Easy enough, so any beginner can do this.. All you need is your smartphone gimbal. And if you do have one monopod. And I’m gon na show you some transitions as well and throw some tips how to edit the final video sequence. And by the way, this video is sponsored by Zeapon.. Keep watching you’ll find out what big things are happening for this company.. The phone i’m using is iPhone 12 pro with Moza mini P gimbal.. All these tips, though, will apply to any gimbal you might have.. I will be filming in 60fps, so I can slow down some of the clips and the app I’m using for filming is Moza Genie.. My white balance is set to cloudy. Clip number 1. Walking into shot.. Have your gimbal in the tilt lock mode as you will be walking forward. I’m filming with standard lens., Lock the exposure on the screen by tapping on the screen and adjust the brightness with slider. Start very low to the ground. Moving forward.. Have your friend join you with the same speed and slowly start revealing your friend by going from feet? Up. Second clip is the orbit. Shot. Select follow mode on your gimbal. For this move you might want to try object tracking feature.. Once you select your friend on the screen and start walking around., Your friend should be nicely in the center at all times.. You can also do this move without tracking feature enabled like I did.

Choose standard lens for this shot.. Let your friend move around lift arms smile or show expressions. Make sure you walk in the same speed and same distance.. This clip will be divided into two parts in the post, as you will place the following clip number 3 between.. When it comes to editing. I imported this clip onto 24fps timeline in Adobe, Premiere Pro and slowed it down to 40.. If you want to learn more about frame rates, I do have a tutorial on that. It will be linked below the video. Clip number 3. From the bird’s eye perspective.. If you have a monopod handy, attach it to your gimbal., Select tilt, lock mode and position your smartphone with the joystick, so the camera is looking down.. Let your friend do the same move as in the previous shot. Lift the phone above and walk around.. I selected ultra wide angle lens. You might want to do few takes as it is not the easiest to keep your friend in the center of the shot.. You might also end up having your feet visible in the shot.. This clip is going to be slowed down in the post again. And, if you end up seeing your feet in the shot, what you can do is simply zoom in and reposition. The clip to ensure your friend is in a center.. Next is clip number 4. Let’s create a glitch transition.. You will actually remove your phone from your gimbal at this point.

. What you are going to do is something pretty funny. Select standard, lens. In fast motions move, the phone left and right.. A very tiny portion of this clip will be selected.. You can speed it up even further in a post to create a very fast glitch, transition. 5th clip a close up. First will be close up of hands. Select telephoto lens. So the background is nice and blurry. Go close, lock the focus on the hands. I like to use tilt lock mode for this one.. Let your friend make some action with hands such as playing with jewelry scarf or tall grass.. This clip will be also slowed down to 40 in the post.. So why is a Zeapon sponsor of today’s video? Well, do you see this iPhone 12 pro? Very simply when this phone was announced, Zeapon slider was featured in behind the scenes of the Apple event., So that’s their celebrating.. This company has grown into very well respected company.. They have very good quality products.. I know I’m using one of their sliders as well. And what they are trying to do now, because it’s so close to Christmas, the Holiday season they want to give back.. So they decided to give a giveaway.. Basically, you can choose any product of your choice from their store, any slider of your choice. If you win this giveaway., What do you have to do to win? Keep watching I’ll tell you later on. Clip number 6.

Another close up shot. This time, face. Use telephoto, lens, again., Lock exposure and focus on a face. Have your friend look at you and make an expression which you prefer., I made Natalie smile and then close her eyes as I was slowly moving towards her.. This clip will be also slowed. Down. 7th clip. Find something to shoot. Through. Branches, tall grass, works. Use telephoto lens again and make sure you lock the focus on your friend in distance.. This way the foreground will be nicely blurry. Move from side behind the branches or tall grass. In the post. We are going to slow down the clip.. We will also do speed ramping.. Simply. We will speed up the second half of the clip. 8th clip.. Another glitch transition will follow., Remove your phone from the gimbal and stand at the same spot behind the branches or tall grass. Move the phone from side to side. Very quickly to create another glitch transition., You can increase the speed of the clip in a post. Clip number 9. Select tilt, lock mode on your gimbal and standard lens on your phone.. Have your friend follow you as you’re walking sideways., Make sure you check what is ahead of you, so you don’t crash, like I did the other day. Maintain the same speed as you are walking., If you like use, object, tracking feature to have your friend centered in A shot. This clip will stay in the real speed.

Last clip number 10. For the last shot. Have your gimbal attached to monopod one more time. Follow your friend as he or she is walking., Start slowing down, moving your gimbal towards the sky or to the ground. If you prefer., I actually chose to go with the sky option.. This clip will end up your video sequence. Once it is all edited with the music and by the way, for those who are still looking for music for your videos. I use Epidemic sound and I use them for all. My videos link can be found below the video. First month is free., And once you color grade your clips, the video can look like this. To win a product of your choice from Zeapon store. You must like this video subscribe to this channel and comment below in a video comment. Section., You have exactly 48 hours to do. So. Here is a deadline.. The winner will be announced in the next video on December. 25Th.. Good luck and I’ll see you in the next video. Cau …