This time we will be talking about their wearables, hey guys, it’s, your turk and marianne. Welcome back to my channel, i shared with you young christmas promotion. I talked about their laptop. I talked about their tablets at champlain, aside from those products, meron tensilang, wearables, gt2 pro and, of course, their collaboration with gentle monster in sunglasses. To be honest, guys, smart, but the one thing i really like about smart watches. They are a versatile cassette to the point. Now, in any occasion, huawei watch gt2 pro the strap is interchangeable, but the motion going leather and shampoo young manga watch faces depending on where and when you’re gon na use it so yeah, be it a formal or sporty events. Also aside from that guys, yuma smartwatcheska said they can tell you on what’s going on on your smartphone, meaning you will receive notifications on this smart watches, but do take note this smart watches that i have right now. You cannot really reply notifications, disclaimer, not only that young huawei watch gt2 pro and even the huawei watch fit, can give you your heart rate or even your blood oxygen level. This is very necessary guys to make sure now you are getting enough oxygen so far, guys we watch fit and dang huawei watch gt2 pro aside from those padding padding, murang control, jung young of course, music from the huawei watch, gt2 pro making it more convenient to Use it outdoors aside from that huawei watch gt2 pro magenta materials, it’s made of sapphire glass, making it one of the most durable smart watch that you can buy in the market right now, splurges special someone you know watch then i really do recommend to get the Huawei watch gt2 pro indiana.

This is one of my christmas gift to json and tong to adam and shah there’s, a json, smart watches, gps and, of course, 96 workout modes. Actually guys watch fit it’s.