The 28th today is december 11th and i just got it Music. Banggood, i understand, is a chinese communist company. If i’d have known all this, when i ordered it, i wouldn’t have ordered it and i don’t think i’ll ever be ordering banggood again, they didn’t tell me it was coming from china. This watch actually came from china. A lot of stuff comes from china’s made in china, but this was actually shipped from china, okay and they don’t tell you when you order it until you actually pay the bill that it’s going to take. You know two weeks 14 days 21 days, whatever it is to get the product they don’t tell you that they don’t tell you that it’s not being shipped from here in the united states from somebody so let’s open it up with that being said, see what it’s, Like the watch was 43 dollars and change 88 cents, Music for insurance, and then i forgot what it was for shipping, but the final bill was right at 50: bucks, Music, so obviously shipping, wasn’t free, so there’s the box, it’s called smart life. I don’t know whether that’s the manufacturer, what that, when i ordered a watch it’s on the order sheet, it said it was bakey b, a k, e e y. This says: smart life, health, intelligent future begin an intelligent and healthy lifestyle. On the back, it says the watch will monitor your ekg ecg monitoring heart rate monitor lorentz diagram.

I don’t know what that is: magnetic charge: pedometer hrv health index, blood pressure, monitor blood oxygen, monitor calorie count, it’s ip67, waterproof and there’s a little picker of the watch on the back here. All right, let’s see if we can get it out of the box, and i don’t understand all these really fancy cartons anymore. Everything’S got to have a fancy. Carton i’d, rather have a couple dollars off and just have a piece of cardboard, no idea what this is. It’S written in Music, chinese there’s, the watch there’s the back of the watch – yeah i’m gon na zoom. In so you can see: okay, there’s, the back of the watch there’s the front of the watch watch band some foam packing, so you got to put your own band on and understand that instructions, more foam packing and another little box inside the box and in that Box there’s a charging cord, the charging cord has the little magnetic things on the bottom there and i’m sure they yeah magnetized and clicks right on the watch. All right, there’s, a peel off bake watch, whoa. Well, the back of the instructions is all in chinese, but the front or the inside. I guess i guess that was not yeah that was the inside is in english. American ease, put the band on and then Music see. If i can get it started up and functioning and get back with you and tell you if it really does all it says, it’ll do well.

I took my blood pressure with it and it wasn’t really a good test, because i i just held it with my finger. Uh came out 112 or 88. I took my blood pressure on the blood pressure machine and it was 119 over 84.. So considering how i did it just by sticking it up on my wrist it’s, pretty accurate, i was really surprised. I didn’t think it would be well on the back of the box down here on the bottom. It gives some technical data. The display is 1.3 inches. Resolution is 240 by 240. Material is plastic, silicone aluminum, weight, 38 grams, wrist belt size, 26, centimeters belt type removable. It was relatively easy to put on you shake the watch, and the time comes up. I just noticed that charge type magnetic charger, battery 200 milliamp lithium battery charge, time 2 hours standby time 15 days, bluetooth version 4.0 supports os, android, 4, 4 or above and ios 8.0 or above well, i’ve been through the all the functions that it does: here’s an Ecg, i didn’t even read the instructions. I just worked with the watch. If i get it and you just flip up and go through the screen, it’s real easy, the app is uh called h band and you just pick out what you want to do on the hbo. It comes right up. My blood pressure is very accurate compared to my blood monitor equipment. I don’t know how good the ecg is.

Next time i go to my cardiologist. I’Ll show it to him blood oxygen level takes it real. Well. 98 percent course that i haven’t used the uh tracking part of it as to exercise walking running or anything like that, because it’s raining cats and dogs, but that’s uh pretty well everything very intuitive easy to use user friendly. Whatever you want to call it, it was harder to install the bands than it was to take my blood pressure, so i will read the instructions – fine eventually but hey for 50 bucks. It seems to be pretty good. The face shows the steps time date and day. So that works out pretty good, i don’t know there’s more faces. You can choose from or not i’ll check that all out but uh for 50 bucks compared to the 300 that fitbit and garmin and all the others want if it works, it’s, a real bargain and so far it’s working for the quality. The watch feels pretty good. It’S uh got a little heft to it. It’S it’s big, but not too big yeah. My wrists are small and it fits pretty well on there uh there’s several notches. It could go up quite a bit much bigger wrist than what mine is. I did notice on taking the ecg. I had to wet my wrist just a little bit. It has to be damp. I think that’s typical of all the watches so so far after 30 minutes i’m pleased with the watch i’m gon na complete this video after about a week, Music i’m – not going to sign it off today, i’m going to complete it after about a week.

Just to see if i’m still happy and pleased with the watch Music today is the 23rd and i’ll give you an update on the watch after see, i think it’ll be 12 days. Music watch region 114 over 76., 121 or 87 Music pulse rate 64., 124. Over 86 Music, taking it right after Music, which is pretty close to 121 over 87. okay, first of all outdoor, you cannot read the dial at all. You can’t even come close. Secondly, something about it, Music with my phone. When i get text messages they typically don’t show up, but occasionally they do show up and why it’s a hit and mess. I have no idea Music when i’m walking and listening to the radio on my earbuds. I keep getting a message that the radio station is trying to contact me. It gets repeatedly over and over and over very annoying Music other than that. The watches function relatively well. The sleep function is extremely accurate. I go to my phone here’s, the report for last night, Music, a little yellow bar there that’s. When i got up for a few minutes. The red is rem, sleep, Music, the are the pink is rem sleep. The yellow is waking up, this is light sleep and the blue is deep sleep and it’s very accurate. I i’ve noticed that when i get up in the morning and i feel good – i have a four star: whoops have a four star rating on my sleep in the mornings.

When i get up and i don’t feel real well, i go and look. I only have a two or three star rating, so the sleep function is extremely accurate. It gives a little information here about what each sleep means. If you have normal sleep, that sort of thing – okay, let’s go back, the heart rate function shows a little graft, shows the minimum maximum average. And if you scroll on down you click on details and it it reaches a heart rate every minute. So you can see what my pulse rate is there uh? How accurate is it it’s, accurate? It seems to be within about five points. Typically, five to ten points, most of the time, uh blood pressure. It reads the blood pressure, every five minutes. Typically, although i see it skipped one there, maybe i didn’t have a watch on at that time. I don’t know, but you can see it all. Through the night here, ecg function, ecg function, i’ve gotten a reading. One time when i very first got the watch. I put it on i hit that button, and that was the only time since then i’ve not been able to get an ecg at all, not once no matter what i do, whether it says you have to wet your wrist to get an ecg function and i’ll Show you what that’s sleep or step data weather weather is, of course, reading off the phone, so it’s very accurate sleep function, heart rate blood pressure takes about 30 seconds for it to come up, uh oxygen level.

I don’t know whether that’s, accurate or not i’ve never had oxygen level below 95. So this is pretty accurate. I would imagine sports mode ecg now, if you do ecg here uh it won’t record the data. You have to start the ecg on your phone supposedly to get data but i’m not able to get an ecg reading. No matter what i do, i’ll hold a long press, it says testing it comes on. There lead off on a scale of 1 to 10, i’d say ecg function is 0., of course. The last thing is the only place i could find. This watch was from banggood, which is a chinese company. I didn’t realize that, and i wouldn’t have ordered it. Not only because they’re chinese, but because it took forever to get the watch, as i explained when i first did the box opening so anyway, i guess, on a scale of one to ten i’d rate, the watch about a five, maybe a six it’s, the old saying You get what you pay for, it was cheap, it was 50 bucks laid in and it works fairly well, but it was just a test for me. I just wanted to see if i could would really want a watch like this and would really be using it and until the good ones come down in price. I doubt if i’ll get a different one. You know i’m, not sure it’s worth the 300 dollars, that the information that you get is not really uh we’ll call it sound proof.

It’S, not doctor proof there’s, no doctor going to look at the ecg reading on your watch and give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down, so it’s been fun to play with it’s all like that’s. The only thing i can tell you all right. Well, that’s my review for what it’s worth i’m no expert on this stuff, but it’s been fun and keep watching share.