This one has four gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage, the mediatek 6761 v, a 5.85 inch display micro, usb port, a 4000mah battery and a headphone jack, and it has a notch, so let’s unbox it so already come off. A case – and this color looks pretty cool isn’t it. So this is the mint green and this does feel like glass and the sides feel like aluminum. So very nice build quality in the box. We get our charging brick charging cable and then this little pamphlet thing. How we have our sim ejector tool and a few manuals in the paperwork phone feels overall, very nice in the hand uh i do like the design looks like my 12 pro max, so that’s powered on okay, so, okay, there we go. There is our notch, not that bad looking um, so this is the notch on my iphone 12 pro max. As you can see, they are very similar on the iphone. Of course, it looks better so i’m going to set this up and get back to you. So it’s actually pretty recessed into the back there, so it’s very easy to find a fingerprint sensor and there you go so there go. The phone is all set up. Honestly: it doesn’t look half bad, very good, looking device despite the notch. Okay. So first up we are gon na go to settings and wow. This is a very snappy phone all right face id.

They call it which makes sense because of the notch right all right, bree all right. Let me bring this up to my face. Really quick and that’s it so first up we’re gon na test the fingerprint unlock, not bad let’s. Try it again, that’s pretty quick, honestly, alright, so it is pretty reliable to be honest. It’S fast, reliable didn’t have any problems so far so yeah now let’s, try the face unlock, say more or less let’s. Try close up all right so face unlock, also works it’s, not the fastest, but it’s all right, okay kind of stutters. Turning off ads tiny bit. Better, but is it playable nope that fit is pretty laggy let’s? Try one okay, wind rider, see nope no lag, no stutter stuff; okay, it does stutter, okay, so uh oop one more time, because one writer is pretty not the highest firmware, but at least now it’s stuttering less. So you could play one right around this yeah now. It’S, better cool, let me know which light games you want me to test in the future. Okay, so right out of the bed. The game runs pretty good, okay, a bit of stutter but that’s normal because i just launched it. But for the most part it runs pretty good. Okay, i’m gon na check, graphics, smooth. I mean okay, lowest graphics, so not bad. So this game is not that good for gaming, but you can do it. Just not all games are gon na run decent Music.

I guess the speaker isn’t too bad. I mean it’s a bit quiet, but the quality is decent at least, and you could always put in a headphone jack if you really wanted to all right. So this is our camera layout, not too bad fingerprint. What does this do? Does this make it so i can like capture the fingerprint okay. So this is a cool feature as soon as you tap the fingerprint on the camera, it takes a picture, so i can see how that can get useful. Okay, good. You give in turn off video sound if you wanted to and the brand mark you can turn it on enough. So the rear camera is 14 megapixels front. Camera is 8 megapixels rear video 720p, but we can bump that up to 1080p and front facing video can also be bumped up to 1080p, so yeah let’s take our first selfie let’s go outside we’re facing video on the architect, c22 full hd. So i tried focusing on some flowers before like i’m gon na, do right now and it doesn’t want to focus. And if you didn’t notice, there was some pretty aggressive, color correction, going on um it’s, like a scene mode that like when i was taking pictures of the plants and showed autumn. So you know i don’t know if it. But this is the video quality and yeah front facing video on the architect: c22 full hd as well and and yeah um.

Am i gon na look pretty good. Let me know what you guys think. Let me walk into the sun so yeah. That is pretty much it so should you buy this phone and for a hundred dollars, i’d say yeah yeah? Definitely i mean if the notch doesn’t bother you. It has great build quality, you know middle and glass. The performance is decent. The camera’s decent. The display is good, the speaker’s decent so for a hundred bucks, which is what i paid overall well rounded device and i do recommend it.