New airpods macs are quickly becoming my favorite new product of the year and, while i 100 understand the hesitation due to their higher price tag, let’s just remove that part from the equation. Let’S, just assume that you have 550 budgeted out for a pair of headphones, and you want to know if you should spend that 550 on the airpods max. So i think the airpods max have some of the best build quality out of any of the premium headphones. That i have tested – and that includes those uh like the bose 700s, the nc 700s, the sony wh 1000 x1 xm4s, all those crazy names, sony bow sennheiser. All of those we actually did an entire video, comparing all three of those headphones to the airpods max, and you can check that out by clicking the card in the upper right corner. Now i understand that not everyone will have the same comfort experience as me, because we all have different head shapes and ears, etc. It’S all going to fit differently, so this part’s going to be pretty subjective. But for me personally, the airpods max fit me perfectly and they’re extremely comfortable and they make for a good listening experience, especially for long periods of time. Now your opinion on the design of the headphones may differ, but it’s hard to deny the premium construction of the airpods max the ear cups are covered in metal and are always cool to the touch which i really like and oddly it associates a part of my Brain to like premium, when i pick up this metal, you know obviously it’s a premium material and the coolness of that metal.

It just makes it feel really really nice. The actual inside part of the ear cups have a mesh fabric around them and they’re extremely comfortable and it’s different, because most of the headphones that i’ve tested usually use leather. But using leather for a long period of time gets your ears kind of sweaty and it gets a little gross, not to mention it’s incredibly easy to replace these earcups over something like the leather earcups. All you have to do is just pull them out. They’Re magnetic and then you can put it right back and it pops back in. So if you want to replace them or if you want to get different colors, you can do that and swap them out quickly and easily in just a matter of a few seconds. Now the headband does an excellent job at evenly, distributing weight for maximum comfort and the stainless steel. Telescoping band is also really nice and a nice premium touch because it’s just more premium materials overall it’s, a very classy set of headphones. That look and feel great. Now, with that said, about comfort and fit, and everything a good fit is really key to having good noise cancellation and with an excellent fit on my end with the air pods max. They provide me with some excellent noise cancellation and so it’s really hard for me to really hear anything else outside of what i’m listening to audio wise, it’s, really weird, to not be able to hear yourself talk.

Sometimes i can’t even hear myself think, depending on the level that i have these things set at and it’s totally possible to have your airpods max at full volume and have distortionless playback, which is absolutely crazy. Now we all know that travel is minimal right now, at least for most of us, hopefully, and in the next few weeks i would have essentially been going off to vegas for the annual ces, and this would have been my first trip with the airpods max and, Unfortunately, that’s not happening, but i have no doubt that if i was to get on that plane or get in an airport, the airpods max would have been really really good at blocking out all the usual airport background noise, and especially the noise or jet engine of The plane, honestly in my current situation, working at a quiet office pretty much all of the time, it’s a little too much for me to have noise cancellation on at all times. So, thankfully, you could just press this button here on the right ear cup to toggle between noise, cancellation and transparency mode, or you can go into your iphone or your ipad, and you can toggle off noise cancellation entirely so that you don’t have to worry about it. Becoming too much pressure for your ears, when you really don’t need to block out some of those outside noises, okay, so in terms of sound quality, this is obviously really important. They’Re headphones.

They need to sound good and for the average consumer, these headphones will no doubt be among some of the best, if not the best, sounding bluetooth wireless headphones that you probably used myself included. I think they really do sound that good short of spending a lot more on wired, true audiophile headphones. I don’t think there are very many bluetooth headphones out there that really compare with these. In my opinion, now i could be wrong. I haven’t tested every single pair of bluetooth, headphones between 350 to 500 600, but i’ve tested a lot of them and most of the really popular ones, and these are better, in my opinion, in terms of sound quality that’s. How great? I think these sound for what i listen to on a regular basis. The sound profile is fantastic it’s, not overly aggressive in one area or another, so highs or lows: they’re pretty well balanced throughout, but they’re also capable of adding an extra punch depending on what you’re. Listening to at that time, so apple actually added two h1 chips, one to each ear cup and that’s. Something we’ll talk about more soon, but in terms of the effects on the overall sound quality. The h1 chip uses computational audio to help adjust what you’re listening to and it also adjusts to your environment and the fit and the seal around your ears, etc. I also mentioned just a little bit ago about the airpods max offering distortionless playback, meaning everything will sound crisp and clear at really high volumes.

And while i highly recommend that you do not raise the volume of these headphones to maximum level, uh it’s gon na sound just as good at that max level, as it does add something reasonable like middle of the way through. So you really don’t need to crank it up to get that sound. But if you decide to do that, it’s going to be just as crisp and clear as it would be at lower volumes. There are tons of crazy buzzwords listed on apple’s website to describe uh. You know what these headphones are like and what they can do in terms of sound quality. Just a lot of marketing jargon, but one thing i can confirm is that they absolutely do sound amazing and unless you consider yourself an audiophile and are really particular about how you want your audio and you want to fine tune just every little thing, then these probably Won’T be right for you, but for everyone else who just wants to put them on and sound good right out of the box. Don’T want to download an app and tinker around because you just want them to be good. I can assure you that you’ll probably agree with me and think that the airpods max are excellent all right. Next, we have the h1 chip and, as i mentioned before, apple added two h1 chips to the airpods max there’s one on each earcup. This not only leads to some excellent audio quality, as i said before, and crazy computational audio, but also the magical experience that is owning a pair of airpods now i know that sounds over the top cheesy lame fanboy whatever, but it’s really really hard to go back To any other pair of headphones, when you’re, using them with an iphone, an ipad, a mac or really any apple product, because some of the best things that i love about using airpods are features like one tap setup being able to easily switch between other connected devices.

Due to the new automatic device, switching and the fact that you can start listening music on your iphone and then start playing a video on your ipad and it just automatically switches that’s, something that i’ve really grown to enjoy even features like audio sharing, is also great. For those who want to connect two pairs of airpods to one device in order to be able to listen to the same content with another person and it’s all a seamless and easy experience, due in part mostly to the h1 chip and apple’s ecosystem. And the last reason i think you should buy airpods max is because of spatial audio. Now you can get this with uh airpods pro that’s when they were originally announced and they were used on the airpods pro. But now max owners will also get this feature and it’s a lot better on the max because of the immersiveness of the ear cups, because they’re already encompassing your entire ear. So it just kind of makes it that much better. I thought this feature would be a gimmick when i first saw it, it was announced and tr. You know tried it out, but after testing it it’s pretty incredible using the hardware on your airpods like gyroscopes and accelerometers or whatever they pretty much. Allow you to have a surround sound like experience when watching content on devices like an iphone, an ipad or an apple tv, it even adjusts to your head and body positions with what apple calls dynamic head tracking.

So, if you’re watching content on your ipad, for example, as soon as you move your head or device, your air pods will automatically detect this and adjust accordingly on the fly in order to continue delivering you some great immersive sound. That feels like it’s. Coming from all around you, but it’s coming from your device rather than in your ears, it was really weird at first because it was something that i wasn’t used to. But i quickly came to love it and, if you’re, someone who watches a lot of movies or tv shows on your iphone or your ipad or even your apple tv, it’s, a fantastic feature to have and that’s it. I would love to know your thoughts and reasons on why you think the airpods max are worth picking up in the comments down below now before we end today’s video. I do want to give you more information about today’s sponsor sophos home sofos home is security and privacy built for an entire family regardless, if they’re mac or pc users, it utilizes the same award. Winning security features that keep fortune 500 companies safe, stopping malware. Ransomware hacking exploits and much more sophos home also protects what you do online keeping web based banking and shopping, safe and secure, protecting webcams microphones, and even what you type sophos home, secures your privacy and to make all this protection. Simple sophos home allows you to manage security on up to 10 computers located anywhere in the world via the cloud it’s.

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