That i’ve been actually now using it for the past two months and i waited uh and i wanted to give you my real world usage experience. So i’ll share that in this video and we’ll divide it between pros and cons, guys i’ve made download notes throughout two months. So i’ll talk about it list of pros and the list of cons and if you guys recall, i had actually been using uh the original fold one. So i have an experience of this fold. As you can see, this one is also still working uh. But, to be frank, i would say after using this fold too, i would say: uh it’s a huge improvement. I would say more than two generations of improvement compared to the fold one a lot of things that i always wanted in the next generation of the fold samsung delivered with this one, but this is again not perfect, so let’s talk about it. So let’s first talk about the things that i liked and then we’ll move to the things that i did not like, and the first thing that i liked is now the screen is a lot bigger. It reaches to the edge the outer screen. That is a six point. Two uh three inch screen. If you notice the original fold, how small this actually was there’s just this much here. These are the thick bezels here. It goes all the way over here and it’s also wider, hence it’s slightly easier.

I would say to type on this one compared to this one here if i go it’s very, very narrow and it’s very difficult to type. So this is a big improvement. I would say – and because of this i noticed that i was using this phone a lot in this mode without actually opening it up like this. In fact, i would say about 65 of the time i was using the phone just like this, and this because of the screen so that’s a big improvement, but a big bummer is that this screen uh, though it’s an amulet screen good quality screen. Samsung generally puts good quality screen that’s the same case, but this is restricted to just 60 hertz, unlike the inner one, which is 120 and i’ve been using this one in 120, hertz guys uh next thing that i feel is a big, huge improvement on this fold Too, compared to this fold, one is the hinge again, as you know, uh they use this hinge to fold and unfold on and this one as you can see, it is so smooth, but on the original one, the fold as you can see, it is it’s not Elegant and it’s just floppy like this, as you can see it, doesn’t have the tension, so i would say in terms of the hinge uh samsung has improved it by a lot. I did not expect that it will improve this much and it’s not been two months and still there is no creaking or anything uh with the hinge.

So the hinge is really good, and i like the fact that now, because of this hinge, it has enough stiffness that you can keep the phone like this also, and you can actually uh. There are some apps that take use of it. For example, if i open this and if i use it like this – it splits it over here. I hope you are able to see it like this, so you can view the video like this, and i use this in this mode, for even what do you say? Video conferencing calls or etc. For example, i was using the microsoft teams and i just put it like this: i could the top portion. I was able to take the video conference and use the lower part of the screen, so you can do a few things like this. Even another thing that you can do is again. Let me just play back this video and, if you put it back, obviously it goes back to this front screen like this, and here also you can just tilt it like this and actually watch it. So i like the functionality, they call it tilt or something some fancy word, but i would say this is a huge improvement, the hinge mechanism. This feels more uh, i would say, uh well thought and i’m more comfortable with the sense it doesn’t scare me while using this phone. Yes, you still have that slight edge in the center.

If you just the camera, is noticeable a lot, but when you’re just using this phone, you hardly notice it or when you’re watching a video, etc. You don’t notice it that much so uh, yes, the middle’s crease is there but again it’s like the notch, guys uh. You actually start forgetting about it. What i like with this one is that i do get a lot of word documents excel sheets, etc, and i can open it up and it gives you a lot more real estate. So what i’ve noticed is that since i’ve got this fold for many of the small tasks, i used to always open my laptop. That is not the case with this one. This actually truly acts like a small tablet, and that way it is helpful also for typing. I would say here i don’t, like it it’s still cram but let’s say on the twitter i’m here and i open it. It opens in the big one and here if, as you can see, the keyboard is relatively actually very big and it’s easier to type. So again, yes, uh, i like the mechanism, and it is the hinge, is the biggest improvement that i have seen on this one now. Moving to another thing is that now they have integrated the power button and the fingerprint scanner in one on the earlier one. If you notice the power button was here and the fingerprint scanner is there, as you can see, i can unlock it like this, but if i press this nothing, it won’t actually stop.

I have to press this button to shut off the screen here. It is integrated into one. This is a button itself and the fingerprint scanner, so i feel uh. This is a small thing, but a huge improvement and sort of a time. Saver uh the fingerprint scanners uh works about 95 percent of the time. Sometimes it doesn’t work properly, but yeah again you press it lightly. It works, so it has that dual functionality and more practical, i would say uh. The next thing is uh. Regarding the performance uh here i have to say i’m very happy with the performance again. It has that snapdragon 865 plus on it and all the folds actually come with the snapdragon 865 worldwide and even in india we are getting the same thing and it comes with 12 gigabytes of ram. Hence even the ram management is actually really good. As you can see, i have tons and tons of apps. I never even bothered to close it or do anything, and i never had an issue of ram management on this one. So that way, i would say not an issue. I still didn’t get the one ui 3 update on this still it’s on 2.5, but hopefully we should get it very soon. Uh coming to the call quality. Also, the call quality was very good. I’Ve been using this one with my a tel sim here and it supports all the modes like wi fi, calling i can enable it it works and all the modes that you want.

So that way and it’s a fully loaded device, as you expect at this price point, it has everything that wireless charging and all those things and those things work very well. So, in terms of performance i would say i did not have any issues with performance. Another thing: let me actually try to play back one of my own videos, let’s just go back to my one of my own videos, let’s just try this me robert original one hi there. This is ranjit and, as you can see, this is a peculiar different kind of a package, and if you noticed how loud the speakers are, this has one of the loudest stereo speakers and they are able to do it because here we have one speaker and at The bottom we have one speaker – hence the speaker – is actually really really loud on this one. Sadly, this one also does not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, but the bluetooth actually works very well. Let me show you if i go over here, just see how many uh, with how many devices i’ve tested it there’s, so many devices of bluetooth devices i’ve tested and it worked brilliantly with almost every device i have tested. So the bluetooth range is really good and the speaker is actually very loud. I really had to keep it above. Eighty percent i forgot to include about the battery life on this photo i’m recording with the front facing camera of the fold too in indoor lighting, so that you get an idea and the battery life has been terrific uh on paper.

It does not look big but i’m amazed with the battery life of this smartphone uh. I would say it easily lasts me about six to about six and a half hours of sot on a typical day and rarely at the end of the day, also uh again. It generally holds around 30 to 40 percent. So never i had an issue of battery life i’m surprised uh with the battery life of this one uh looks like samsung, did a very good job of calibration with the snapdragon 865 plus uh processor. On this, so battery life was never an issue in the past two months of usage uh the camera on this one. If you notice uh back, we have the triple camera setup all are actually 12 megapixel, and we also have a camera here. If you’re using the inner screen, uh that’s a 10 megapixel – and we also have another camera here – and i would say the camera is good enough on this one. But this is not the best that samsung has offered. For example, i would say if i have to take the best camera, then it would be the note 20 ultra that one has the best rear facing camera, but the camera performance is actually good on this one. I never had a problem with the rear facing camera and, if you follow me on instagram that is geeky ranjit official the past two months, photographs most of them would have taken were shot with this one, and many of you were asking me with which phone i Took the photographs as they came out so good, so the camera is good, but again the typical problem with front facing cameras of samsung is full featured in terms of software.

I don’t have a problem, but i felt the front facing camera is a little bit on the softer side. I don’t know even when you disable this beauty mode and filters uh. It is slightly on the softer side, so that’s, a typical problem that i have with almost most of the samsung flagship devices that’s the same case with this one. So these are the the pros of this device. Here are some of the cons that i have noticed with this device, and the first thing uh is that as i’ve told you the front screen, i like it, it’s, actually good full screen, so it’s a lot more usable. But still, i would say, the keyboard is on the narrower side and i do make quite a bit of mistakes typing on this one, even after two months. So you’ve got to be careful with that. This is a gone, and i personally wished that samsung implements some kind of ip protection on this one. There is no ip protection on this one. You know. Yes, you have the hinge and all this thing, but some ip production would have been a good thing. Next thing is the actual weight of this device even after two months, i would still say this is a heavy device and it actually, you feel that it is almost 282 grams, and that is one of the heaviest smartphones. I would say yes, when you open it up and use it like a tablet: the weight gets distributed, so it’s, actually fine.

I would say, but if you’re just using the phone and you pick up any other phone, it feels heavy, i would say the internal screen. The outer is that victus gra glass and all this in the gorilla glass, that’s, okay, but internal again, we have this uh screen protector. Pre installed. I didn’t remove it inside that we have a thin layer of glass but again guys uh it’s, not gorilla, glass or anything. So you have to be careful with this, but again regarding the internal screen, i would say it’s durable enough, because if you notice this is the fold one that i had used last year, still the internal screen does not have any issues so it’s, not as fragile As you guys think, but again, i would not suggest this one to a rough user common sense stuff you have to use. You should not poke it with your bodies of fingers and stuff and don’t press it with your fingers and close it. If you use common sense stuff, it would be fine, but still i would say this is not for people uh who use their phones very roughly. Regarding the cover in the box, samsung did not give us any cover with this device, which is disappointing because with the fold one as you can see, this is the cover that we got in the box, but with this one we simply do not get any cover And lastly, i would say when i have to talk about this one is the pricing, certainly a very expensive phone at one lakh, fifty thousand so it’s not for everyone.

Yes, most of the foldables are actually very expensive. As of now, even i had the motorola of uh. What is a 5g uh that clamshell? That was about one lakh, twenty five thousand, so these foldables are very expensive as of now uh. But again, if you have that kind of a budget and the iphone 12 max pro etc, are costing almost around this price point. If you have that kind of a budget and if you’re, not a rough user, i can actually recommend this phone. So if you’re looking for a foldable device – and you have that budget – yes uh this generation – i can recommend it but again uh. I have a few expectations with the fold three. I hope they make it lighter, because that is something that i noticed every day. But overall i would say i liked it and yeah there’s one one more minor con that i have with this one, and that is regarding the uh. What do you say? Sim uh slot uh this one has just one physical uh, nano sim. Yes, it has. The second sim, but that is just asim capabilities, and i wish it had that physical dual sim uh. Apart from that, i would say, i’m liking this phone and i’ve been using it for the past two months and uh. I purchased this one and it’s not a review on it or anything, and i don’t have any regrets so uh, looking forward to what samsung does with the fold three – and i just hope, the in 2021, these foldables and stuff actually uh become more affordable.

Uh. These smartphones, as of now, are not for everyone, but if you’re sort of a business centric user – and you are okay with that price uh – you can certainly have a look at this one anyways guys that’s it for now, thanks for watching and if you guys are Still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button.