor and some techno branding on the left.

You have a dedicated google assistant button with an orange paint job and a three in one tray that houses two 4g lte nano sims and an sd card on the right. You have a volume, rocker and power button on the top. You have nothing on the bottom. You have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a micro, usb port and a microphone yep that front firing. Speaker is the only one on this phone. The techno pulver is as heavy as the com that’s. The first thing you notice, when holding this guy, the design, is just another variation of the 2020. Look with that camera bump. The speed purple is barely purple more blue than purple actually and there’s a pattern to it like barely visible diagonal lines that it’s harder to see with a case on the back and frame are made from plastic. Not the glass, sticky plastic. As seen on the camon series, but the glossy plastic on the spark series – yeah it’s – not ugly, but not premium, looking either, it is similar in size to the camon 16 premiere on the front that dot in display has thick looking bezels all around and when i Say thick, i don’t mean ridiculously thick. I mean it’s thicker than the standard 2020 bezel size it’s. Only a hd plus display, so youtube videos are capped at 720p brightness and viewing angles are looking good to me. My technopolar unit comes in 128, gigs of storage and 6 gigs of ram.

You get 114 gigs of available storage, we’re running on android 10, with hios version 7.0 slapped on top of it. You should definitely check out my common 16 premiere review because it’s the exact same hrs version complete with a ton of bloatware and ads now the ads pop up everywhere and at the same time, which is pretty annoying. As for the bloatware. Some of them cannot actually be deleted or uninstalled. All the pre installed games, however, can be deleted. You get a very busy quick settings as to be expected. You get swipe gestures as an option shows nice animations at the bottom after you swipe, but this is even harder to use in one hand, maybe because this is such a huge phone. You have the option of using the one hand feature too. I don’t think anyone uses this could be wrong, though the techno pover uses the mediatek helio g80 octa core cpu clocked at 2.0 gigahertz and it’s. A gaming mid range chipset. This is the most impressive feature on the pover and it makes opening apps and games performing all sorts of demanding tasks an absolute breeze. I think this is a budget multitasking beast. I do wish the ui allowed for a more customizable split screen. Right now is stuck on a 50 50 split. The fingerprint sensor is really fast and accurate. Most of the time we’re talking mid range level fast here, not flagship fast, because we have definitely seen faster sensors on this channel.

The less secure face unlock is just as fast outdoors, but it takes a moment to increase the screen brightness first, before unlocking in indoor lighting. It also unlocks with your side view, so you have to be careful and maybe think twice about setting it up, here’s. How that single front firing speaker compares side by side, the techno camo 16 Music premieres when it comes to gaming. As usual, i played pop g on hd, graphics and high frame rates, the highest pop g setting for this phone. It ran pretty smooth. I quite enjoyed my gameplay on this phone and the front firing speaker is impossible to block while gaming, so that’s, a plus the techno pover is powered by a monstrous 6 000 milliamp hour battery, and i put it through my usual battery test. Five plus hours of pop g five hours on instagram and six plus hours on facebook, all on wi fi. This gave me 21 hours of screen on time and that just means that this phone was powering through tasks for nearly 24 hours with 7 left to spare. Not only is this phone packing a big battery, but the battery optimization is crazy, good and it does not get hot or too warm to the touch. This will take most users two to three days to deplete to this level and can probably play pop g for 14 hours straight. It took me two hours and 22 minutes to charge from zero to a hundred percent, not bad for a battery of this size and yes, it does support fast charging and thankfully one came in the box.

The technopover’s camera interface is pretty simple, with the slo mo feature and portrait mode. It records videos in 2k from the front and back camera plus slow mo up to 240 frames per second. So this is the front facing camera of the techno pover shooting in 2k and here’s. What the audio sounds like i’m, just going to switch on over to the 1080p resolution and show you a bit of what the audio recording sounds. Now we are shooting in 1080p with the front facing camera, and this is a good time to talk about the sponsors of this video transfer, go and international money transfer platform, basically with all the central bank policies, restrictions and stuff. Now you can, with the new cbn policy and restriction transfer. Go is one of the very few platforms that still lets you send money from europe to nigeria with expanding their business and signing new partnerships. Your money transfers are now delivered within 30 minutes to any card or bank account in nigeria. It is safe, secure low fees and no hidden cost aside sending some christmas money home. You can also make 20 pounds for every friend you invite to the platform. I’D. Have all the details, as well as my referral link, which you should totally sign up with in the description box? Okay, let’s jump right back into the video Music. Do Music, Music using povers camera outdoors, the selfie camera looks pretty much low end. It is prone to over exposure, but this particular photo looks balanced details aren’t too bad, but there’s.

Just something really off about the skin tones, like i said before low end same story with the portrait mode, but it looks a little beautified sense of depth misses the mark here and there too, the primary camera shows better details, but, as you can see, the saturation Levels are cranked to extreme levels. Definitely not what you desire for human subjects, depth. Sensing is much much better from the primary camera. Primary camera also seems to handle exposure levels really well here, but the details still point to the low end. Spectrum dynamic range is average, not a lot of details in the sky, even with ai tech going for it, so not quite the device for those tasteful landscape shots. I tried the macro lens and it does bring close subjects in focus using the two times. Digital zoom images appear slightly brighter indoors. The selfie camera works better with poor lighting primary camera struggled with focus here. The primary camera definitely requires a little more light to produce usable portrait shots with indoor lighting, these aren’t up to mid range level of outputs. I tested that dual front facing flash and clearly this camera really needs that dual flash to see anything at night. The techno pover is like an oversized spark 5 pro with a gaming cpu and a ginormous battery. It is a performer when it comes to running tasks, but that’s where the mid rangeness ends. Some of the specs are basically low. End features like the cameras, micro, usb port, hd plus display and the really cheap earphone in the box.

It is definitely not for people who want it all balanced or snapchatters or instagrammers. If you really are only about that gaming performance, productivity and long lasting battery life – and you can live with the underwhelming camera results, then you may want to consider the techno pover it retails for 80 000 naira, which converts to 170 us dollars and tecno, is currently Running a christmas promo, where 20 people who buy during this season get to win 1 million naira each see my description for more details. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and share.