Oh who’s got the better noise cancelling the xm4s on the maxes. Well it’s the maxes. I can prove it because i have these freakish ears on a stand. Now i needed something ear damagingly loud around here. Oh wait. I used to work full time as a drummer, the sony’s noise, cancelling is awesome, it’s, really really good. These are next level. I mean the sony’s clipped and the max’s didn’t end. The story i mean yes, this is an extreme scenario dealing with stuff that is literally as loud as construction equipment, like full blown snare drum, is nothing to mess around with, but it just demonstrates how good these are. Hey. A lot of us like to use our headphones for coals take a listen to the mics, so i could make a tomato soup yeah that’s like oh, no, i didn’t get any tomatoes mate, but it’s cool they’re, a fruit. So i just use apples instead, but i didn’t have any they made them mate. So i come off. The shops go, get apples with tomato soup, so i’ll get to the shops. With my boy mate, where you keep the apples for tomato soup. Oh, my must have been there before it’s all pears, mate pears is what you want. It’S made pear soup more, like puke super sure, has gotten tomatoes while they’re. Instead of throwing all my spare changes nice cars in the car park, the sony sound pretty awful. Although the max is kept kind of kicking in and out, but it might have to do with the other issue, it has, but the sony mic still stinks, but you might have noticed some cracking noises in the sony recording too and that’s from the creaking of the Cheap plastic housing, the maxes are built gloriously, i mean this is stainless steel.

That stuff is so expensive like springs in their headphones as well, so they clamp from multiple points using like the spring from the stainless itself. I don’t own another pair of headphones built better. Even my uber, expensive ones and the controls are superb: infinite volume, adjustment and the buttons are really satisfyingly clicky, whereas the sony’s have some sort of dingus touch, controls that take longer to learn than to learn. The recorder just learn the recorder. Well yeah. These are built gloriously because they’re, not 500 bucks here in australia, hey they’re, 900 bucks. Forget your currency, conversions from freedom eagles, the dollar dues mate. We pay extra down here and the cost is 900 jumpy boys that’s really expensive, although sadly it’s play money in hardcore headphone land. Oh look, it’s my favorite listening headphones, the lcd twos a bargain at fifteen hundred dollars. Well, mate: that’s, not bad for genuine audio full grade wireless headphones. They look awesome and i bet the noise. Cancelling is amazing at that cost. Well, actually, they’re open back. So all the noise literally goes straight in and also that means everyone can hear what you’re listening to more likely s: club 7 playlists and hey. They ain’t wireless here’s, the cable for him. What a chunkster hey! Well, i’m! Glad you like it because there’s two of them it’s made no that’s that’s, not the cable’s, only as long as the road that leads to the local bakery made totally not inconvenient at all.

Ah there we are oh wait. Ah there we are oh wait same uh you’re, not gon na plug these straight into your phone right, like you need an external amp for these to actually get the most out of hey another 500 bucks should get you a nice one so like they. Let all the noise in and all your music out need a dedicated area in your house to use them properly are insanely heavy and genuinely fall off my head every time i look down girl and then they need extra equipment to work properly. In this case, totaling two thousand dollars can i have four of them. These just need your phone, no i’m, sure a whole bunch of your paws and going like what what 1500 bucks for the rat’s nest that, like you, can’t, take anywhere and literally for just using at home. Why do these exist and the answer is soundstage that’s? How wide in 3d the music sounds and mate that’s when openbacks excel. These are beautiful. Oh look, it’s the heard their six hundos, but i’ll mate seno, like the referee for all my headphone vids, the benchmark for audiophile sound, so huddle around the ears, kids and we’ll. Listen to these versus the sonys, now the max’s, so now how about the sony’s versus the max’s da? These are so much wider than the sony’s like especially live albums when there’s, like applause and people, chatting look how sunk in the ear cups are like.

You know with these your ears rest on the inside of this, and it kind of annoys me to be honest and the further away the drivers can be, or the speakers they’re called drivers and headphones like that, helps with the big wide sound close backs, aren’t known For being wired and my other set of close backs that have the wired vibe is my austrian audio x55 look at the ear cups on these again they’re nice and deep. Yet the maxes are deeper. Look at this ear cup it’s like a washing basket for gnomes magnets genius, but then the weird thing is: how are the max’s thinner than these? These are just regular, cabled headphones. These have batteries, chips, bluetooth, circuitry, look, and yet these are deeper. They sound great i’ve. Never done critical listening while walking along construction because remember it’s got that killer noise. Cancelling too, like you know, you can hear the chair squeaking an orchestra people walking along a busy road. No other headphones have done that for me. So, like the sony stuck then hey like no one should buy him and like, if you see anyone wearing you, should slap them off their face and go sub to dank pods uh, no guys these aren’t in the same league as these with specials. At the moment, you can get two pairs of these for the price of these, not to mention the sony’s are part of a package, because you also get this slim and hard case with.

Like you know, uh, you could put your beans in there. Hang it get it there you go and inside you know, you’ve got all the cables, you need adapters charger and then you can just geniusly put them away this tucks in, like that. Oh look at that. Oh my pook cell. Oh, my pooks, this is a headphone kit to go your stuff in your bag. You got all the cables you need get get out, and god you aren’t welcome. So you know sure they got lame controls and they’re a bit plasticky feeling they have a lot of bass, it’s, not awful it’s. Just i like bass too, just not when everything’s boomy only when it’s meant to be boomy but as an all in package. I totally rate these. My brother got these. He loves them. My family members are getting these for christmas. I’Ve bought like three pairs of these now for 900 bucks you’re, just getting a pair of headphones cause like this isn’t a case, a bra, no mate, it’s, a nappy, look that’s a butt crack hang up! Imagine these are legs coming out here. Look at that that’s! A butt crack look at this that’s like a trap door and a pair of overalls. Well, they don’t call me mud because no one mud up then turtle it’s, like i do time to murder them now. Three quarters of you have been yelling, shut up and get to the broken bit since this video started and yeah.

These are busted all that good stuff, not for nothing and what’s wrong. The left, ear cup spits static and big woofy noises it’s totally random. It usually takes about five minutes to kick in because they seemingly work fine. One time i got a good hour out of them before the awful noises started. Now i try capturing the sound with the hears, but i feel the sound has to do with the noise. Cancelling mics because they’re on all the time it’s either they’re cancelling noise or you’re listening through them with ambient, but sitting still on the stand. They wouldn’t do it. If i wait until they make the sound while wearing them – and i take them off, they turn off and it all resets again, but i captured it don’t. You worry, i wore them until the noises began and i stuck one of the dirty bud microphones into the ear cup, and so you can listen along with me. So try to ignore the background static of my bootleg recording ways. But the noise in question sounds like wind blowing on a microphone. Take a listen now i tried all the troubleshooting steps. I made sure all my junk was up to date tried them on different devices, made sure these would charge. You know i was trying to not use the butt crack case because they suck it’s worse than just being useless. Look at this they hit together every time you take them out, yeah that’s what you want from your 900 headphones a case that clacks them together and since i wasn’t using the case, i don’t know there’s magnets in here.

Maybe it’s got butt crack powers that keep these in check, but no the noise came back then i did a full reset. Basically, it forgets all pairings on it and i only paired it to my fiom15. This thing runs: android 7 right didn’t. Even get google play store privileges until recently, but yeah they work. Fine. These are just bluetooth headphones. You don’t need apple stuff. To use, airpods hey sounded great, and then the noise came back hardcore. I unpaired them from everything did a full reset like they were brand new and then just wore them like noise, cancelling earmuffs, no music paired to nothing. The noise came back. Of course, i called apple and apple tech. Support is always first class straight to a lovely person and amazingly turned out to be a fan of the channel. Hey, how you doing uh sorry, how things turned out huh, but we tried everything and the end solution was that i needed to bring them in and swap them. It means they cooked a busted pair of 900 headphones basically within two days of using them boom. They were no good. Now. Look quick, shout out to the rundle apple store as i rent a work machine through them, and they gave me reservations to get a set as soon as they were in. I didn’t have a pre order, but they got some form. It was so cool and then super kind gesture. They offered to swap me another pair to get this video done only problem is they had them in silver and black.

I wanted green, but in this day of hey aaa games, yeah where it’s released in beta and then finish with a 50 gigabyte patch later, but only if you’re, paying full price i’m pretty sick of stuff coming out by big companies where it’s just not finished, because There was no special deal with these. I paid the 900 kangaroos and a swap is super kind, especially the fact that these are completely sold out and they had some. But i grew up in the country right getting into the city and back that’s like a three hour round trip like after paying 900 bucks for a premium thing like so i told apple like i got ta review them, as is this is what i got. These might be the only busted pair of these in the world, but welp they landed in the hands of a reviewer. This was a university exam. You can’t just take it back and fix it. The professor’s gon na grade him, as is i ain’t, a fan boy. I give this ipad no respect. All my monitors are samsung i’ve got a gaming pc if it’s, good, it’s good and these headphones in my hand, ain’t good, because i literally the noise can be so loud. I have to take them off. It is so uncomfortable like walking home with these in my hand, looking like a freak like why wouldn’t you wear them, and so, if you have a working pair of these, you have a slam and set of headphones hardcore.

Audio files will grade them against. You know these and go yeah well, these have more detail and sound stage. Yeah well, not walking alongside a bus, they don’t i’ve, never heard music in detail like this in such noisy areas. I love the sound stage, especially for close backs and the fit and finish is just first class. These are 1500 bucks. Look at this rat’s nest. The case is like the dumbest thing ever it’s, so dumb, look at that dust and junk can get straight in luckily, out of anything, the third party can get you another one of these and, like i think people would have been less mad if it just didn’t. Even come with the case, it was just the headphones weird psychological thing like that, because it just it’s so unclever but hey. My pair stinks smelly, butts it’s, just so disappointing, because i really like them and then these proceeded to. Let me down like no other headphones. Had i literally unbearable to wear at times gopping? Yes, i will swap them out for a working pair because, hey who knows, i might get another dud pair and mate. We get two videos out of it, but that’s it thanks. So much for watching hey huge thanks to my patrons, especially these stinky names right here, one dollar a month. I direct a video thanks to them. There are no ads and the reason i can afford these so what’s. The first thing that comes to mind when i say ipod touch: that’s right, teenage mutant, ninja turtles, it’s, a turtle’s accessory kit there’s, so many awesome features like elaborate or like that’s.

It you’re, just gon na claim that shell shock that’s, actually a cool noise track. What are they a manga now, but yeah we’re gon na bust? This open, i mean, looks like someone has at some point, but then has partially resealed it, and i hope everything’s still in here, because i haven’t checked, could be the worst after show ever, but hey i’ll, uh i’ll see you so next time you licking the cactus Are you licking the cactus? Is that what frank likes to do is lick the cactus you’re a super villain, frank.