After all. This is tech tablets right, but i’ve moved on a long time ago. Tablets are dying, or you could say, almost dead, pretty much, but we’re still getting some releases so i’m going to be checking out more android 10 tablets. When i can now, i also reviewed a while back the audio cube. I play 20 one of my favorites very good screen, but an amazing price and great value for money that one sells for about 125, and now we have the upgraded newer version, which is faster. We’Ve got a little bit more ram, more storage. This one here is the iplay 30, so it does have a fully laminated screen. It has a maximum brightness which did surprise me. We don’t normally see this right now, i’ve actually got it turned down, but it is 630 nits, so very, very bright. Now the screen has very good touch response, it’s, actually not bad at all. The bezels don’t look amazing, there’s a tiny little bit of light leakage around the edges of the screen. Now there is one thing with this screen: even though it’s great it’s got a great brightness and being fully laminated. Unfortunately, audio cube in the settings doesn’t. Let us change or tweak the white balance or the saturation, so you will have to find third party apps to do so. At least we can get around that particular issue there. So the chipset inside this one is an octa core.

It is the helio p60 and a lot better in terms of performance, so much better than the iplay 20, which was lacking. That was the real main thing with that particular budget tablet. It just wasn’t really good at games at all. This one is so much better as i’ll show you later on in this particular in depth. Review so we’ve also got 128 gigabytes of storage. It has dual sim support, so, on the upper right hand, side we have a sim tray which takes two nano sims micro sd card and the build quality of this. Well. It is about 9.8 millimeters, the thickness it weighs just over 520 grams, so it’s not going to win any awards for being the slimmest or the lightest tablet at 10.5 inches and the build well plastic around the outside okay, the frame around the outside here. The back has an alloy middle plate on there and it doesn’t feel bad in hand. Now, if i give it a bit of a flex here, there’s no creaks, it doesn’t feel super cheap and because the screen’s fully laminated it doesn’t. Look like a budget super budget. Cheap particular tablet which well it kind of is in the price range of 160 or so us dollars so down the bottom. There are two downwards firing loudspeakers and a type c port. So in the box, the charger is 10 watts and it will take a super slow three hours over three hours to fully charge the 7 000 milliamp hour battery within this and i’ll cover battery life later on in this review.

Now, how are those downwards firing? Speakers, they’re, okay and here is a sample of them at 100, Music volume and then up the top of the tablet. We have a 3.5 millimeter headphone out microphone now. The quality out of this particular headphone jack is not too bad and it does have fm radio on board, which is another positive here, there’s a lot on offer for the price, with a tablet like this and on the right. We have our buttons now these power and volume up and down they’re made out of plastic, but they don’t rattle around and they don’t actually feel cheap, so they’re, not bad at all, so overall, decent build quality to this particular tablet. I do like it so the front facing camera is five megapixels. The one on the rear is eight and they’re, not very good quality at all. You can see with this front facing camera, while i’ve actually got 720p maximum resolution, and even though that’s pretty low and the helio p60 could do 1080p, just fine it’s choppy. This is only about 20 frames per second 15 frames per second, so at least we do have the cameras there. If you needed it for voice calls chat. Skype zoom calls whatever, like that. It’S just don’t expect good quality. Your mobile phone will do a lot better than this tablet here now, our wrong with this one is a hundred percent stock. We basically have no bloatware and i’m running android 10 gestures, very good.

The touch response of the screen, the digitizer, is great, it’s, not lacking in any area at all that i’m noticing. So this is one super positive, really out of quite a few, with the screen being super bright. Now, as i mentioned, that there’s no controls for the contrast, sadly in the settings here with this particular display, when you go in there, you jump in and you take a look under display. You’Ve got some options: we’ve got adaptive brightness as well, so there is actually an ambient light sensor just located to the left of the front facing 5 megapixel camera, and there is just no option in here. Sadly, for tweaking that display contrast and brightness, but the white balance, they have set isn’t too bad it’s, not like a warm white it’s, not too cool somewhere in the middle. So i think most people won’t have a problem with it, but they are third party apps to change that. So the wrong performance in general is quite good. Bringing out recent apps uh, it doesn’t seem to have any kind of noticeable huge amounts of stutter or lag with that, which is good. You might have noticed right up here that i’ve got the voiceover lt icon there, showing two so 4g band 20 band 28. I believe they also have so all working for me. No problems at all let’s take a look at just a few benchmarks. Now and just before i do this is what you get out of the box when you first powered on all of our applications.

So to me, there’s really no bloatware on there at all. Most of those are useful. You could say play movies and tv, maybe that’s one bloke thing but there’s, no, like spotify, tik, tok or anything like that. Pre installed, which is good to see they keep the rom stock free available space. Well, we do actually have plenty on this one being 128 gigabytes. Of course you can install micro sd cards to increase that storage capacity. 128 gigabytes i have tested and working just fine android 10 and the security patch level is september, the 5th so that’s a little bit behind, and i do hope that that will be updated soon. Autocube with their previous model. The iplay 20 have been pushing out over the air updates. In fact, they’ve been so good with it. It’S been a real surprise, so this is where it really is so much better than the iplay 20. The performance it’s just clear day and night here, gpu scores and the cpu scores, and just everywhere, we’re, just using it as well so much faster. The iplay 20 got just over a hundred thousand points and then two two eight version. Eight – and this is a hundred and sixty so that gives you an idea now we do have with this uh emmc, 4.5 storage, so very good, actually in terms of the reads and writes really not bad. Okay for the price. This is selling for this isn’t going to bottleneck this particular tablet, it’s more the chipset.

That would be, of course, the bottleneck for this one, and this is another thing, probably their biggest actually thing for people buying. This particular tablet would be for media consumption and, unfortunately, no wide vine level, one cert. So what this means level three right here, that it’s showing sorry means that netflix amazon, prime video is going to be stuck in standard definition and standard definition looks okay bearable just on such a nice screen would be great if we had hd or full hd. Of course, now the wireless speeds uh with this particular chipset – it will cap out on my network here at 200, so 200 megabits per second is the limit and then going away to the spot downstairs where i test all of the devices here, some some even some Really expensive tablets and other phones and things have only been able to get just over 100 megabits per second at that point, so the lower end of the wireless speeds is still quite good. Gps is here it’s working, okay, but it’s, not an amazing gps. We don’t have hardware compass support, so it’s always going to be pointing north. The hardware compass, of course, does help out for navigation. If you wanted to use this in a boat or something like that or in your car it’s going to definitely help it’s there. If you need it, and it doesn’t see and lock on to a lot of satellites and accuracy, will hover around sort of three meters, four meters, most of the time there for me, so better life i’ve done this over a few couple of tests and we’ve got Almost eight hours here now eight and a half hours.

I think it was with the i play 20 and eventually i did end up getting almost nine hours on this one, so it takes a few battery cycles. This would be now my fourth battery cycle to start getting the battery life. You expect this translates into probably about 10 hours of on screen time. If you ran it right down until it powered itself off so battery life is, i think, it’s good. I think it’s good for this one, the same as the iplay 20, not bad at all, and then the exact charge time for the 7 000 milliamp hour battery is 193 minutes from 15, so it is very slow and i don’t know why it doesn’t support mediatek’s Pump express, it could have been additional licensing costs, and this is why they decided not to do it or the additional cost of having to include say an 18 watt charger instead of the 10 watt charger. So watching youtube videos on this tablet because of the 16 by 10 screen. That means that we’re gon na get borders top and bottom for any 16×9 content. Youtube runs really good. This is the 1080p setting we have for maximum. Of course, there and it’s smooth it catches up it’s, just fine. It looks good on the screen and if i decide to skip ahead on a video you’ll see that that loads up straight away and not a problem at all, so youtube 1080p it’s. Only amazon prime video in netflix, sadly, because of that wide vine level, 3 cert, is stuck on standard definition, so the gaming performance on this one very good.

This is call of duty on the lowest graphics settings which i would keep it on, but the highest frame rate option is available to me and it is very smooth. It’S fluid and i’ve got someone hanging on shooting at me. I think you know that’s just my teammate here. I know there is one guy see if i can get a kill and it’s fast enough to get kills, do not have any major lag and most of the games all out there they’re going to run well on this. Just keep it on the low setting. With this particular chipset and thermals well, it does get a little bit warm, but nothing alarming. Nothing that worries me and the performance seems to be constant and steady, which is the main thing and what about ebooks? If you like, your ebook readers, your pdf files and you love to read them on your tablets, this is a very good screen for that, because it’s sharp it’s, clear, it’s, fully laminated also has a really good brightness. If you happen to be outdoors or somewhere really bright, you’ll still be able to see the see the screen just fine without any problem. So this is using google books, pdf file reader and it looks excellent. I can double tap in here and bring that up. The text is very sharp, it is clear and no issues with it looks great now we have the option of changing. Of course, the contrast and things here with google books but you’ve also got the eye protection mode, which i’ll turn onto a blue light filter.

Uh turn it off now and reading mode, if you prefer that that is also there very handy to have this rom feature there, which i think is standard now anyway, with android 10. That then turns everything. Black and white let’s have a look at an e book too, just the same experience with the e book. It looks excellent, really good i’ll, just put it into portrait and very nice for reading and the battery life. If you’re doing something like this, depending on your brightness seating, it should be able to go for at least nine to ten hours. Okay, so my time using this one now, i think it’s a clear winner to me that if you were looking at the iplay 20, which is similar to this one, but it is yes, of course, a little bit cheaper. I think it’s well worth it to pay that 30 40 us dollars more and go for this model, because the chipset in here is just so much better. So much more power better at gaming and just the general rom performance does feel better and things like even pdf files, you’re noticing they’re, better performance, so that’s one area to go for it. We get four gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage as well versus. I think it was 64 and three gigabytes of ram, so that’s definitely aiding in the performance. So the build quality is good, it’s not premium as you’d expect for the price tag, but there are no creeks or flexing in it.

When i just give it a bit of a flex hair bent, i don’t feel it moving around so raw it’s great there, the battery life fairly decent. So from the score i showed you that was a benchmark running and looping and it’s about the same that we got with the iplay 20, so the battery life is very very similar, so this can go for about 10 hours, even maybe 11, if you’re just watching Youtube or light content and not stressing it out too much was great, so the screen is the best thing about it that it is very, very bright fully laminated at this price point is excellent and the fact that we have 4g dual sim fm radios support gps On board, even though there’s no hardware compass – as i pointed out so good, to have all this at the price point, it sells for the only real major well, not even major, but the bad points are that the charge time is very slow over three hours. The cameras on it are rubbish. They’Re, not good at all. The microphone is is okay, you can still place voice calls but there’s, no noise cancellation with the mic and really that’s about it with this particular model. So i do hope that audio cube continues. This trend of updating and bug, fixes and rom updates that they’ve been doing lately, which has been a real surprise for me. So with the iplay 20 they’ve been pushing out a lot of over the air updates and i hope we’re going to get some with this particular model.

So thank you so much for watching my review of the uldu cube, i play 30.