, so 5 smartphones next year, 2021.. So si simulanco from budget to mid range at shampre, hong kong flagship device just to let everyone know for a category Music, it retails for six thousand nine hundred ninety pesos at seven thousand nine hundred ninety pesos. You will be able to get it for five thousand. Nine hundred ninety pesos. For me it is the best budget phone of this year, 2020 and since lumobus national last quarter. I think it is still worth buying until next year, 2021. hardware design balance parasaken la pasla paspado on very competitive battery capacity. Imagine indiana is 6000 milliamp hour of battery tapas, capable of reverse wired charging audio quality, again meringue smartphones worth buying until next year, it’s the samsung galaxy m51 giveaway smartphone giveaway winner. That is already posted on my facebook group. So when you keep remembering click, my link below m51 – to be honest guys, i think, based on what again the samsung galaxy m51 is still worth buying until next year, fagatlo shampre and vivo v20 pro bucket holy tinto, guys sa vivo v20 series and vivo v20 pro. I knock out 5g ready next time phone all over the philippines, making it more accessible and more reasonable to get a 5g ready, smartphone vivo v20 pro bucket aside from the 5g reason again guys. Vivo v20 pro is then go for the vivo v20 pro and yep. It is still worth buying until next year, 2021 next phone us for, of course, another phone that is worth buying until next year 2021.

I am xiaomi mi 20 bro 5g mary back at mayan cinema, actually to be fair. Ayo for talagana maglagay device attack file go check Music difference from 90 hertz to 144 hertz, yes, subrambiles now, 144. Add enough narendra reasoning for you to get this device until next year: 2021., future proof, because again, 5g ready marine champ flagship chipset and a higher 144 hertz of screen refresh rate. So yes happen more than flagship device. London, pro 5g recommend cosine again it treats us for 23 990 pesos. Lastly, champion apple device. Yes, i included the iphone 12 on my top five, not the iphone 12 pro max, not the iphone 12 mini, but the iphone 12 only for me guys, iphotos i’m. Next foreign, making it reasonable to get it until next year, actually guys recommend copper in the man for you to get the iphone 11 series it’s just that indie select 5g ready. My iphone 12 is a pretty young display iphone 12 again. It now has an oled display, catalog pro at pro max at even mini at an apache a14 bionic, iphone 12 guys for the 64 gig variant. I 49 990 pesos, so tomato gaming thing it’s, either from our online resellers. Like again, peace authentics authorized resellers nathan, so yeah. Those are my five smartphones that are still worth buying until now. Hang on next year 2021.