This is danny and today i’ve partnered, with liftmaster, to show you an amazing, smart, home combo. This is a first in the series where i’ll be showcasing: smart home brands and their ecosystems, most people don’t even think twice about putting locks and cameras. Inside of their house, but they often forget about the garage today, i want to show you how these two products work together in the smart home to help you adapt to what’s going on in the world right now. So my office and studio is directly above this, and a full tour is coming soon, but today i want to focus on the garage, the first smart home product that i’m going to show. You today is the liftmaster secureview garage door, opener, and i upgraded to this. For a few reasons, first and foremost, it works perfect as a garage door opener. This is very important, it’s smooth, it’s quiet, and it also has a battery backup, just in case the power goes out, which is brilliant, but i love the fact that the wi, fi and bluetooth are already built into this opener. So you can connect it directly to your smartphone right out of the box through the myq app on ios or android. The setup couldn’t be easier. The app steps you through the entire process. It only takes a few minutes to get it up and running and in no time you’ll have access to your garage door with just the top of the screen.

But the liftmaster secureview is called that for a reason, because it has a camera built right in the camera. Has the perfect vantage point, so you can see perfectly in the garage it’s manually adjustable, so you can get it at that angle that you want and it has night vision as well, so you don’t have to waste energy and keep a light on in the garage. This setup works just like a security camera should you can set up custom time, motion notifications to let you know if there’s anything going on in your garage. You can two way talk to whoever’s in the garage which is really convenient. Just in case you give access to a family member or a neighbor. You can see a live feed if you want to at any time and anywhere in the world through the app, and i really appreciate the app because it groups the history by garage door. Access motion and activity so it’s easier to review the notifications and cloud recording is available, so you can review the footage at any time right on your phone and you can filter through that footage as well, which i think is really intuitive. The second piece of the combo is the yale liftmaster smart, lock and it’s just as easy to set up you. Do it all on the myq app once again just choose the lock that you decide to pair up and the app will step you through the entire process and in a few minutes you’ll see it add to the myq app the lock.

Unlike the secure view, garage door, opener needs a hub and if you’re a fan of the channel, then you probably saw me cover the hub last year. But this year, it’s updated in a new clean white finish, and this one is much smaller and you can pretty much plug it in anywhere. You don’t have to mount it where i have it right above the garage door opener, but the lock works great. It has a touch number pad on the front for easy pin code access, a speaker on the side for voice prompts and sounds, and the lock is powered by four double a batteries on the back and all the connectivity you need is built right in this combo Will fit into your daily smart home routines we’ll talk about that in just a little bit, but right now, i’m, finding it really convenient for deliveries. Liftmaster has worked with ki by amazon service to deliver packages in the safety of your garage, and if you’ve already used this in the past, you know how great it is and what i’ve done is. I ordered a couple packages to be delivered today, so i can show you what the experience is like, and i want to show you what this does to give you that peace of mind when these deliveries are being made all right. So i feel a little stalkerish, but here we go there’s the amazon delivery driver, okay, so i’m. Looking on my phone, there is the notification from the myq app i’m gon na tap into that right now face id i’m right in and i can watch the delivery happen in real time when amazon opens the garage door.

This is where the lock comes in it’s. Going to auto lock that door if you forgot to lock it. That is incredible because i forget to lock doors all the time. So it gives you that extra peace of mind and if you don’t catch the delivery live that’s. Okay, you can watch it back right through the app and you can actually tell them exactly where to put your packages, which is really great. He followed the directions perfectly and i got ta give it up to this amazon delivery driver. He even gives me a little dance right at the end because he knows that the camera is on. That is an entertaining amazon delivery driver. I love this because this entire process is contactless and this is perfect for these times. You know that your packages are safe. You don’t have to worry about them, getting wet by the front door if it rains and you don’t have to have that anxiety anymore, because this is basically package loss prevention at its best, and the bonus is that if your parents and have young ones like i Do when they drop off their packages to the front they get really curious. So i love this because now i can be a little bit more stealthy. It’S made christmas shopping a lot easier, so parents you’re definitely going to appreciate this. So this combo works perfectly for amazon key delivery, but the products they stand alone by themselves.

They work perfectly as everyday smart home products with the liftmaster secure view. I love knowing when my family members come home. I get a notification when the garage door opens and closes smart home products are supposed to solve problems, and this one definitely does for me because i chronically leave the garage door open all the time. So you can set schedules in the app to have it close at a certain time, if you forget so i have mine scheduled at 10 pm. So if i leave it open, it’ll automatically close for me and since the lock talks to the garage door opener, i can have that close and also lock that door at the same time. That is a major win and you can also give additional family members access right through the app which is really nice. If you just bought an older house or if you’re looking for a new garage door opener, the liftmaster secureview is a perfect fit because it’s an all in one package. But if you already have a compatible existing garage door opener, then you can buy the hub and give yourself some additional smart features and i’ll leave that link down below for you. You can also add a standalone liftmaster camera to get a similar experience, but having all of this in one package is fantastic. One thing you do need to know is that you get 30 days of free cloud, video recording it is subscription based afterwards, but i think the prices are very reasonable.

I have it pulled up right here, and it is three dollars a month for seven days of video history which isn’t bad at all and if you pay yearly it’s thirty dollars, which equates to two dollars and fifty cents per month, that’s less than a bad cup Of coffee, if you have any questions about this combo, let me know for sure you’ll see the skin on the channel, especially with home, automations and routines. So, if you’re interested in picking this combo up for your smart home i’m gon na leave some links down below make sure you check current pricing because you never know when they’ll go on sale. But i think that this combo is essential because in these times contactless safe package deliveries is definitely something that you should look into and it’s perfect for security as well for the safety of your family. So make sure you subscribe to the channel for a lot more smart home products hit that like button. If you enjoyed this and if you’ve used this combo before or use amazon key delivery.