It does have a few good features and there are a few downsides as well. So let me start off with what comes inside the box, so inside the box you would get the smartphone itself. It comes with a built in screen protector as well, because if you go online on ebay on amazon, any retailers, you won’t really find a screen protector for this model, so they provide a screen protector. They also provide a silicone case as well, because you won’t also find the case for this model, so it comes with a case. It also comes with a mains plug here, a three pin mains plug, and it also comes with a usb type c charging cable and this pin to open up the sim tray. Here it comes with the user guide as well. A few other information about the battery is not detachable, etc. Just gives us a few information honestly, most android smartphones. The battery is not detachable anyways. There are a few budget priced ones that you can detach the batteries, but that’s a few, all right, hey so now. One thing i really like about this smartphone is that i love the design of it. It really stands out. The build quality is amazing. It has a front and back glass built as well that’s, something else i like. It also has a hole, punch screen as well, and also the scree. The screen size is 6.4 inch fhd. Let me switch this on so with this switch on buttons here.

It also has a fingerprint um unlock as well built in so the fingerprint print is on the side like the sony smartphone, so you can just unlock it by tapping it on the side. On this side it has the volume control and to open the same tray up it’s here. So let me open the sim tray up. I can show you all done. Okay, so let’s take it out. Okay! So once you take this out, it takes a micro, sd memory card and it takes one nano sim, so you can use it that way or you can put two um two sims two nano sims in. If you want okay, let me put that back in again. So once that’s connected, you can see that there’s a front camera it’s on the left top corner at the back. It does have a penta camera and bear in mind. Look. You can see there’s a lot of fingerprint marks on it. That’S because there’s a glass back and you have to always clean it. If you have the case on it, it doesn’t really make um make a lot of fingerprint marks, because that covers most of it now let’s. Let me show you a few features now. This has a built in 6 gig ram and 128 gig internal memory, so enough memory to download as many apps you want as many videos take pictures and make it take videos do whatever you want. You got enough memory for that.

It has a built in android, 10 and 10 operating system with a built in 4200 mah battery capacity. So battery life is good as well. It does have a fast charge built in, so it does charge up quickly and the fact that it does have the latest operating system as well, that’s, quite good as well. It also has nfc most um smartphones like this would have this. It also has gps. It has 5g wi fi otg, bluetooth, 4.2, and it also has the dark mode as well so at night, if you’re using dark um this mode it might, it might affect your eyes, so you can actually change it to dark mode and it doesn’t really have that Much effect to your eyes and it does have the front camera – is a 32 megapixel camera it’s, pretty good. To be honest, but the back camera. It looks like the samsung camera to be honest and that’s a penta camera, so you’ve got five cameras there with a flashlight. Now the five camera is the main lens, which is a samsung s5 kg m1 48 megapixel, then there’s the ultra wide one as well. Uh. Ultra wide angle lens, which is a 16 megapixel camera, and then it comes with a macro lens, uh, five megapixel and then there’s a depth of field lens two megapixel and there’s. A side mounted fingerprint sensor um as well. So here now these cameras, i’ve tested there and i’ll be honest.

In my opinion, it’s the worst. The camera is not that good uh. The quality is not good, it’s, very pixelated when you’re recording and when the flash is on it’s still pixelated, but i just reduced slightly i’ll show you some videos and you can see it and picture wise as well same thing. You still can see a lot of pixels now. The double sided glass is quite good because it has a 2.5 d, double sided glass, so the quality is very good and strong. Now, if you open this up, it is a very smooth, um smartphone. Even if you download a lot of apps and stuff, it does have a 6 gram that’s enough to hold a lot of apps and stuff, and you can do a lot of uh usage with a lot of apps running in the back. Bear in mind. Sometimes it might slow down, but otherwise the speed wise is good for the pricing. Okay, so settings let’s go to the settings. I can show you what’s in the settings. So in the settings uh you got the wi fi. The these are the basics that you would get an android smartphone, any android, smartphone anyways, so i’m, just showing you so you’ve got all these here and then you got connected devices. You got nfc and the bluetooth there, and then you got the apps and notifications here. So it just shows you a few more informations there and then um the battery life.

It shows um how to use the battery saver, the battery manager to save your battery, even though it does have a fast battery life and the battery life is good as well. Go between four five to 200 mah battery capacity. The display is here so you’ve got brightness level night light adaptive, brightness, wallpaper, dark theme there, and then you go auto rotation font size, display size, screen saver and lift to wake up. So it does have a few good features built into it. Even if you go to sound, you also got those options there as well. Um phone ringtone, sim two then got advanced. You got a few other information like um, controlling the dow pad tones and all those options there as well, and you got a sound enhancement as well. So if you go there that’s for making the speaker more louder, so you’ve got the options. If you want to make it more louder and then, if you go to storage without downloading, i haven’t downloaded anything that’s built in apps it’s, already taken up nearly eight gig already, but you’ve got plenty of memories too there to um use and honestly, when you start Using the wi fi, it will up update all the apps and building apps as well. So we’ll take a bit of memory there as well, so you got the privacy, there account activities and personal data there and you got a few more informations there. And then you got the um security, so in the security you got um the screen lock, you got face, unlock and fingerprint unlock, so you’ve got both so that’s.

Another great features that you got built in for a budget price. It does have a lot of features packed into it, so that’s a good thing. Now then you’ve got the accounts: you’ve got accessibility, good digital wellbeing and parental control and system etc. So all those features there now let me get the camera ready, so i can show you the camera, so i want to show you the photos first and then i’ll show you the video and inside the video. I was also speaking as well, so you can hear the sound quality of this speaker. So let’s show you the photos. There’S two photos i’ve taken one with the flashlight on and one without the flashlight. So let me show you this one first. So this is the first photo. The photos are pretty good. I mean they’re not as bad as the video, so this is the photos i’ve taken it’s, pretty good, even if you zoom in it’s still good it’s, not that pixelated – and this is the one with the flashlight on so it’s still good as well. It does capture everything perfectly obviously it’s, not that good in low light, but still managed to brighten up brighten up the whole um bit. That is taking a photo of okay. So let me get the video up now, so the video is here: i’ve done a video, so just listen to it. Be honest: Music, i’ve, actually reviewed, i’ve reviewed a few other budget ones, but i’ve never experienced something that has a lot of pixels inside that camera.

When it’s recording, you can see it’s so pixelated, let me zoom in you can see it’s like it’s, very fuzzy and that’s something i don’t like. Let me put the flash on so let’s see how it is that’s with the flash one all right so with the flash on it reduces it, but you still can see those fuzziness. Let me off that and you can see um the pixels and the fuzziness come back the zoom mode. Let me go to the zoom mode as the zoom mode. You can see it’s very pixelated, okay, so the camera, even though he does have five cameras. I would say: it’s not worth it, okay, so if you’re buying this camera because you got a penta camera, i wouldn’t highly recommend this smartphone, but if you’re buying this smartphone because of the look because of the build quality and the fact that it has decent memory Decent ram built in it operates well as well with few good um great features built into it as well, so it does have all the a lot of great features built in build quality is amazing, but when it comes to the camera, it lacks really bad, and I would highly recommend, if you’re looking for a camera, to take pictures to record videos uh when you’re out and about and this wouldn’t be the this wouldn’t be the phone to go for. You should go for another one that wouldn’t have all these pixels or fuzziness.