Marco. Did you know that your eyes can distinguish between 2.7 to about seven and a half? Some people say: 10 million because i’m, one of his fans, i’m a muslim one of his fans and most of the gadgets that i buy. I review his stuff. I watch his videos before i go and purchase it check out our sponsors nature’s blend. They specialize in premium ethiopian black seed products. The website is in the description link below you can also use the discount code, salam 10, for 10 of their products, brothers and sisters, and dear friends, hope you guys are well inshallah. I’Ve got a bit of a cold i’m, not feeling well, so i might be coughing and then don’t worry it’s not contagious. Before i start, i want to praise god almighty, the most merciful, the most trust or praises glory and gratitude belong to him. Why do we have gratitude to god before i come to the whole marcus brownlee thing which this video is specifically for him because i’m, one of his fans? I’M, a muslim one of his fans and most of the gadgets that i buy, i review his stuff. I watch his videos before i go and purchase it now. Why do we have gratitude to god? We have gratitude to god, not because of what he does for us, so now i’m thankful to marcus brownlee. Why? Because he has helped me to make the right choices tomorrow. I saw that now i can press record on my phone, but my new watchdog say hello, my bad! Please guys! I got a discount as well from um sister mayor leblanc, so he works at apple.

Got me a discount and i use this for fitness and a variety of other stuff, hundreds it’s, one of the biggest gifts um, my wife bought me may allah. So please i love my bag. I really appreciate that, but anyways marcus brownie enabled and helped me to make the right decision the phone that i have to the watch that i’m wearing to be the other gadgets that i wear. I watch his stuff and i’m grateful for him now. Why am i grateful for something he’s done in return and that’s usually how it works? Sometimes you know someone does you a favor, but when it comes to god, we are thankful to god, because of who he is and not what he does for us. What he does for us, we can’t count and that’s the reason why i’m doing this video for brother, marcus, brownlee, yes – and i hope he watches this – the reason i’m doing it is brother and sisters is because he’s helped me make the right choices and the prophet Peace, be upon him has told us. The one who’s not thankful to the people are not thankful to allah to god, almighty, and we do not believe god is a man, human being because god says in the quran. There is nothing like allah, yes, there’s, nothing like him and he is all hearing and all seen, that’s the reason why i’m doing this video just to thank him. This is the reason why i’m doing this video and i want to just give him an invitation to islam, but before i do that, i want to share some things with him, which i believe will be profound now marcus brownlee, like i said before, he has this Amazing studio he’s got the top notch quality cameras um in a studio, and he does review of text of apple’s galaxy samsung galaxy, you name it all.

The gadgets yeah ps5, even cars, yeah, so it’s good. So before you buy a product, you review it now, something that i wanted to do was a bit different. Now has as marcus brownlee reviews gadgets. I thought to myself what is the most best amazing gadget. Should we say that has reached a power excellence, the pinnacle in our creation? We want to review you. Yes, as a person yeah, now let’s start off with your eyes. Marco, did you know that your eyes can distinguish between 2.7 to about seven and a half? Some people say: 10 million, not 100, no, not a thousand million different colors your eyes. Yes, your very eyes mark your eyes can distinguish between nearly 10 million colors. Your eyes are 256 mega pixels that doesn’t even come across any other gadgets that you review think about it because i’m trying to get somewhere here. Think about that for a second, our fingerprints that we use that one does not match the other. Yes, as human beings, seven billion people, our finger, fingerprints, are distinguished by 40 different characteristics, our iris in our eye, guess what our fingerprint has 40 different characteristics yeah and none of us match another. Our iris has 256 different 256 different different characteristics. Isn’T that amazing let’s carry on your your nose. Your nose can smell ten thousand different smells. Ten thousand. You can hear 350 different sounds yeah your tongue. Can your tongue can taste millions, maybe billions of different flavors fruits, and god knows what else that’s your tongue.

Your eye and your nose that’s it that just just that’s, just this part of your body, yeah that’s, how complex it is. Yeah, your liver, what’s, the drop of your liver, your liver, analytics, mulch releases protein to cause blood clots to stop bleeding it cleans your blood. You eat carbs body breaks down the carbs to glucose and your liver, grabs, glucose and stores it as glycogen and your liver breaks down the glycogen and release sugar into the blood. That sounds a bit like a laboratory to me. It’S like a little factory going on. Oh and it’s, the only organ, the liver that regenerates itself. It can regenerate itself the kidney filters out 200 liters of blood. Now i just wanted to give you a few stuff. Not all i don’t know there’s this. Your body is a mechanism and a operation it’s like a factory, a gigantic factory. We don’t want to go into the dna to the atoms to the cells. It is a profound, profound creation. Now marcus you’re, an intelligent man, i don’t know you’re an intelligent man. I enjoy your videos i’m, one of your biggest fans. I genuinely enjoy your videos. I don’t want you to give me a shout out. I don’t want you to even mention me all i want you to genuinely. Do is really really think about what i’m about to tell you. If all these gadgets that you review and let’s see for arguments say, you have never seen these gadgets yeah and let me ask you a simple question: how do you know that the very apple phones that you review are are made now you come and say to Me well that’s easy.

I can go to the factory what’s the big deal. Okay hold on a second let’s suppose you never visited an apple factory. Let’S suppose you know nothing about apple one day. Imagine somebody comes and says here’s this gadget. Imagine there’s no there’s! No gadgets you’re living in there in the the astonish i don’t know whatever it may be here. Okay, the argument’s sake. Do you believe that apple, the phone that you have that you review it’s created because you can go to the factory or do you believe, it’s created and designed and has a purpose? These three words created has a design and therefore um has a purpose. You believe that, because of the design that you see that’s the most probable logical answer, because you would only believe that is from you would only believe it is created. Why? Because of the design structure because of the purpose it serves, and therefore that will point out to what, if there is design it requires a designer if it’s created, it requires a creator. That is the reason why i want you to really point. I don’t know if you believe in god or not, i do not know, but i would personally say i invite you to look into islam, so that’s. The reason why marcus? I really wanted you to think about it and look into islam. I came to islam. Seven. Eight years ago – and i looked into different religions as well and there’s many reasons why i chose islam i’m, just asking you if you don’t, believe in a god to really question that, because you’re somebody that, from a day to day review these things and some of These things that you review and you’re impressed by their camera quality you’re reviewing them with the very eye that is more profound than the very camera lens that you’re trying to review.

So as your fan, i wanted to give this video and send this to you, and i hope that you can hopefully um do some research into islam and i’m going to finish off with this verse in the quran, which we recite nearly every day, yeah 70 times A day – and i want you to understand what that is, um and thank you if you’re watching this or if you’ve seen this, hopefully you’ve, seen all your followers um yeah. So it goes with the following. I want to be like here belong to the to the lord of the whole world alhamdulillah, the most merciful, the very merciful malik owner of the day of judgment, buddha guide us to the straight path of those guides to the straight path, the path of those of Whom you have favored not of those who have earned your anger and have gone astray brother sisters, please send this to brother, marcus, uh, brownlee, inshallah, and hopefully he can benefit from that. He’S helped me a lot. I want to thank him for that uh and check him out inshaallah until next time, brother sisters, assalamu alaikum, welcome to america i’ll bring you guys, i’m, bringing you guys these videos, but please it’s your job to get that message to him, and hopefully you can watch It till next time goodbye.