I want to start off with a disclaimer and talk about how things are not always as they seem in the tech world, so this phone is as low as 50 bucks. Like i said when you buy it locked onto a specific network that’s what i did actually paid 60 bucks for this guy on the tracfone network, but i actually could have paid less since there’s other options like simple mobile for 50 bucks through target. But this is not the kind of phone you buy, unlocked at face value, which is actually 150 bucks spectacularly overpriced, especially when i just reviewed an unlocked phone for 100 bucks that’s much better in every way. So if what you want is a main phone that you’re actually going to pay for service with head over to my umedici a7 pro review that’s the budget phone, i actually recommend as a main but in the world of burner – phones where you don’t pay for service. Maybe you’re looking for a second phone for work stuff. Maybe you want to give your kids a phone, but just to play. Angry birds on this is the world in which i’m reviewing the a01. Please don’t buy this phone unlocked at its overpriced face value and don’t buy carrier subsidized to actually set up the plan. It’S locked onto that’s always a bad deal, but if you’re still here and fit the criteria of just using this phone over wi fi let’s talk about the design first off.

The aos feel, in the hand, is to me similar to that of the pixel 4a. I know people sometimes don’t draw the connections like i do, but look they’re just about the same size. They got a very similar plastic texture and the thickness and weight is very similar. If you have these, both in your backpack and you’re just reaching around for them. In the dark, i think you’d have trouble telling the difference when you turn on the ao7, though you’re greeted by a pretty nice looking 5.7 inch, 720p plus ips display i’m, not even going to comment on the bezels and chin, if you think it’s outdated for 2020 To 2021, i can see that if you think it’s actually pretty good for the price, though i get that as well. Really, regardless of how you see it, it is definitely workable, though let’s talk, everyday usage and as a precursor, i just want to say, don’t expect a multitude of bells and whistles with this guy. I talked about how i appreciated the included screen protector in case with the a7 pro you don’t, get that here. Don’T expect to be able to pay with your phone in stores, because there’s no nfc, there’s, no fingerprint reader anywhere on the phone and unsurprisingly, no fast charging. My particular model does actually surprisingly have usb c, but i’ve heard that it actually depends on the network. You get it from so just keep in mind. Even that may vary as well.

Now performance is where things get interesting, because this is, without a doubt, the strongest category of this phone it’s got a snapdragon 4′, which is really pretty fast and for sure usable for everyday tasks. It’S actually kind of crazy, because the performance was fairly comparable to say that of the a7 pro and while yes, the clock speed is worse on the galaxy a01 there’s half as much ram. This guy, somehow still manages to keep up, albeit with a few hiccups and glitches like you’d, expect on any budget phone i’m, not one for benchmarks, but if you want to know more i’ll drop. Some articles to tests of both these two chip sets on notebook check. Keep in mind this doesn’t factor in ram and if you look at this comparison site, that kind of tabulates raw spec values between two phones. It puts the a7 pro at a performance score of 78 and the a01 at 73., fairly accurate. In that assessment, i’d say. The last thing i want to talk about is the camera. It takes photos and they aren’t half bad for 50 phone, but i will say this phone isn’t gon na impress anybody in this department, i’ve used quite a few budget phones, and i talk a lot about how you can overcome common phone. Camera weaknesses like blurry photos. Bad dynamic range or noise by holding really still taking a bunch of photos and then editing after the fact that strategy works here, but just less often indoor shots are grainy, so good lighting is always a must.

Dynamic range is pretty bad across the board, but with the effort you can often get sharp colorful photos that do edit fairly well here’s, some examples straight out of the camera Music Music. So, despite the lack of extra features or anything really pleasantly surprising, this is a solid device to scroll, instagram watch youtube and occasionally snap and edit photos on. I remember one time a couple months ago, when i first got this phone, i was trying to post a video on instagram and i could not do it on my new ipad. I just got at the time – and i resorted to this – fifty dollar phone over the five to six hundred dollar ipad, just because it worked so while this ain’t a story of me gushing over a budget phone because it feels like a mid range phone.