com the premiere site for smart watch, specs news and reviews. Okay, as we promise we’ll show you a walk through a step by step process of how to install the fit pro support app for your android smartphone. As you can see here, we already downloaded the support app. Okay. If you don’t want to download the app for your android smart phone, you can either search the fit pro app on google play or scan the qr code that comes with the user manual. If it happen happens that you lose the user manual, you can check it here, it’s available on or any support app. Let me show it to you, okay, long press here, so we have here the support app. Okay, we already installed the fit pro app. Okay, so let’s try to open and reconnect it or connect it to our smart smartwatch again, it will ask for some permissions. Okay, for the meantime, try to accept all the permissions okay, if you’re not comfortable with it. Okay, other permissions that the smart watch or the app is asking you can set it to off when you successfully installed or reconnect or connect your smartwatch to your support, app. Okay, for the meantime, let’s agree to all the permissions that the support app is asking so allow fitpro to access photos. Media files on your device just tap. Allow allow fitpro to access this device location. Allow also again, the fitpro app is available in ios and android platform.

So this one, what we are trying to show you. The demonstration here is to connect or synchronize our y68 smartwatch to the android support app. Okay, our next video will be for the ios platform. Okay, so we have here the ui of the support app fit pro app again, if you are, if you just encounter some errors or problems with your y68 smartwatch. If you are having a an issue in connecting or installing the app and connecting the smartwatch to your support app, we have an article below just check out the links below for instructions on troubleshooting your issues with the y68 smartwatch. So we have here some options. Push notifications here we also have the over there upgrade here and that’s it. So here it says, device device is disconnected so let’s try to bind the smartwatch so tap, so it will scan for the smartwatch again so let’s check the version here so make it sure. So we have a lot of devices here that is being shown. So, as you can see here, we have the me smart band, 4 vibe, 3, pro u78 plus we also have the gts. So what is our smart watch here? What is the y68 smartwatch here so based on the settings? Here? We have the lh719 version. 0.2. Okay, again, you can check it here on the settings if you can’t find the name here. Y68 smartwatch just go here for the settings of your smartwatch and check for the version number or the product number of your smart watch as you can see here lh719.

So i think this one so tap tap on the lh719. So a little base connection here completed time, setting completed all completed, okay, so that’s it so we’re already connected. We are already synchronized with our smartwatch let’s check again so let’s try is complete. That was fast. Very good, okay, again, let’s, try start measure let’s check. Okay, as you can see here, the heart rate monitor here is also activated, as well as the blood oxygen and the blood pressure so 88. Although we did not try to use the sensor here, okay, so don’t expect this smartwatch to provide an accurate result of your health stats. Okay, we have here the stats here. The screen brightness, remove the photos. Other functions here, let’s check, so back settings is on what else we have the stops step. I mean user profile, so let’s check if there’s an available watch face here seems like there’s, no other options, so only message notifications here. So what are the available apps? We have the call reminder here: sms wechat, qq facebook, twitter line, whatsapp and instagram, so it doesn’t support skype, talk and linkedin. Okay, how about this one? Does it work remote? Take photos, allow okay, so i guess shake or tap. I guess it’s a tab. Three two one so there’s a timer. Okay, again let’s try, okay screen here, restock activated successful. So far as you can see here we didn’t have. We did not encounter any issues with the installation and connecting your smartwatch to the support app.

They fit pro app. Very smooth connectivity, very smooth installation, but still it depends upon the version of your smart watch as well as your support up for the smartphone okay, so try to check the compatibility for any issues. Okay, see still, if you have any problems, check out the our tutorial below to see some solutions on the synchronization or problem in connecting your smartwatch to your smartphone, but so far we did not encounter any issues with a connecting of or adding the device to. Your support, app, okay, very fast connection, so far that’s it. If you have any questions regarding our tutorial here, please drop a comment below. If you are using your the ios platform, you can still download the app it is supported in the app store. If you want to see the tutorial on installing the support app on your iphone watch out for our next video okay, so this time, this one is for android platform. If you want to check all the specifications of this one, we also have the link below and check also our initial review. Okay, as we go on, we will provide you a very, very or just say an in depth review of the y68 smart watch again. This is smartwatch specifications.