My name is bharath you’re, watching igan and today it’s time for top tech. Today we are checking out the coolest gadgets and accessories that you can get for under 1000 rupees before we get started. If you, like top tech videos, take a moment to hit that subscribe button, along with the bell notification icon to get notified each time, a top tech video goes up the first product on our list. Is this usb charging timer? Now this is a cool accessory that costs only 320 rupees, and for that price you get a wall charger which gives you two usb outputs, but more importantly, this also has a timer built in. So this is great for accessories or any other usb charging devices that can charge in one two, three or four hours, most smartphones have an auto cutoff feature built in, but for all the other accessories that you may have, including earphones and power banks. You may not have that option and to have a timer within your plug means that you can set it up and then charge your devices and accessories accordingly. This is a nifty accessory to have, especially if you charge a lot of gadgets around your house, go check. It out links for everything featured in this video will be in the description below next up on our list is the sky big truehold. Now this is a rectangular magnetic mount. This has a double sided tape on the back and a couple of magnets on the front that will allow you to properly mount things to this, so you can have your smartphone with a metal plate on the back.

You can place the metal plate between your phone and the cover, and this will basically hold on to it. So you can use this to mount your phone on your desk or in your car anywhere that you want a magnetic hold for your phone. It can easily do that. The magnets are really strong, but, more importantly, you can also use this around the house to connect things that tend to get lost so, for example, for keys or for remotes. You can use this to mount remotes to surfaces so that you always know where your tv remote is it’s. Priced at 799, has a metallic frame and a rubberized front so that you don’t get any scratches on your device. Definitely go check this out next up on our list. Is this remote control, which will be great for any kind of android tvs or android tv boxes? So if you have a me tv box or any android tv, this is great for that, because this acts as a mouse, and it also has an air mouse feature. This is also a learning ir remote, so you can feed it features that your remote has and you can arrange the buttons accordingly and then you can basically start using it with devices that have android tv in there. The remote also has a microphone and the google assistant button, so you can activate and use the google assistant using this remote and for a price of just 850 rupees.

This is a fantastic add on, especially if you have a smart tv and you’re sick of navigating through the ui without having freedom, and this gives you that freedom next up on our list for the price of just 4.99 is a silicon cable wrap. This is basically a pouch which is made out of silicon, and it can be used to store your cables or your earphones. This is water resistant and, if you squeeze from the side, you can open it up and pop your cables in there and it sort of auto shuts, and it holds your cables or your earphones in there. It’S really well made it’s available in a whole series of colors, including this red one that we have over here so definitely go check this out. If you want to do some cable management, if you want to store your cables properly, this is a really cool way to do that. Finally, we have this wireless charger, which is hd compatible wireless charger that supports 5 watt, 7.5 watts and also 10 watts. So it works with all modern smartphones that do have wireless charging capability, it’s priced at just 850. Rupees and it’s got a really nice metal built along with a soft top and a led light, which indicates when your devices are charging it takes in a micro, usb input. You would basically need to connect it to any 10 watt charger uh to get 10 watts of wireless charging capability.

This will also support devices that have low wireless charging speeds, so things like earphones or any other accessory that does accept wireless charging can easily charge on this as well. That completes our list. All the items featured in this video are in the description below. If you want to check out more top tech, we’ll leave link to all our previous top techs in the description below as well. If you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, if you haven’t already done that, and if you haven’t done it by now, make sure to hit that subscribe button along with the bell notification icon with all notifications turned on. This has been bharatnagal. Thank you guys for watching.