Is it worth upgrading or if you don’t, have an apple watch? Is this the one to buy in this video we’re going to be going over key features, seeing who this product would actually be good for and how it compares to the competition and whether it’s worth your hard earned money so stay tuned let’s get into the video? Now each iteration of apple watches have boasted at least one or two incremental new features. Features that are must haves for some, but may not be for others. The series six is no exception so, depending on which camp you’re in it could be the one for you or maybe the new apple watch. Sc is better suited for your lifestyle and budget. The overall design hasn’t really changed since the series 4., but for those into aesthetics it’s a little thinner, you’ll love the new blue aluminum and red aluminum case colors. If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, it also looks quite snazzy in the stainless steel and titanium casing. Apple also has a new silicone solo loop band. It has no clasps or buckles, which gives it a more streamlined, look and provides a snug fit the display itself. Hasn’T changed from the series 5.. The retina oled display is probably still the best around, but the always on display is now two and a half times brighter, but that said, some may still find it too dim without being able to adjust it. Of course, once you raise your wrist, it has the same brightness as the series 5, which wasn’t really disappointing since it’s, already extremely bright, even in direct sunlight for those more serious about health tracking apple’s health monitoring has greatly improved, along with the already fda, approved.

Ecg. Monitor you’ll find a new heart rate monitor. It may be one of the best wrist based heart rate sensors out there. The new additions include the spo2 sensor, which has yet to receive fda approval or ce clearance, but it can still provide some insights. Be aware, though, interpreting the data is not as easy, nor is it very detailed. You’Ll also finally find sleep tracking with watch os 7. previous os’s have lacked this. Unfortunately, like the sp02 data, you’ll only get general insights. You won’t see your sleep stages like light deep or rem sleep. The gps has also gone through some improvements. Its data is now more visually accurate on your map, without the smoothing tracks like on previous apple watches, and it still locks on extremely quickly to the gps signal when it comes to general fitness tracking we’ve found, the apple watches have always been feature rich. The series 6 is no exception with more workout modes than ever before, for those working towards better health and fitness you’ll find comprehensive features to help you reach your goals. These include a continuous altimeter which is great for climbers and hikers apple’s. Fitness app has been revamped to give you a one: stop shop for fitness, tracking and there’s a variety of workout metrics, but that said for those serious about their workouts, you may find the series 6 has some limits in the details. Here you may find garmin and fitbit smartwatches more suitable.

What makes the apple watches so appealing for many people is that it’s not just for health monitoring and fitness tracking. When it comes to smartwatch features, the series 6 can’t be matched. You get access to all the app store apps, including apple’s own arsenal of great apps. You also get offline music access with apple music, and you get apple pay. Even siri has been upgraded to dictate speech right on the watch, making it extremely quick. The battery is still probably the apple watch’s weakest feature it’s disappointing that it’s still only rated for 18 hours. Despite its new, more power efficient processor, you can maybe squeeze out two days worth by turning various features off, but it’s still nowhere near the garments and fitbits in comparison as a small constellation. It does recharge about 20 percent faster, so what’s the verdict. There are better fitness, smart watches for fitness training, but if you’re looking for the best all around smart watch, then we think the series 6 is simply the best smart watch you can buy. It may not have enough included to sway those that already have the series 5, but if you have an even older apple watch or if you’re looking to get an apple watch for the first time, the feature rich series 6 watch delivers on value. Despite its premium price, but if having ecg sp02 or the always on display aren’t as important, then the new, more affordable apple watch sc may be something to consider.

It delivers pretty much all the same features and user experience of the series six, but for much less well that’s all for this video. We hope you guys liked it. If you did, please go ahead and give this video a like if you’re new to the channel, we review tech in a simple, straightforward manner for the average person. So if you want tech reviews simplified be sure to subscribe, check out the description for links to the most up to date.