All right so update knowledge, guys um! Then i ate 24, now so uh 94 percent um remaining parts, detailed nah usage, nothing! So i know marina time one hour, uh 34 minutes in after a few hours, all right so updated. I 9 51. uh battery not in detail. Okay, so i’m remaining nothing like 86 percent united news, detailed, the battery usage, yeah we’re on a time three hours. One minute s.o.t, eighty six percent, Music, Music Music Music, mean shooter uh, Music, Music battery usage, so as of 12 p.m. Guys 65 american screen on time guys five about four hours and one minute in the screen on time, guys. So what happens in battery life? Not in perimeter time four hours in one minute screen on time: uh, video, playback and via wi, fi, so youtube and all right guys so i’m gon na see in a 231, and it happened on uh facebook, guys 51 percent payroll, Music, seven hours and 47 minutes. So imagine guys for sure now 10 hours the screen on time, so nothing guys Music, guys, i think sot i 10 hours and 35 minutes so exactly 11 and a half or at least 12 uh hours of screen on time.