Let’S start everything off with the design, the design of the airpods max look very retro. They look super classy and very well built we’ve got a knit mesh headband that distributes the weight, reducing pressure on the top of your head. The arms are made out of stainless steel and they are highly adjustable. You really notice how extremely well they’re built just by adjusting the headband. The ear cups are made out of anodized aluminum, which get pretty cold on cold days and the ear cups are made out of memory foam. They provide an effective seal to maximize audio performance. My favorite thing about this is this magnets: you can simply remove your detachable by magnet. This is just such a simple solution. Get such an effective solution, so maybe if one of them breaks or if one of them kind of gets old – or maybe you just want to switch up the color it’s as easy as just i could do this all day. The digital crown that we all know and love from our apple watch now comes to the airpods max. It allows us to control all of our media. We can control the volume press to play a song double tap, to skip a song hold for siri, etc. Now let’s talk about twitter’s trending topic, the smart case for the airpods max Music. What do i think about this? After a couple days of using it? You see the design the actual design might be growing on me, but the purpose, but the purpose is not really growing on me because i don’t really find a purpose for this case.

Whenever you put the airpods max inside of the case, they do go inside of this ultra low power mode like this. Your battery will last so much longer, but a purpose of a case is to protect, and the smart case for your airpods max does not protect. Now i’m scared to put my airpods max inside of my backpack i’m scared. To put my airpods max inside of a suitcase apple doesn’t. Want you to put the airpods max inside of your suitcase apple. Wants you to carry this around like it’s a purse, and me personally, i don’t want that. Sometimes i will do that, but i want to have the option to have a case. I know i can buy one out of amazon, which is great there’s, some other alternatives, but i want apple to include a case, because this will not protect your airpods max. Your very expensive airpods max should be protective whenever you’re just shoving them on a bag. Now, before we get into what makes the airpods max so special and the sound quality of the airpods max, i just want to remind you that i’ve actually uploaded three videos on the airpods max. I uploaded how to make the airpods max really useful. A video where i show you all the most useful tips and tricks for you to take the full advantage of your airpods max. I uploaded my unboxing with my first reaction. With that sound quality and three, i uploaded a day in the life of the airpods max a simple day with me and my girlfriend, where we simply go out and about try out the airpods max.

We actually went to the wax museum and i actually put the airpods max to the wax museum. You should definitely check out those three videos. Links are in the description all right so before we start talking about the sound quality i wanted to mention on what makes the airpods max so special you see. Apple has taken everything that makes the airpods so special into the airpods max starting off with the insane and easy pairing between all of your apple devices. Then we get noise, cancellation and transparency mode, since there are eight microphones inside of the airpods. Max apple offers us an insane active noise cancellation. They block out all sound like it’s, nothing. I actually went to the metro if you’ve watched my day in the life video you know, but i actually went to the subway and tested the airpods max as soon as the metro was coming. I put on my music, i turned on noise cancellation and i could not hear anything. I was super impressed with that it’s just top notch. Noise cancellation is top notch and then, on the other hand, we’ve got transparency mode and transparency. Mod is the total opposite of that with the use of that many microphones apple lets in all the sound from the exterior like this, maybe you’re walking in the street, and you want to hear traffic because it is kind of dangerous to walk around the city with Noise cancellation on because you can’t hear anything or if somebody’s talking to you and you want to still put music on, you can listen to the person and listen to the music.

So noise cancellation and transparency mode are top notch. And probably my favorite feature on the airpods max is spatial audio spatial audio provides a realistic and immersive theater. Like experience, i watched a couple of episodes of the mandalorian using spatial, audio and it’s quite scary. You can literally hear people shooting behind you baby. Yoda. Talking. Sorry grogul, yes spoilers, you can hear it’s just sound all over the place you hear shooting from there from there. Then somebody talking to you behind you it’s, quite awesome. Spatial audio is definitely the most advanced feature with the earpods max and then we get features such as automatic head detection, easier, audio, sharing, announcing messages with siri, always on hey siri support that’s. What makes the airpods max really special now let’s talk about sound quality. The airpods mags have low distortion, clean high pitches. They sound very clean, very well banished. They are not really bass heavy, but they get extremely loud. We also get adaptive eq, which ensures a consistent listening experience. Airpods max will adapt to your eq depending on where you are airpods. Macs are the best wireless noise cancellation headphones out there you’re simply the best. If we’re talking about sound quality, airpods max are the best that’s just my opinion. Last year i picked up the sony xm1000xm4k3hdr98 prime times four divided by three, and you know the name is horrible and they weren’t as good as the airpods max and then the bose.

I tried them out at the store. Airpods max are definitely better. Airpods macs are better in design. Airpods max are better in sound quality. Airpods max also have the apple ecosystem, plus they have all these small features such as that crazy, crazy mandalorian experience. So you want me to answer the question: are the airpods max worth it, and this is such a tough question? This is such a tough answer, because i love everything about the airpods max, but i know that the airpods max are not for everybody. So since the airpods max are the best wireless noise cancellation headphones, i think that justifies the price of the airpods max by no means i’m saying that the airpods max are cheap by no means i’m saying that the airpods max are for everybody but i’m, saying that The airpods max are simply the best headphones out there right now. So for me that justifies the price. What i want you to do is not give your opinion, of course, you’re free to give your opinion, and i want to listen to yours, but before you start giving and roasting the airpods max on twitter. Like you know, trending topic, air cosmetics, where i want you to actually try them out, go to the apple store, feel how nice they are feel the quality of them and actually listen to them. The airpods max are not the first expensive headphones out there. Of course people love to rant about them because it’s apple and apple, everybody rants about apple, but the truth is there are thousands of headphones that cost more than a thousand bucks apple is not the first one to to release an expensive pair of headphones.

It doesn’t cost more than a thousand. Once again, i know they are expensive but in my opinion the airpods max are worth it. Thank you so much for watching subscribe.