4 and the google pixel 4a. We will see if the nokia 5.4, which costs two times less than the pixel, can actually hold up to the pixel, and if you should even spend any more or the noki 5.4 is decent enough right. Every time one of them wins they’ll get a b in each if by any chance in any performance test, they are extremely close and you can’t really tell even any difference or that barely any difference, both that will get been let’s start with the power on test. As you can see, the pixel definitely is much more complex device than the nokia if you prefer a bigger screen, so noki is very nice. Well, as you see, the pixel are reloaded because nokia is still taking his time, so the four way definitely is much faster in startup times, however, still it’s decent enough and the pin goes to the foray right and let’s check out the geekbench results and see how They compare okay, so up actually allow the faster than 4a and let’s see the results, as you’ll judge them. Based on that, as you see for a single score, the pixel 4a definitely is much more better device than the nokia. However, in multiscore there’s actually barely any difference, whereas a single score is probably a more important detail. The pixel has got six gigs of ram, as nokia has got four gigs of ram. All right, let’s check out the youtube loading speed, so you see pixel definitely loaded faster.

However, there’s weren’t very much difference where i have to give the b into the pixel as loaded, faster, okay, let’s, open maps. Now, as you saw, it’s, not b554 definitely was left behind slightly, however, yeah it’s still a fast phone and when you scroll it it’s very responsive and there’s zero log anywhere same for pixel it’s, incredibly snappy. However, i have to gear pin to the pixel as it wanted: okay, let’s open the camera now, okay, um it’s nokia actually might be is faster. Um yeah, maybe it’s not give a slightly slightly faster, but i couldn’t really tell any difference through to be honest and have the usage it wouldn’t really matter. So i have to give b to each okay let’s check the message up and let’s repeat that. I think they were pretty much the same yeah, definitely the same and the pixel so it’s very smooth device. However, the nokia 5.4 also is very smooth device and it’s pro it’s loads. These apps a millisecond slower because it’s got only four gigs of ram. However, it costs more than two times less than the pixel and, yes, the difference really isn’t that huge here right, let’s, open browser, okay, so pixel was maybe marginally better, but yeah almost on difference, let’s open other website, okay, which goes all these speeds. Now. Okay, i pixel again. My slide is slightly faster but there’s a barely any difference to be honest, okay, it’s loaded, exactly the same, and as you see this very large page here, and both those devices are very smooth and snappy, and i would have no problems using the 5.

4 let’s open. Other article, okay, perhaps i opened actually faster on the foray as i clicked it faster, but let’s check out the other one yeah. The pixel is slightly faster but yeah. I have to give bean to the pixels. It was faster, but not by much right calculator. Okay, again pixel a millisecond, faster okay, i didn’t even click that okay, but pretty much the same real life. I i have to give the qdb into each s: there’s, no real practical difference, let’s open, photoshop, okay pixel was faster. Indeed, let’s. Try again pretty much the same um yeah. I have to give b to the p. So this it was faster. Okay, let’s open phone up again uh a millisecond faster than the pixel 4a. This time pretty much the same so in reality, i have to give b into each because there’s practically no difference. Okay, let’s check out the play store. Okay, again, pixel 4a was marginally faster than the okay, so yeah it could be into the pixel and let’s open. A game such as subway surfers pixel should probably won again because he has got better specs, but let’s see how much there’s difference okay still holding on that one okay. So there was maybe two second difference or even less so within everyday life. Everyday daily usage, yes, there’s, pretty much, no difference, however, being also the pixel right, let’s check out the fluid the smoothness of the menus here so see all these menus, the loading speeds of them yeah pretty much the same.

Okay. I can definitely tell that 4a is marginally faster in these menus. It feels slightly slightly faster. However, you can only see this when you compare these phones at the same time in everyday life and updates usage there’s, pretty much no difference between them. When you are scrolling. These menus so also the 4a is marginally faster and more a bit more snappy. Sometimes i have to give b to each as there’s almost a difference between them, so the pixel 4a got 12 beans, while zanoki got five beans and he has a clear winner. Here was pixel 4. Indeed, as this has got that much better specs. However, in practical usage, as you saw, there were really barely any difference and when you are using them daily yeah, you will be happy with either of the phones and this nokia 5.4 is a bit more than two times less expensive than the pixel 4a, and definitely The nokia 5.4 wasn’t two times slower than the pixel, so if you’re looking for a very decent budget phone which can almost keep up to the more expensive phone than yes, the nokia 5.4 definitely is great phone. However, if you’re looking for a bit faster device – and you actually want a really nice camera, then the pixel 4a definitely is better phone as a camera on the foray is miles ahead of the nokia, even though the nokia has got 48 megapixel camera, while the pixel Has got, i think, a 12 or 13 megapixel camera the pixel camera is way way better.

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