One of the first reviews i ever made as mr mobile was for the bose qc35s and they actually represented a list of firsts. They were my first noise cancelling headphones. They were the first to convince me that i had enough to say about headphones, to make reviews about them and they were the first headphones that i’d actually spent. What i considered to be real money on they cost 349. So when i heard that apple’s first self branded headphones were going to cost 5.49, i was so incensed that i almost skipped them, but then i thought about just how many headphones i had covered in the years since those bose qc35s, and you know how few of Them truly wowed me anymore, so i bought a pair and after seven days, testing the airpods max. I have never been more deeply disheartened to say: Music wow i’ll discuss why i’m so dejected about that proclamation of preeminence. When i cover these cannes cons, but let’s start with the pros and let’s begin those with comfort. When i first picked these up, i thought there was no way i was going to be able to wear them full time at ‘5 grams, the stainless steel and aluminum airpods max are 35 percent heavier than the bno h9is that i’ve been wearing for a while 64 Percent heavier than the bose qc35s, but there is indeed some magic lurking somewhere between the knit canopy headband and the mesh textile earcups, because on my head, the weight just kind of evaporates with most headphones.

If i wear them too long, i’ll start to get that top of the skull spike of pressure and pain and that’s. What i was worried about with these, so i kept them on for as many hours as i could every day for almost a full week, and you know what no spikes, no headaches, and, incidentally, no sweat rings around my ears either, which were as common with the Leather padded competition as the flaking that would inevitably plague them. Another reason i can wear them all day: apple’s transparency mode – is the best i’ve ever heard. This is a very common feature with noise canceling headphones. You cannot only mute inbound noise, but if you want you can reverse that and actually amplify the sounds of the outside world so that you don’t get you know, hit by a vehicle or jumped for your headphones, but with most headphones that background amplification has a harsh, Artificial quality it’s good enough to listen to something quick like an airport announcement, but you wouldn’t want to hold a conversation through it. By contrast, apple’s transparency mode sounds exactly like the outside world. It’S like you’re, not even wearing headphones. Oh that’s, amazing. The difference is made all the more apparent when you talk. You can hear your own voice through transparency on the airpods max, in a way that you just can’t through any other noise, canceling headphones that i’ve tested anyway and when you do want to shut the world out.

Well, these also boast the best noise cancelling i’ve used. I have a great way to test it too. My fourth roommate is the noisiest washer dryer lg has ever exported even sitting right next to that calamitous train wreck, the airpods almost completely cancel it. The muting effect is so complete that it’s almost disorienting at first, the only time these gave me trouble was when one of those lovely backup alarms sounded on a truck about 15 feet away, one of the cups muted itself temporarily, presumably because the amplitude of that stupid Beeper was just too loud now. A lot of folks have already mentioned the pressurization effect, the kind of feeling that your head is in a vacuum of sorts. When you wear the air, pods and yeah, it is more pronounced on these than on other anc headphones that’s, because that sensation of wanting to pop your ears is a psychosomatic response that comes from the lack of low frequency, noise and it’s more dramatic on the airpods. Because they’re so effective at silencing, so i can’t exactly deduct points for that. They’Re just doing a great job at what they say, they’re going to do to break it down succinctly. The anc is, like youtube’s shadow band, feature almost completely effective in shutting out noise. Another biased apple lover: have you tried surface headphones? You need your ears and what the airpods do with that. Silence is also impressive to my ear. The sound stage has all the spaciousness of the bno h9i, with none of the murky heaviness that drove some to call bose’s qc35s overrated.

It may not be the perfectly authentic sound meant for audio engineers to work with that’s more the domain of the pandas studio headphones that drop produced in collaboration with thx. But the most relevant point to me is that the sound was good enough on the airpods to stand toe to toe with everything else. In my current lone locker rounding out, the positives are the buttons and the battery yeah. I thought it a little strange at first. Just to see scaled apple watch controls here when most of the competition has transitioned to touch pads, but i quickly came to love turning the knob for volume and the big mushy button is a satisfying way to toggle between noise, cancelling and transparency and the battery life Is on par with the competition about 20 hours in my testing, while constantly switching between macbook pro and iphone 12 mini between transparency and anc, also yeah, i did a phone call or two through these callers reported that i sounded excellent it’s better over the max than The iphone, what about the pitfalls of the pods well they’re, coming up after a word from a sponsor that brought a ton of fun to my kitchen this week, check them out. I used to think i didn’t like cooking, turns out. I was just doing it the hard way before today’s sponsor my kitchen. Efforts were limited to mac and cheese, my dad’s chili and whatever this was hellofresh, helped me break out of that recipe.

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If you don’t want to use the case because it looks goofy, you have to be content with the headphones. Losing between a half a percent to one percent charge per hour in their low power state, at least until three days go by after which they drift into a deeper sleep. Moving on to the cord complaint, it’s, simple it’s, all about the connector look, the lightning port makes sense. If you own an iphone, i guess, but even here apple is moving on to usbc on the macbook and the ipad. The iphone has the magsafe alternative now we’re. Coming to a point where some folks will have to keep a lightning cable around just for the airpods, which is great until you forget it at home on a trip or you lose that cable and you need to cough up 19 bucks for a new one or 35, if you want an audio version, you can plug in because, of course, there’s no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack either and those are inconveniences you just shouldn’t have to put up with for 550 dollars. I mean that’s, really the heart of why i hate how great these things are. They really are just too expensive that might sound pretty rich coming from the guy, whose favorite phone of the year costs two thousand dollars and favorite laptop costs twice that, but each of those products redefines its category in a profound and useful way. The airpods max as incredible as they are they’re just a very nice set of noise cancelling headphones, and i fear that pricing them the way apple has will drive headphone prices up in much the same way.

The iphone 10 normalized thousand dollar smartphones in most cases without much justification, don’t get me wrong. The airpods are in many ways exquisite and if i’d created a product like this i’d want to charge top dollar too but i’m. Just not ready to sit here and say most folks should spend as much as it would cost to get an iphone se and a set of classic earpods for a headset, especially when headphones like sony’s xm4s offer their own brand of excellence for less than half the Price folks long as this video was, there are still a few things i left out and here’s, where i tell you where to find them in addition to the aforementioned snazzy queue and el jefe reviews. Allow me to point you to christine chan’s review at imore and david cogan’s real world test at the unlocker, all of which are linked below this review was produced following seven days with retail airpods max purchased by mr mobile. As always, no manufacturer compensation nor copy approval was involved. These are my own opinions and apple is seeing them for the first time right alongside you until next time, thanks for watching and unless, like me, you couldn’t get anyone to join you on those cold holiday. Walkabouts. Remember to stay safe when you’re around others and mask up while you stay mobile.