Order could be coming within the next 48 hours. The great shutdown of 2020 is underway. Half the people who work in this country own or work for a small business, so so that’s half our jobs. This is probably the biggest leadership challenge any small business person has ever faced. We knew right away that we had to close our doors and we would figure out the rest later offices, we supply the cafes and the restaurants have all had to close their doors and send people home. My theater can’t, put on live, shows anymore. We’Ve had to lay off our entire team, i can’t have my fitness classes in the studio Music. Local businesses need you, they need you now they need to be able to transact online, they need to be able to connect remotely with their customers, and really this is the difference between the main street. We knew before the pandemic and the main street that we just don’t want to know. Music, weary business owners need to catch their breath and move beyond the fear of lost revenue. They’Re operating right now from a point where they don’t have a lot of cash flow and everything is risky um, and so you have to build trust. Finding trusted advisors, i think, is what it’s really all about for these smbs to evolve. During this time, they shouldn’t have to take it on all themselves. Every day i wake up and keep my finger crossed that this is will end.

I don’t know what our future holds: Music, we’re, finding new ways to adapt and survive. We’Re staying connected by taking clients on virtual tours and hosting online meetings. I’Ve been doing a lot of virtual appointments with people where i actually take them around my store with my phone e commerce that wasn’t offered before that now is offered because of necessity is being embraced by many people and that there’s some really good different ways of Working between consumers and businesses – and i think we have to look as a society at what’s not going back to normal, and you know as consumers shopping in businesses or co workers in the new way of work. There are things that we’ve adopted that we’ve all discovered. Like it’s, okay, this is all okay and it’s actually better in some ways. So i think we just have to look at what technology allows for the new way, um that we’re going to want to work and live there’s going to be people that emerge as winners out of this and that’s likely going to be on the entrepreneurs that have The true connection with their customers, going from like nothing 10 to 15 of our sales, will be online this year, and then i just see this getting bigger as we go forward. This is exactly what businesses need right now. You know like the world has changed. Digital has accelerated and a lot of small businesses and local businesses in the past.

Didn’T have access to this stuff and it sounds like vedas is really solving that problem Music. I just knew how to sell. I was a good salesperson and that was it and then i discovered vendasa and it’s really, you know i haven’t had to depend on any loans or any ppp or anything so it’s been great. I do a lot of research hands down.